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10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys

My son is a huge reader! He wakes up early before school so he can read and he goes through a book a day! These books have all been tested by my guy and he gives them his stamp of approval. Here are some of the best chapter books for boys.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys |

Best Chapter Books for Boys

Chronicles of Spiderwick (Series)

This series is about three kid explorers and their adventures. This fun fantasy book chronicles the children exploring a parallel faerie world. These books are not super long and will be great for kids 2nd grade and up.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Spiderwick Chronicles|

Battle Bugs (Series)

This series follows a boy in his journeys as he follows a map that takes him to bug world where the bugs are as large as humans. The boy and his allies go up against a new enemy in each installment of the series.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Battle Bugs|

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Series)

These books are about a kid who doesn’t have many friends and is plagued by bullies.  He also has a really weird older brother. These books have a fun style and are good for kids who feel intimidated by a book with no pictures to keep their interest.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Diary of a Wimpy Kid|


This monster goes into a human house and eats all the food and the people get freaked out! Hilarious antics ensue. This is a cute book that is great for the beginning chapter book reader. There are several other books by this author that are fun and interesting for the kids.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Ruffleclaw |

I Survived (Series)

These books are exactly what they sound like, they tell the stories of kids who have survived a major crisis or disaster. These are great for helping kids expand their ideas about the world. These teach them about how other people are living and struggles that others have gone through.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: I Survived |

Magic Tree House (Series)

These are a great historical fiction series for kiddos. Each book delves into a different historical time and gets kids excited about history.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Magic Tree House |

Jedi Academy (Series)

This series is great for the budding chapter book reader. It is fun and keeps the kids interested with varying styles of writing. Plus most kiddos love Star Wars!

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Jedi Academy |


Roald Dahl is great! The BFG is a really fun book. It is always fun when you can read the book and then go to the movie. Now is the perfect time for your kiddo to read this book and then you can go enjoy the movie together! If your little guy has a sense of humor then he might also like The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me also by Roald Dahl.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: BFG |

Who Was (Series)

These books go in depth into historical icons. All your favorite people have a book that tells their story. For the famous people who are still with us the books are called Who Is?

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Who Is |

Flat Stanley (Series)

This series is great for getting kids excited about geography and world travel. Stanley travels the world while also educating kids about various locations.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Flat Stanley |

Stink (Series)

These books are written by the same author who wrote Junie B Jones. Stink is her Jones’ little brother and this series is geared specifically for little boys and especially readers who are just stepping into chapter books.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Stink |

Space  Case

This book really captivated my son’s imagination. He loved the idea of the moon base where humans are building a new society. Plus it has some mystery which makes it interesting and fun. This book is better for the kids who are a bit more mature around 5th grade.

10+ Best Chapter Books for Boys: Space Case |

What is your favorite chapter book to read with your boy(s)? Share with me in the comments below.

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