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13 Things Your Teen or Tween Will Like Better with BLING!

Your teen or tween will love decking out these everyday items with some BLING to make them sparkle and shine!
13 Things Your Teen will Like Better with BLING - 13 EASY projects that sparkle!

This post is sponsored by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.  All ideas and creations were cooked up right here at The Pinning Mama!

Have I ever told you I kinda love rhinestones?  I have always loved things that glitter and sparkle – going back to the days of sparkley banquet dresses, right up to the cake topper I spent half the night before my wedding hand gluing crystals to!  I so love having a daughter to share all things girly with.  Boys just don’t appreciate rhinestones embellishments, haha!

I decided things were getting a bit bland and we needed a little more sparkle in our life so I started looking around to see what I could embellish and I just. couldn’t. stop!  I could have done more, but I came up with 13 things that really should have some bling!  All of these are things that most every teen has laying around the house, and all you need to do the project is your object, a glue gun, and a bag of rhinestones.  It really couldn’t be easier!  It is something you can do, or let your teen or tween do themselves!

Make sure to go to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to find your rhinestones.  They have a huge selection in the jewelry section.  I picked up the large assorted bag so I would have plenty of sizes and colors to work with, but you can also buy them in specific sizes and colors if you are going with a theme.  Jo-Ann is currently running The Big Bling which gives you everything you need to make your projects sparkle and shine!

Big Bling at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

You really can add bling to almost anything you can dream up!  If your teen loves sparkle then you are in luck!  With a giant bag of rhinestones and a glue gun, the sky is the limit!

To make each of the projects I only used the large bag of rhinestones I got at Jo-Ann, a low temp glue gun, and the object to decorate.  Make sure the hot glue is suitable for the material you are gluing to before you start.  I found the easiest way to add the jewels was to line them up the way I wanted to glue them on, then add a small line of glue (enough for 2-3 rhinestones) and to stick the jewels on.  If you add more glue then that it tends to cool before I could get the jewels on.  When I did small items like the bobby pins it was easier to add the glue to the back of the stone and then place the small item into the glue and let it dry.

On of the simplest projects I did were these rhinestone bobby pins.  Just add glue to the back of each rhinestone and lay the bobby pin on the glue.  They sell things like this at the mall for $5-10 and  to think you can make it in seconds for pennies!  Gotta love that!

DIY Rhinestone bobby pins plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

Or how about a water bottle?  My kids take them everywhere!  But why carry around a boring bottle filled with water when you could carry one that shows your personality!

DIY Rhinestone water bottle plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

And who can have summer fun without sunglasses?  Rhinestones just to happen to fit perfectly along the sides of these sunglasses!

DIY Rhinestone sunglasses plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

Another basic that is just begging to be jazzed up is your toothbrush!  Bring a little fun to the daily routine by making your toothbrush sparkle as brightly as those pearly whites!

DIY Rhinestone tooth brush plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

What teen doesn’t have stacks of papers laying around their book bag, room, and desk?  Maybe they are just waiting for an organization solution that is a little more fun?  I made these sparkling paper clips the same way as I did the bobby pins!

DIY Rhinestone paper clips plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

How many pairs of flip flops are floating around your house??  Try decking them out with some rhinestones to give the pairs that have become yesterday’s news a new life.  Or make matching pairs for friends to wear over the summer!

DIY Rhinestone flip flops plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

I think I love notebooks and journals as much as sparkles!  I have amassed quite the collection through the years.  Through the years all of my favorites have always had a little bit of personality to them.  Rhinestones are the perfect way to revamp the ones that are just too plain!  It makes a perfect diary or book for school!

DIY Rhinestone notebook plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

Now my FAVORITE!  The bejeweled drinking glass!  Who wouldn’t feel like royalty drinking out of this!  I think it would be so fun to use for birthday’s or even just sipping drinks by the pool!  I also think these would make a fabulous party favor for a teen birthday party.  They are just too fun to drink out of and not be happy!

DIY Rhinestone drinking glass plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

This was one of the first things that came to mind when I started brainstorming what I would be adding some sparkle to!  A hair brush is something that is all yours, so why not make it personal?  I love that is looks happy when I wake up early and am fumbling around in the bathroom to get ready in the morning.

DIY Rhinestone hair brush plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

I have been accumulating quite a few of these storage cubes around the house!  They seem to be perfect to set on a shelf, in a closet and sometimes even inside a drawer.  The only problem is that they are all the same and kinda blah!  Well now they go from blah to bling! With a few rhinestones it goes from being just a storage piece to a show piece you can have out in a space.

DIY Rhinestone Storage Cube plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

Now that your water bottle is sparkling, you might as well coordinate your lunch bag for those times you need to bring both!

DIY Rhinestone lunch box plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

Did you know Rainbow Bright is totally back in?  This headband made over with star shaped rhinestones reminded me of my childhood favorite!  I love how many custom color combos you could make with rhinestones to have a cute hair accessory to match any and every outfit!

DIY Rhinestone head band plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

One of the easiest projects was just adding 3 rhinestones to the top of this alligator clip to create a fun and stylish way to keep organized!  It is even better when it matches all the other rhinestone encrusted things that you have made!

DIY Rhinestone alligator clips plus 12 other easy rhinestone projects!

Can you believe how easy that was?  I love how anything can be given a little more personality by just gluing on some sparkly fun stones!  What ideas do you have to deck out things around your home?

Make sure to show off your creations by entering into the Jo-Ann Big Bling Instagram contest!  Snap a photo with your phone (have you bejeweled your phone yet??) and upload it Instagram!  There is a new theme each week – This week is Sparkle and Shine!  Check out the details here!

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