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10 Reasons I am Excited to Attend NMX



I am receiving a ticket to NMX for my post and promotion of NMX, however my thoughts below are genuine and my own!


As a blogger there are many things I LOVE.  One that I continually tell my husband I don’t love though is that as a blogger I don’t have any “coworkers.”  I am the textbook definition of an extrovert.  I just soak in all of my energy by being surrounded by people and am never more productive or creative than when I am able to synergize with a group.  So at times the world of blogging can be lonely for me.  I have found though that conferences can be an absolute lifeline for me!

The next conference that I will be attending is New Media Expo (NMX.)  Let me give you 10 reasons why I am so excited to go and what I hope to get out of it.

1.  These are my PEOPLE.  There is nothing like being surrounded by people who “get it.”  They know your frustrations, and can really celebrate your successes and know what they are worth.  They can empathize with the blood, sweat and tears it takes to get it all done. There is nothing like walking into a room of those people.

2.  These are my PEOPLE, but these aren’t my PEOPLE.  I just talked about how these are my people, and they are, really.  They know it.  They get it. It is great.  But my niche is the creative lifestyle niche.  Most of the conferences I have been to and the bloggers that I have connected with are in this niche.  This conference might have some from my niche but it is filled with people from all other niches.  It is actually filled with THOUSANDS of people from every niche.  I LOVE this because it gives the opportunity to connect and learn from such a wider audience.  I know what works in my niche.  We have beat it to death.  But what works elsewhere?  What can I learn from how other’s outside my niche do things?  How can I grow?


3.  I have a thirst for knowledge that can’t be quenched.  Since blogging has been something that I have taken up just in the last couple of years I know there is SO much that I still don’t know.  It is my craft and beyond anything I want to be good at my craft and excel at my craft. NMX is full of people that are doing amazing things literally forming and shaping the world of media as we know it and I have a chance to sit down and soak in their knowledge.  I loved this post where Deb Ng talked about how the qualifications they look for in people to speak at the conference.

4.  And by the way NAB will be running concurrently (or those real PEOPLE).  NAB as in National Association of Broadcasters.  Like the “real” newsmakers.  It is sometimes hard to really grasp the sphere of influence I have as a blogger, but when you look at the readership of my blog plus my social networks it could be over a million people in a given month!  Even thinking that I am in the same universe as them is kind of amazing.  I never in a million years pictured myself in journalism.  Or as an author. Or an influencer.  Yet here I am and here I sit.  I am so excited to see the parallels and how I can better myself, my writing, my influence, and how I communicate by learning from and industry that has literally been doing it for centuries!

5.  I am itching for the next step.  I’m sure if you are a blogger you are like me in knowing that there are about a MILLION other things that I should be doing for my  blog and to grow my business.   I should be podcasting.  I should be vlogging.  I should be writing e-books.  I should be communicating in a million other ways that set me apart and make me one step ahead, yet in the real world where I live with 3 kids ages 4, 2 and 3 months, I haven’t actually gotten around to any of that.  Well at NMX I will be surrounded by the best of the best in all of these and able to see first had where it has taken people and what really is the right next step for me.

6. I don’t know what I don’t know.  Many times, especially since I live in somewhat of a vacuum as a blogger (as explained above) I don’t even have things on my radar.  Looking at the list of speakers for NMX has me so excited because I know they are going to open my eyes to so many opportunities and strategies that I never even knew existed.


7.  Nothing reenergizes you like a room full of people with passion.  When those 3 little people are hanging off of me all day there are times when I even wonder if all this blog stuff is even worth it.  Sometimes it can seem like an endless amount of work.  At times it can be at the sacrifice of spending time with my kids.  And I wonder if I should just give it all up. But when you see the successes that are out there and the encouragement that you receive it fills up your tank to get you back to your best.

8.  They are STRONG where I am WEAK.  It is really hard to get motivated to learn things you know you aren’t strong at.  I get super intimidated at everything technical in the blogging world.  As shown here, NMX offers over 175 speakers over 3 days in more than 20 different categories of learning.  There is nothing like having someone completely confident to walk you through the details of the things you don’t really feel comfortable with.  I can’t wait to get in those sessions on SEO and the interworkings of website and Blog Design!

9.  Social Media sometimes makes me want to be antisocial.  There are so many social media trail blazers, innovators, and brilliant leaders that will be teaching at NMX.  Social media is in many ways what makes the blogging world go round.  But at the same time it can be so all encompassing and overwhelming it makes me want to curl up in a little ball and just hide.  It is constant.  It is fast. It will take as much as you give.  I am so excited to hear some of the leaders in social media talk about how to balance it all and get the most out of each platform so that social media can continue to be something that is fun even when it is your job.

10. My blog is a BUSINESS and I want to make more MONEY!  There I said it!  I want to make money.  This blog has been a dream of mine for a long time. I knew people made money blogging but I didn’t know if I could do it.  Well, I can and I do!  It is a full time job but I am definitely starting to reap the benefits.  The thing is though that I have discovered that I have quite the entrepreneurial spirit through this whole process. I love thinking about my business. How I can make it better.  How I can grow. How I can change.  What is next.  What the future holds.  I absolute love that NMX brings together the best of the blogging industry as a whole and provides information on how to create a growing and thriving business.  The number 1 thing I hope to take away is new ways that I can create income and opportunities from my site while continuing to provide excellent content, value, maintaining the integrity of what I try to bring to my readers.

If you are a blogger you might want to think about attending NMX.  Going to a show where there is a multitude of blogging talent across all areas of the spectrum sets you up to learn new things from new people in new ways.  Or basically, gives you the opportunity to take your business to places that might not have even been on your radar before!  Think about stepping outside of your box.  Think about stretching your boundaries.  Think about what your blog could be if your dare to dream!

You can find more info on registration for New Media Expo here!

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  1. says

    Thank you for your warm post, Kimber. We’re looking forward to seeing you at #NMX too! My favorite reasons for going to NMX – even long before I worked here – is always because of the people I meet there. NMX has always been a warm, welcoming community and you’re going to fit in just fine!

  2. Erin says

    Great post, Kimber! You are amazing! And, yes, you are an extrovert! (I am not). :-) Before I met you, I had no idea what this “blogging” stuff was all about, not to mention Pinterest, etc. Now I can’t imagine life without it! Now go and get even smarter at this conference.

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