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10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts

A handmade baby gift is such a meaningful gift to receive as a new parent. That is why I love giving handmade things when a friend has a new baby! I don’t always have time to make a gift myself, but there are a lot of resources online where you can still buy a gift that is handmade, super thoughtful and made with love.

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts|

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts

Mint-Coral Teething Ring

I have to admit half of my love for this teething ring is the beautiful colors! Baby will love them too, and the wood is great for gnawing on when baby has sore gums! This is a fantastic gift!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Teething Ring |

Lacing Wood Toy

How fun is this lace up shoe? This is great for baby to play with when they are little without the laces. When they are toddlers they can grow their motor skills by lacing and then throw the laces back in again when it is time to teach them to tie their shoes! This gift will last many years which makes it a great value.

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Wooden Lacing Toy |

Mom to Be Elephant

This would make a great big sister (or brother) gift. Siblings can often feel left out with all the gifts for a new baby. This gift will let them feel like they are part of the action and they can take care of their very own baby elephant!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Mom to Be Elephant |

Classic Baby Rattle

This may not have a lot of frills and whistles but sometimes that is exactly what parents are looking for. When you buy a big expensive toy and the kids play with the box, this is that sort of toy. Simple and kids will play with it for hours even without any bells and whistles!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Classic Rattle |

Penguin Rattle

How adorable is this little penguin? Baby will love to shake the rattle and suck on the sweet penguin, which is just fine!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Penguin Rattle |

Name Puzzle

A name puzzle is great for little ones who are nowhere near learning their letters yet! They can start to become familiar with the letters in their name while doing a fun puzzle and heck just chewing on the pieces!  This wooden puzzle is heirloom quality, plus a customized baby gift is always something treasured by parents.

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Name Puzzle |

Plush Fish with Sensory Tags

Yellow is such a fun color it is so bright and happy! This is a great gift for a baby shower where they aren’t finding out the gender. There are so many fun aspects to this little toy, baby will have fun exploring it for hours.

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Plush Fish |

Mini Baby Book

This little handmade baby book is adorable. It is perfect for hanging on the carseat or attaching to a tummy time mat. Baby will love turning the pages, I mean sucking on the pages am I right?

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Mini Baby Book|

Wooden Bulldozer

Don’t you just love all the wooden toys that are becoming popular again. They are so cute and fun. This bulldozer is perfect for a little one to hold onto and chew on and roll around!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Wooden Bulldozer|

Wooden Airplane Teether

What little boy (or little girl for that matter) doesn’t love airplanes! This is an adorable airplane teether that little boys will absolutely flip over!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Wooden Airplane Teether|

Rabbit Hand Puppet

Isn’t this little puppet the most adorable thing? It is perfect for story time or snuggles! Baby will love this precious little handmade gem!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Rabbit Hand Puppet|

Knitted Rattle Octopus

I can’t even stand the cuteness on this little guy! The bright colors and the adorable crochet stitching make him perfect for a little one. He is so snuggly and sweet and I cannot wait to give this guy as a gift!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Knitted Octopus Rattle|

Soft Baby Blocks

Blocks are always a hit. These soft blocks are great for the littlest ones since they are soft and won’t cause bumps and bruises when they fall over. The colors and patterns are cute and baby will absolutely love playing with/throwing these around!

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts: Soft Baby Blocks|

What are your favorite handmade baby gifts? Share with me in the comments below.

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10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts|

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