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5 Steps to Making a Kid Space in an Adult Room

I was provided a fabulous WeMontage for this project as no charge.  All ideas, inspiration, and projects were cooked up right here at The Pinning Mama!

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage

I struggled for a long time with how to incorporate the mountains of toys and kid stuff we accumulate into our home.  I keep most of my kids toys in their rooms, but you do need a certain amount of entertainment for them in the common areas of the house so you don’t lose your sanity while cooking, cleaning, and going about your daily routine.

One of my main goals for our loft was to keep it an adult room, even though it also needed to function as a play area for the kids. My loft is on our second level and it is open to the great room so I really didn’t want a messy kids playroom to be visible from most every point in my house.  After a lot f thought and some serious inspiration hitting when I saw the WeMontage, I finally put together a great compromise that keeps my nice decor but still gives the kids a place of their own to have their toys.  Here are my 5 steps to create your own kid space in an adult room!

1.  Find a corner or niche

It is nice to have a little space that is carved out for the kids so it sets boundaries for the toys and gives them guidance when they are cleaning up.  Some rooms have niches that are perfect to transform into a place just for the kids, but even if your room is square like ours, you can still find a place with a little creativity.

I used the corner of my room between my couch and chair.  The border the two pieces of furniture created was perfect to create a little space just for the kids, AND it keeps all of the kid stuff contained to one area that can’t be seen from the other areas of my home.

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage

2.  Make the space FUN!

You want your kids to LOVE this space. You want it to feel special.  You want them to beg to play here.  So how do you do that?

I used WeMontage to create a mural of my kid’s artwork and used it as a wall paper for this area.  It was the perfect fun and colorful backdrop I needed to section off this area from the rest of the room.  The kids were beside themselves when they saw their art on the wall.  My oldest is only 3 and he immediately recognized his pictures and kept saying “I love my pictures on the walls!”

Why I chose WeMontage to do this job, was many reasons:

  • It allowed me to combine as much art as I wanted and custom made a collage for me
  • It is durable and easily cleaned- SO important since this space is being designed for the stickiest fingers in the house!
  • It can be put up in minutes in minutes!
  • It is removable so as my kids grow and our needs change, I can switch it out to something else
  • The customer support and attention to detail is amazing

To get more details or order your own WeMontage click here!  WeMontage was generous enough to give The Pinning Mama readers 20% off for the next 10 days (following the day this posted)!  Thanks WeMontage!! Use Coupon Code PINNINGMAMA at check out!

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage

3.  Use nice baskets or shelves for toy storage

No matter how you slice it, those toys multiply while you aren’t looking.  I don’t know how it happens, only that it is a fact.  So make sure you have some nice large baskets that compliment your decor.  They can provide a great way to store and camouflage a smattering a different sizes and shapes of toys. Most importantly, they make clean up easy for little ones!

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage

4.  Add moldings that are functional!

We used rain gutters that served a dual purpose of framing the bottom of our WeMontage and creating storage for books. You could also use a crown molding for this.  These using beautiful finished like moldings help maintain the adult look of the room while making it super kid friendly!

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage

5. Add fun extras for the kids

What do your kids like to play with?  Consider making a special area just for that.  We made a special magnet area because both of our kids love to play with magnets but by having this special space it allows them to keep the kiddie magnet clutter contained to their area instead of scattered across my kitchen.  This is also perfect for those with stainless steel refrigerators since they don’t stick to those!

I used an oil drip pan I got at Walmart for $10 and just secured it to the wall with a couple of nails.  We use the top of the pan to display current artwork that we switch out easily.

How to make a kids play area in an adult room with WeMontage


See?  Not too bad!  My kids got a kid friendly play space and I got to keep my living room.  A perfect compromise!  WeMontage was the star of the show!  You can use it to create murals of everything from photos to artwork to display on a grand scale in your home. Check out these posts to more ways to use WeMontage!





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  1. says

    That looks like a great corner for the kids!
    We have a corner of the living room for the children too, and they love it. I do love the idea of WeMontage because the toddler has been drawing on the wall. :)

    • says

      Haha! Alison, you just need to beat him to the punch with a WeMontage! It has only been in the house a week, but it is the first thing all of our guests comment on. SO cool!

  2. says

    That does look like an awesome space for the kiddos! Love the Webkinz btw…my oldest was addicted to those when she was younger! WeMontage is a great product and I love your idea on how you used it!

    • says

      Thanks Jen! The kids love it and I love that it is theirs! The rest of my house isn’t super kid friendly so it is nice to have a place I can corral them and not worry!

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