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10+ Audiobooks for Kids Who Loved Harry Potter

What audiobook should my kids who love Harry Potter listen to next?  This list is packed full of stories that are every bit as full of magical fantasy that will take your kids along for a journey deep into the story.  From books that are full of magic to those narrated by the same beloved narrator of the Harry Potter series, Jim Dale, these books will fill their mind with the magic of words!

Audiobooks for kids who loved reading Harry Potter

This post was created in partnership with and sponsored by Audible.  The Harry Potter loving kids and all of our recommendations are 100% my own!

If your kids get as absolutely lost in the world of Harry Potter as mine do, then you might find yourself saying, “Uh oh… what’s next?” when you finish the books.  They certainly keep kids enthralled for a good amount of time with the hefty series, but once it is over, what is the right thing to suggest for them to dive into next?

Harry Potter certainly sets a pretty high bar, but there are quite a few more audiobooks that your kids will most likely really enjoy if they liked this one! Of course you can’t just start listening to any book, you need something that draws them in and is filled with a little bit of magic, enough mystery to keep them handing on to every word, characters that feel more like friends, and a storyline that leaves them wanting more and we think these books will do just that!

If you haven’t tried it yet, let me give you a heads up that Audible has a free 30 day trial, and is a hands down favorite for listening to audiobooks.  Not only is their library of books massive, with almost any title you could ever want, but they also make it seamless to switch between devices while listening, so you are at home then go to the car and then on to somewhere else, you can switch  where you listen without ever losing your place.  Grab a free trial here to see how you like it!

Disclaimer:  Most of these books are found in the children’s section, however they may have some violence, or other questionable subject matter.  Please make sure you review any book that your child listens to in order to make sure that it is suitable for your child.

    1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them– If your kids love Harry Potter, then the only logical next book from there is another from the beloved author, J.K. Rowling.  In this book you will learn all about the magical creatures at Hogwarts and beyond.  There are some that you will be familiar with like the Basilisk, but many new ones to delight and entertain you!
    2. The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel– Any kid that loves Harry Potter know who Nicholas Flamel is!  But did you know he was actually a real person?  Nicholas Flamel was born in Paris on September 28, 1330. Nearly 700 years later, he is known as the greatest alchemist of his day and said that he discovered the secret of eternal life. The records show that he died in 1418, but his tomb is empty. This fantasy book dives into his life in a fictional story to find out answers about the mortal, the immortal and the magical!
    3. The Dragonet Prophecy: Wings of Fire, Book #1– This series will draw your kids into the throws of seven warring dragon tribes locked in an ancient battle over a lost treasure.  A group of sometimes unwilling dragonets are called to fufill the prophecy and put an end to the generations of battle.  There are twists and turns that will keep your kids 100% enthralled in this audiobook!
    4. Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (20th Anniversary Edition), The Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1– If your kids love to get lost in series of fantasy then maybe they would love Star Wars.  And if you think they have already seen Star Wars, did you know that there is actually over 175 audiobook off shoots of the Star Wars story on Audible?  This one is a great one to start with since it was a New York Times Best Seller and has one of the highest listener ratings on Audible!
    5. The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1– This is a tale of a 12 year old boy who is trying to discover who he is and how he fits into the world around him.  He seems to never be able to stay out of trouble at school and then one day when mythical creatures seem to be walking straight out of the pages of Percy’s Greek mythology textbook into his life, things will never be the same.  This book is a great way to introduce your kids to Greek Mythology in a way that will have them captivated with it for life!
    6. Inkheart– If you have ever imagined what would happen if your favorite stories were real then this audiobook is for you!  Once trapped inside the pages of their books, the children find that as they read books the characters come right into their world and bring their own world with them.  They have to figure out what to do about this extraordinary event and how to alter the course of what might happen!
    7. Dragon Rider– This audiobook receives accolades for both the writing and the narration.  It is the perfect balance of fantasy and realism as an unlikely friendship develops between a dragon on the run and a runaway boy.  The story is brought to life by the narrator who uses unique voices for all of the many characters to help draw you into the story.
    8. The Lost Heir: The Gryphon Chronicles, Book 1– Written by a New York Times best selling author this historical fiction series finds a young orphan who accidentally finds out that he has some pretty incredible magical powers.  It follows him on an adventure of finding out who he really is and where the powers come from.
    9. Stoneheart: The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book One– This is a great choice because it has the same narrator as Harry Potter, the same sense of fantasy, and just as much adventure!  Set in London,  this unique and engaging story takes a twist on everything right under our nose that we perceive to be reality.  If you love an underdog that turns into a hero than this one is for you!
    10. The Emerald Atlas: Books of Beginning– Another audiobook narrated by Jim Dale, the narrator of Harry Potter, it almost feels familiar with many of the themes such as the characters being orphaned and ripped away to be protected by a horrible evil power and their journey to fight against it. As familiar as the storyline sounds, this one is unique in it’s own right and wonderfully written and narrated to keep your kids attention from the first second.
    11. Peter and the Starcatchers: The Starcatchers– This audiobook tells the story of what happened before Peter became Peter Pan.  It is full of all of the familiar favorites your kids love like Never Land and flying kids, but tells a riveting story of how all of this came to be!  One of the best parts about this audiobook is how richly the characters are developed and how they are each narrated uniquely.
    12. Magyk: Septimus Heap, Book One– If your kids are eager for more magic with quirky yet, supremely lovable characters, then the Septimus Heap series might be just what they have been waiting for.  It is filled with magical powers, royalty, supernatural creatures and magical artifacts.  Although it is a children’s book, adults agree that it entertains them just as much with rave reviews by all!
    13. The Bad Beginning, A Multi-Voice Recording: A Series of Unfortunate Events #1– This book about a life so terrible that no one should have to live it, is not only loved but the listener reviews rave about how great the performance is, many of them saying how much they enjoyed listening to it with their kids.  This one is perfect for older kids that are just developing a sense of irony.

I know our queue of books is full even with our 50 hour cross-country road trip coming up!  Did I miss anything you and your kids love?  If so, please let me know in the comments!  There is nothing I love more than a great audiobook!  If you need even more ideas, you can check out more of our favorite audiobooks for road trips with kids here.  Don’t forget to grab your FREE month of Audible to get your free e-book now!

Audiobooks for kids who loved reading Harry Potter

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.

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