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10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids

10+ Awesome Card Games your kids will love!  Card games are a great way to spend time with the family, but also to learn the building blocks of math including counting, patterns, and strategy!  Kids as young as 3 can start to get involved in family game night with some of these games!  They are great for birthday gifts or make perfect stocking stuffers, Easter Basket fillers or prizes and rewards for good behavior!

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids |

Card games are an awesome way to spend time with the kiddos! So  many of them are educational and all of them are fun!! From games that teach math and colors to games that teach strategy and awareness there is a card game for kids of all ages. Here is a fun collection of awesome card games for kids!

1. This Star Wars Hands Down game is so fun! This is a fast paced game and the Star Wars theme will have even the biggest kids in your house interested for hours!

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Hands Down |

2. Skip-Bo is one of my favorite games, so it is no surprise that Skip-Bo Junior is one of my kid’s favorites! This game is great to help kids learn to strategize and plan ahead. It teaches situational awareness and paying attention! And the cute graphics are a big bonus!

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids :Skip Bo Junior |

3. There’s a Moose in the House is sure to get the kids giggling! With an adorable moose wreaking havoc in the house this is an entertaining and silly game!

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : There's a Moose in the House |

4. We used to play a game similar to this but we called it something really inappropriate! Slamwich is definitely a better name for it and the sandwich theme is super cute! This version even comes with a cute lunch box like tin which the kiddos are sure to enjoy.

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Slamwich |

5. This is another game that is great for awareness and strategy. Rat-A-Tat-Cat has fun graphics on all the cards and is great for teaching kiddos basic math skills! The goal is to have the lowest score by trading cards in for cards of a lower value, definitely educational!

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Rat-A-Tat-Cat |

6. Kids love pirates am I right, heck so do adults for that matter! Loot has an adorable pirate theme where you collect loot. This game is for the older kiddos, it is recommended for ages 10 and up.

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Loot |

7. These Dweebies are seriously adorable! The quirky little guys are part of a fun strategy game that will keep kids playing for hours trying to beat! It is fun just to check out all the different cards and cute illustrations.

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Dweebies |

8. Go Fish is a classic card game that is easy for kids to learn and play. It is also a great game for family time! This one is great for younger kiddos just starting to get the attention span to sit down and play a card game. It is quick with an easy concept that little ones can easily learn.

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Go Fish |

9. Another classic game that is great for little kids is Old Maid. This one is good for body awareness, learning how to hold all those cards in your hand at one time is definitely a learned skill that takes a lot of concentration! Plus it is cute to watch the little ones try and keep a straight face and not get excited when someone is about to pull the Old Maid from them!

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Old Maid |

10. Sometimes I want to play a game that is stimulating for me as well as the kiddos! Mille Bornes is perfect for these occasions! It is entertaining for the kids and for adults alike. This one is a race using speed cards to get to 1000 miles first. Super fun!

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Mille Bornes |

11. Rooster Race is a cute game that teaches you the power of prediction! This is a great game to take with you when you are out and about and have some down time. Kids of all ages will love this game and if they can’t count it is great for learning to count to 15.

10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids : Rooster Race |

My kids current favorite game is Uno!  Even my 3 year old can play by matching the colors or numbers on the cards.  As they get older they start to learn the strategy of the game and all of them really enjoy getting to yell “uno!” To make it even more fun, they come in a variety of your kids favorite characters and shows!  Everything from Frozen, to Spider Man, to Thomas the Train.  There is a great selection on Amazon!

Uno- 10 + Best Card Games for Kids

What is your kid’s favorite card game to play and which game will you be adding to your stash? Share with me in the comments below.

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10+ Awesome Card Games for Kids |

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    We have been searching for some new card games and came across your post, thanks for the ideas! We just ordered loot and dweebies, cant wait to play them with the kids!!!

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