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10 Amazingly Delicious Things You NEED to Try at Fresh & Easy

These are some of my favorite foods I have been buying for years at Fresh & Easy!  You NEED to put these on the list!
10 Amazingly Delicious Things You NEED to Try at Fresh & Easy - Some of my favorite foods of all time!

Thank you to Fresh & Easy for sponsoring this post.  If you know me personally, you know that my love of Fresh & Easy is 100% genuine!  I buy all of the things below regularly!

When we moved to Las Vegas almost 3 years ago we lived in temporary housing for a month we lucked into having that home be right across the street from a Fresh & Easy!  I had never heard of Fresh & Easy, but one trip in and I was HOOKED!  Over the past three years (and three hundred trips to Fresh & Easy) I have discovered some foods that have become favorites, staples, and my to-die-for must haves from this store.

To see what’s new at Fresh & Easy and where your nearest store is, click here!  Seriously… check it out!

In order of my favorites, here they are:

10. Fresh Baked Bread – Bread baked fresh everyday.  I couldn’t even pick one type to tell you.  The baguettes, the ciabatta, the croissants.  It is all so delicious!

9.  Pizza Dough- We love to make our own pizza and these make it quick and easy and is super tasty just like the pizzeria!  I usually get the wheat but also love the garlic herb and plain!

8.  Pirates Treasure- Organic and not fried I think I am the one that wins, but these $0.99 bags are my kids FAVORITE!  The bonus for me is that they are the perfect size to keep the kids busy during a shopping trip.

7.  Stuffed Mushrooms- They have a ton of really awesome appetizers, including some baked jalapeño poppers that are next on my to try list, but these mushrooms stuffed with spinach, mozzerella, parmesan, and cream cheese are favorites of both me and my husband.

6.  Cooked and Sliced Chicken-  I am SO picky about meat.  I mean I am almost a vegetarian picky.  I am usually not a fan of precooked or prepackaged meat products and the ONLY place I will buy precooked chicken is Fresh & Easy!  Theirs is freshly sliced real chicken breast.  It doesn’t look processed, or packed with preservatives.  It just looks like real chicken.  They have it in a variety of flavors and all of them are good!  I love the barbecue flavor thrown in a tortilla with some sautéed peppers and onions, a little lettuce, tomato and drizzled with creamy cilantro dressing (see number 3.)  One of my favorite quick meals!

5.  Pesto & Arugula Pizza – This is my favorite frozen pizza ever.  The flavors are amazing.  I really can’t say anything more than you have to try it!  Make sure and throw one in your cart and see if you can resist all of the other amazing flavors surrounding it.  I can’t!

4.  Balsamic Vinaigrette – Again, you might think I am exaggerating, but this is my favorite Balsamic ever.  I actually prefer homemade dressings pretty much exclusively except for this balsamic and number three below!  They taste every bit homemade and amazing.  Make sure you get the balsamic in the refrigerated section!  They sell one on the shelf also, but I can’t vouch for that one!

3.  Creamy Cilantro Dressing-  Also in the refrigerated section, this is just so good period.  I might could drink the stuff.  Perfect both for salad and for drizzling on things like wraps (see number 6,) fajitas, corn etc.  I might just put this on anything :)

2.  Lemon Cilantro Hummus – This Lemon Cilantro Hummus landed at number 2, not only because their hummus is just darn good, but also because the flavors are so unique it just isn’t something you can find anywhere else!  It is a good thing hummus is healthy because once I start eating this, it is pretty hard to stop.

1.  Garlic Cheese Bread-  This is probably one of my absolute favorite guilty pleasures.  I actually make chili, spaghetti, and lasagna just so I have an excuse to buy this bread.  I have tried to duplicate it, but I just can’t make it as good as I can buy it at Fresh & Easy.  It is really ridiculously and amazingly delicious!  Totally worthy of the number 1 title, this bread is a MUST TRY!

Are you new to Fresh & Easy, or a loyal fan?  Do you have a favorite I might not have tried?  Please leave me a comment and let me know!  I am always looking for new favorites to add to my shopping list!

The other thing that makes me love this store so much is actually not in the store at all! Outside the store they have special parking right up front for “Adults with Children”  I can’t say how much I love that some one recognizes how difficult it can be to get out with little ones!  Every time I pull up this just makes me so happy!

I love the parents with kids parking at Fresh and Easy

This was the start of my trip, and it ended with a basket full of my favorites including these two ready made pizzas from the refrigerated section.  I got a tomato mozzarella for me and a barbecue chicken for the hubs.  10 minutes in the oven and we had a delicious gourmet tasting lunch!

Fresh and Easy Lunch

The dinner I made was super simple thanks to Fresh & Easy too!  I bought the precut asparagus, mushroom and onion mix with herbed butter and sautéed it adding in some cubed chicken at the end.  The whole meal took slightly over 10 minutes and was one of the best dinners we have had all week!

Remember to check out Fresh & Easy here to find a store near you and see what is new in their markets!

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