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10+ Mommy – Daughter Girls Night In Ideas

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There is nothing more fun and memorable than a girls night in with your daughter!  From simple ideas to creative fun, this list has more than a few things to keep you and your daughter entertained, having fun, and making memories together.

10+ Super Fun ideas for Mommy - Daughter Girls Night In - perfect for making memories with your little girl!

I carried her 9 months.  I was giddy with excitement for the day MY daughter would come into the world.  I had everything ready.  There was a perfect nursery waiting.  Hair bows to match every outfit.  And I had even gotten out my sewing machine for the second time in my adult life to hand sew her a dress to come home from the hospital in. She was born…. and she she looked just like my husband.

After 9 months of morning sickness, kicks in the ribs, sleepless nights, and anticipation of my mini me, I got a mini him! Oh don’t get me wrong… she was absolutely perfect, and I loved her fiercely!  She still lit up my world, but she was identical to my son as a newborn who was identical to my husband.

As she grew she really only looks more like his side of the family, but, and this is a BIG but, she had my personality.  To a T, and in the good ways and the bad. My Daughter is 3 now and I am realizing who really cares who she looks like because her loving the things that I love is the most fun thing in the world.  She asks every single day if she can do an art project.  She loves to cook and paint her nails.  And she loves all things Disney, and especially Minnie Mouse!

We stocked up on some fun Disney Junior Minnie Mouse items for her long anticipated Girls Night In that she earned for doing great at potty training. Including a couple of toys and two outfits she picked out and loves, the Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Girls’ Peplum Tunic and Leggings Outfit Set and Minnie Mouse Toddler Girl Tee and Skirt Outfit Set.  We got everything right at Walmart, super easy! 10+ Super Fun ideas for Mommy - Daughter Girls Night In - perfect for making memories with your little girl! Some highlights of our night came from the list below.  One of the absolute favorites is the fashion show!  She loves to dress up in her Minnie Bow-Tique Fancy Bows Dress with Headband and do photo shoots.  When your mom is a blogger, taking pictures of things is an everyday occurrence, so she absolutely loves to have her own photo shoots and will gladly ham it up for the camera.  Of course I absolutely love it too and have captured some of the sweetest moments like this.   10+ Super Fun ideas for Mommy - Daughter Girls Night In - perfect for making memories with your little girl!Another thing my “MinnieMe” loves to do is cook.  We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it is cooking dinner every day, making a special treat, or cooking up something for the blog.  She love to help in any and every way I will let her and I try to indulge her as much as I can and cherish those sweet moments. When we got this Disney Minnie Bowtastic Kitchen Playset she was beside herself and couldn’t wait to open it up and get playing.  I love it because it is small enough to bring into the kitchen area and keep her busy cooking her creations while I am finishing up my own.  It has lights, sounds, and several surprises behind doors and with interactive buttons.  She squealed with delight as she discovered them all! 10+ Super Fun ideas for Mommy - Daughter Girls Night In - perfect for making memories with your little girl! 10+ Super Fun ideas for Mommy - Daughter Girls Night In - perfect for making memories with your little girl! 10+ Super Fun ideas for Mommy - Daughter Girls Night In - perfect for making memories with your little girl! We finished off the night with a dance party to her favorite, the Shake it Off Pandora station.  We are dressed up and done up from all of our fun then we get silly and dance it off before we wind down for bed. Check out some of my favorite ideas for quality time with your daughter on this list below, and let me know what other activities you love to do with your “MinnieMe” in the comments below!

