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11 Fabulous KitchenAid Mixer Attachments You Probably Need

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My KitchenAid mixer is one of my most beloved domestic possessions.  I didn’t grow up with one, so when I first got it, it took me a while to get into the groove of using it.  BUT, once you realize the multitude of things this little guy can do for you, it is easy to start using it everyday… multiple times a day!  Did you know it can grate cheese for you?  Slice your salad veggies?  How about make you a glass of OJ for breakfast or a big bowl of homemade ice cream for dessert?  Yeah, I didn’t know that for a long time either!  Now that I do though, it is easily my most used and loved device to grace my kitchen.  It sometimes makes it seem like I have two more hands.  So I am going to share with you some of the coolest attachments and must haves for your KitchenAid, I mean I just can keep all of this awesomeness to myself!

***Please make sure before purchasing any KitchenAid attachment that it is compatible with your specific model of KitchenAid mixer.****

1.  Paddle–  This is an oldie but goodie and my go to attachment for everyday use.  From cookies to brownies and even shredding chicken, this attachment is the jack of all trades.  You should have had one of these come with your mixer but if you didn’t you definitely need one!

2.  Glass Bowl– Although not technically an attachment, I am absolutely in love with this glass bowl!  It fits right on almost all versions of the KitchenAid.  It has a pour spout, markers to show measurements, and a lid to pop on when you want to just throw your concoction in the fridge.  Talk about taking your average mixing bowl up a notch.

3.  Grinder–  I have to be honest.  I am not a meat lover and thought I would never in a million years need a grinder attachment.  What I found out though is that this little guy is pretty stinking cool.  First off if you at all like gourmet burgers than this is the best way to make your own high end ground beef.  Beyond that though, you can quickly and easily make bread crumbs, grate cheese, or even use the additional fruit and veggie strainer to make your won baby food, apple sauce or other purees.  I have done many of these over the years and this would have made the task way easier!

4.  Pour Shield–  If you love to bake than this one is a must.  Before I had a pour shield, the puff of dust that resulted after every time I started my mixer when it contained flour, powdered sugar or anything similar left me dusting everything in the kitchen.  The pour shield keeps it all much more contained and makes adding ingredients just that much easier!

5.  Whisk–  Another basic, the whisk is great to make cakes, frostings, and beat whipped cream or egg whites. Mine gets the most exercise making frosting, but we have also been known to make some mean waffles with quickly beaten egg whites and fresh strawberries and whipped cream!

6.  Ice Cream Maker– OMG. Seriously!  You can make homemade ice cream with your KitchenAid.  This seriously has turned me from Kimber into Ben & Jerry.  Homemade ice cream used to be a special treat, but now it is so easy to make we can do it all the time and try out every flavor combo our brains can imagine!  This would also be my husband’s favorite attachment!

7.  Shredder/Slicer- I always used to shred my cheese for large recipes with my food processor.  It got the job done quickly but also was quite cumbersome to clean up.  I am 100% converted to using my shredder slicer KitchenAid attachment to do my grating these days.  It is every bit as quick and easy but with minimal clean up.  This is also one of the things my friends are wow-ed by when they see it.  Who knew?  You do now!  Also, if you love salad, don’t forget that this attachment can help you quickly prep veggies to go in the salad.

8.  Pasta Maker–  I don’t have this one but am currently coveting it.  I have heard that once you try homemade pasta you can’t go back, and I think that would probably be my case.  Hey husband… This would make a great Mother’s Day gift!!!! (I love subtle hints, don’t you?!)

9.  Dough Hook– Perfect to lend a hand with a batch of dinner rolls or anything you want to knead or not over mix. Another mixer staple.

10.  Juicer– Since I told you about the oh-so-awesome ice cream maker attachment, I thought I would also point you in the healthier direction of the juicer attachment.  How great would this be for everything from a glass of juice in the morning to helping out when adding lemon juice to a recipe?  Or maybe your could even use it in combination with the ice cream maker to make some sorbet?!

11.  Scraper Paddle– For all the bakers, this attachment brings your paddle to the next level.  One of the biggest complaints about the paddle I hear is that is doesn’t scrape close enough to the sides.  This scraper paddle will scrape all the way to side and help to quickly and easily incorporate all of your ingredients while mixing thoroughly.

Well, these are my picks!  Now tell me, which is your can’t live without KitchenAid attachments?

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