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10+ Useful Products to Organize a Closet

10+ Useful Products to Organize a Closet and make your life just a bit easier!  If you are trying to figure out how to organize a closet, these are some of the most unique and helpful products on the market!

How to Organize a Closet- These things are GENIUS! I didn't even know half of these existed. Pinning to save!

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I have so many tank tops and this tank top hanger is EXACTLY what I need to take back the drawer space and get rid of annoying tank top wrinkles!  This is perfect to keep all of your camisoles and tank tops organized and can hold quite a few right on one hanger!  It is also much easier to visually see what you have when they are hanging instead of stacked in a drawer.

Organize a Closet: Tank top hanger

These Hanging Accessory Shelves are perfect for all the odds and ends that don’t have a designated space. The vertical storage can really make the most of your closet space when you have things that don’t all need to be hung or are running short on drawer space.  You can even use collapsable bins to create drawers in these which is what I have done in both of my kid’s rooms to keep from having too many different types of things in one drawer.  It makes it much more organized and easy to know where things belong.  The pockets on the sides are genius for the little extras that seem to disappear in closets too!

Organize a Closet: Hanging Accessory Shelves

These Multifunctional Hanger Holder are fun to look at but they are also really functional and have so many things that they can keep organized like, socks, panty hose, scarves, belts, and even men’s ties.  One rack can organize a lot of small items and keep them off the floor.

Organize a Closet: Multifunctional hanger holder
It is always a challenge to get stacked items to stay organized.  The first time I saw these vertical dividers I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on.  I love these for t-shirts and sweaters, but you can use it for anything even to organize handbags!

Organize a Closet: Shelf Dividers
If you are starting from scratch or rent your home, a Modular Cube Storage System might be the perfect storage solution for you!  It can be added onto and customized to fit your space and can be taken out and moved down the road if you move or have another space that needs to be organized.

Organize a Closet: Modular Cube Storage System
Genius, these Space Saving Hangers are just genius!  These work especially well in small closets where space is at a premium.  You are able to really expand the amount of shirts that you can store in even the smallest area by utilizing the vertical space in your closet.

Organize a Closet: Space Saving Hanger
We have a lot of random little storage boxes in our closet. These Stackable Shelves will keep the boxes neat and tidy.  They also work exceptionally well for shoes since you can add on additional shelves as your collection grows or repurpose them in other areas if you clean out your collection.

Organize a Closet: Stackable Shelves
Am I the only one who has stored boots in a much worse way than this?? Save your boots and use this Boot Organizer to keep them in great condition and in the right spot all year long.

Organize a Closet: Boot Organizer
This Smart Carousel Organizer is a must have for all the shoe lovers.  If you have the hanging space it is a great way to keep shoes off the floor and gives you an easy way to view them.  The center space is perfect for hand bags and other accessories that you will be grabbing as you put your shoes on and get out the door.

Organize a Closet: Smart Carousel Organizer
Speaking of hand bags, I have way too many purses so this Handbag File is most definitely calling my name. Now if it only came with someone to clean out the purses, how much would that be?  In all seriousness though, the clear pockets are perfect to see what is where and keep everything in the right spot.

Organize a Closet: Handbag File
One of my favorite organizing tricks is expanding your storage space with an over the door organizer like this Over the Door Basket with Hooks.  You can use it for towels, robes, handbags, belts, scarves, jewelry, or any of the other things that your closet becomes home for.  Don’t think these are just for towels, use it to get any of the clutter off the ground!

Organize a Closet: Over the Door Basket with Hooks

I hope these helped you find somethng to get your closet a little more organized! Do you have any other tips or tricks to keep everything in order? Let me know in the comments!

How to Organize a Closet- These things are GENIUS! I didn't even know half of these existed. Pinning to save!

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