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20 Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

20 Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags to help you make it through all of your holiday gift wrapping!

20 free printable Christmas gift tags that will make your holiday gift wrapping simple! Everything from Modern Christmas gift tags to traditional Christmas gift tags.

I know, I know, it isn’t *quite* Christmas yet BUT, tomorrow you’ll be eating turkey and Friday the holiday shopping season will kick into high gear! I know you’re probably going to think I’m crazy but I’m one of those people who likes to have all of my gift wrapped packages coordinated. That means I pick a theme and I stick with it. Last year I went with kraft paper, gold and black. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do this year, it will probably be based on whatever good deals I find on wrapping paper but, once I choose one the next step is finding gift tags to match.

There are so many beautiful free printable Christmas gift tags out there and I’m always pinning them to my Christmas Gifts board on Pinterest so I can find them when it is time to start wrapping. Here are a few of my current favorites:

I love the look of black print on kraft paper but this simple Deer Gift Tag can be printed on any color cardstock. Punch a hold in the top and tie them on to your gift or just tape them to your gift as a label.


These Super Cute Gift Tags have colorful and whimsical graphics and come in two sizes so they will fit gift you come up with!


I LOVE these DIY gift tags. You can print them and then paint the letters with watercolors. You could even get the kids in on the gift wrapping and set them to work customizing your tags with crayons and colored pencils! I know grandma would love getting homemade gift tags from the kids.


I’m a sucker for anything with glitter and these Modern and Glam gift tags would be a beautiful with black and white wrapping paper.


These gifts tags are just as modern in a totally different way. I love the bright colors and the hand drawn feel of the graphics. Those adorable little trees are my favorite!


I’ve seen these all over Pinterest and I think they are hilarious. Each of these gifts tags has a from a Christmas movie that we all know and love. “I’m a cotton-headed ninny-muggins” may be the best one :).


These Christmas Gift Tags have so many awesome things going for them. I love the non-traditional colors and the geometric shapes used to create traditional holiday designs. I also like the different shapes and sizes you can choose from. These might be at the top of my list!


Maybe I’m just really into geometric Christmas designs because these tags are speaking to me too. The colors are closer to traditional but still trendy and I love the idea of mixing them with natural elements like twine, kraft paper, and sprigs of pine.


Moving in the opposite direction from the more modern designs these Retro Type Christmas Tags are simple but pretty and they come in several different colors.


Talk about color, these Holiday Gift Tags are bright, fun, and customizable! Yep, that’s right, you can change the colors and customize the name at the bottom for each tag. Love it!


OK, so this Wine Bottle Gift Tag is a little more specific than the other gift tags, but if your friends are anything like mine you’ll have plenty of gifts to use this on. This may be my holiday mantra.


I envy people who are able to create beautiful hand lettering printables. These Calligraphy Gift Tags have traditional holiday phrases that are works of art.


Loving these adorable Woodland Christmas tags. They come in two styles, kraft paper backgrounds and chalkboard backgrounds. Kids are going to love them, and I bet a few adults I know would like them too. You can even personalize the to and from lines at the bottom of the labels.


I love just about anything Lia Griffth makes so here is a second set of Chalkboard Gift Tags and Labels. The holiday greenery is so pretty against the chalkboard background and again you can customize the labels with your name before printing.

gift card template

Ahh! I love the designs on these Yuletide Tags. That Christmas puppy in his little sweater is too cute! My favorite one is the birch trees tag. It perfectly captures a snowy winter evening in the woods. Beautiful!


These Santa Gift tags come straight from Santa’s workshop. Those elves are so crafty! I know the kids would be so excited to see this on their gifts from Santa on Christmas morning!


Don’t take your gifts too seriously. I know my family would get a kick out of these funny Hand-Lettered Gift Tags. There are over 30 tags to choose from, all saying stuff like “No coal for you!”, and “Spoiler Alert: It’s Not a Car”. LOL! I might enjoy wrapping presents a little more with these to entertain me.


Ok, looking at all of these gifts tags is NOT helping me decide on a theme. Every time I think I’ve decided on traditional I see a more modern take on Christmas Gift Tags and I start second guessing myself. You can print these on any paper you like and then use a gold marker to color over portions of it to give the designs a gold look. Love this idea!


…And then we go from black, white, and gold back to bright and cherry colors. The fonts used on these Gift Tags are so pretty and in this set you not only get tags but also 8×10 prints. Keep the theme going through your whole house!


You get a whole holiday party out of this Winter Wonderland set. The collection includes: party circles, water bottle labels, food tags, straw flags, holiday gift tags, a “Happy Holidays” banner, and a “Merry Christmas” banner. I love it when someone else does all the work!


Last but not least one last set of Holiday Gift Tags with hand lettering. Thought you could print these on any color paper you want I love the monochrome look with the tags on white paper and the gifts wrapped in white with a white ribbon.

Well, that didn’t get me any closer to a decision but I did love looking at all of those beautiful printables. Maybe I’ll just have to do Eeny, meeny, miny, moe….


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