Mother – Daughter Ideas for a Girls Night In

  1. Picnic at home– Start your night in by making one of your daughter’s favorite meals or something extra special like breakfast for dinner.  Then make it memorable by doing a picnic.  If it is nice go in the backyard, or just have a picnic in the living room.  Doing something ordinary like dinner, in an out of the ordinary way is a great way to make the night extra memorable.
  2. Make Cookies – There is something about baking together that makes some really special moments with my kiddos.  I remember baking with my mom as a kid, and my daughter love to bake with me too.  It makes for easy conversation and lots of smiles and laughs when you do an activity together.  You can make the cookies extra fun by using a basic recipe and letting your daughter pick out fun mix-ins to add and then name the cookie after her, or let her pick out he own name to call them.  You can even commemorate the newly invented recipe on a recipe card for your collection.
  3. Do a Craft – Even if you think you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, making something from start to finish can give your daughter such a feeling of accomplishment.  There are several really fun and easy things you can do together.  One of my favorites is pearler beads.  You can grab a huge container of them for just a few dollars and then print of free patterns for pretty much any character or designs your daughter loves and then follow the pattern to create them.  My daughter gets so excited when we finish and get to iron it then peel it off and let it cool.  You can also, pick up some beads and do bracelets or necklaces.  You can grab some porcelain pens and a dollar store mug or plate, and let her decorate her own special item to keep.
  4. Manicures– Nothing says girls night more than a mani… unless you do a pedi too!  You can just paint your nails or go even more fun by grabbing some fun decals or trying out a new technique. You can add polka dots and a little bow for a Minnie themed mani or find plenty more creative ideas on YouTube!
  5. Go around the world– Talk to your daughter about some of the exciting places you have always wanted to go and hop on the computer to see what they look like and what you do there.  Plan a dream vacation around the things she loves too!  My kids love talking about new places then having me show them pictures with all the details.  For example recently we talked about the beach so we looked it up and saw pictures of the beach then explored some nearby resorts.  Then we found some web cams and actually saw some sea gulls and surfers.  Then we talked about the fish that lived there and saw what the do and what they eat.  Then we found some fun things to do in the area like the mini golf place and a donut shop with over the top creations.  You don’t have to leave the house to open up the world to your kids and you will be amazed just how much fun they can have and how much they will learn just by introducing it to them!
  6. Try a new hairstyle– Sometimes when it is the morning rush to get ready hair can be no fun, but when you have the whole night to yourselves it can be so fun to find a hairstyle you love and try to recreate it.  There are so many beyond creative little girl hairstyles on Pinterest and all over the internet. Or try to recreate one of your favorites from the stars!  The sky’s the limit.
  7. Have a dance party – Whether you love Top 40 or Country Hits, turn on your favorite jams, crank up the volume and get silly dancing around with your girl.  It is fun for your daughter to move to the music and she will love seeing you cut loose and be silly even more!
  8. DIY Facials– Find a DIY mud mask or moisturizer, grab some cucumbers and get your relaxation on.  Do it up by playing some tranquil music and dimming the lights to have a relaxing spa experience right in your home.
  9. Write a story–  For those who have creative little girls with wild imaginations, record their thoughts and limitless creativity by having them tell you a story and you writing it down.  After you finish writing it, have fun drawing illustrations for it too.  You can scan in the drawings later and type in the text in a word document to even print out her first published work!
  10. Game night– Sometimes we get so busy with life we forget to do the little things that make us relax and laugh together!  Board games are one of those things for us.  My daughter loves everything from Candy Land to our Disney Guess Who and when I take the time to concentrate on just her and play a game with her. The sparkle in her eye is undeniable.
  11. Ice Cream Sundaes– If you didn’t make the cookies (or even better if you did) it is time to break out the ice cream and make some big ice cream sundaes (as a special treat).  Let her pile on the toppings to make the treat of her dreams and then enjoy every bite laughing and spending time together.
  12. Look through old photos and home movies– Do you have any movies or photos of when you were a kid?  Your daughter will love looking at them to get a glimpse of what you were like when you were young.  Go back through photos of her as a baby and growing up as well and talk about memories you have of the photos.  This is so simple but something my kids absolute love to do and could spend hours on!  It is great that they love the heritage and memories so much and reliving those special moments is good for the soul!
  13. Have a fashion show– She had a facial, a mani, and pedi. Time to get out the Minnie Mouse costume and all the other dress up clothes for a fashion show!  Let her enjoy strutting her stuff and showing off her creative outfits as you oohhhh, awwwww. and pay her all the attention that a fashion model deserves!  As a bonus, no doubt that a fashion show always produces some great photo opps!

We love it when you use our ideas!  If you have some more favorite girl time activities you do with your “Minnie Me”  I would love to hear about it in the comments!  Or, if you use mine, then tag me @thepinningmama on Instagram so I can see the fun!

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