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{Apple Ghost Skewers} Healthy Halloween Treats

Apple ghost skewers are the perfect healthy alternative for Halloween treats.  They are great for kids Halloween Parties and even make a great Halloween kids craft since it is easy for little hands to help!

This is so much better than handing out candy for Halloween! These Apple Ghost Skewers make the perfect healthy Halloween treat!

I don’t know about you but we are still a good six weeks out from Halloween and I am already so OVER the candy!  It is overwhelming the amounts of refined sugar that float around for the weeks preceding the most cavity inducing holiday of the year.  We enjoy having fun with the lighter side of Halloween with the kids.  We like to dress up and I don’t mind my kids having some candy, I really don’t, but I guarantee you that I could go digging in the depths of my pantry and pull out enough candy we still have from LAST Halloween to induce a sugar coma.  We just seem to get that much candy!

With my little ones starting school this year I wanted to make sure we could bring some fun Halloween treats for his class but not contribute to the sugar overload.  Plus, I know there are lots of sensitivities these days with peanut and other allergies.  These apple ghost skewers fit the bill perfectly!  They are an allergy friendly non candy option.  I had in years past done a similar concept with lollipops and tissues, but this makes over the whole thing into a bigger, better and far more healthy Halloween treat.

Healthy Halloween Apple Ghosts. These are the perfect non candy treat to make for the Halloween Party!

As a fantastic bonus, this is a super easy and not very time consuming project that is easy enough to make a fun kids craft too.  My little guy is very into helping with “Mommy’s projects” so when I have things like this I am more than happy to let him dive in and help.

What you need for this project:

  • A bag of small apples (any variety)
  • Wooden skewers
  • Bounty Select-a-size paper towels
  • 1/2″ ribbon
  • Non-toxic black marker

This is a great healthy alternative to handing out Halloween candy and it is easy enough to do as a craft with your kids! Healthy Apple Ghosts

To make these little guys, start with a bag of apples.  I find the smaller apples you buy in a bag tend to fit best under the paper towels.  I used Red Delicious but any variety will work!  Make sure to wash and dry your apples well, so if the kids want to dive right in and take a big bite once they get their treat they are ready to go!

Next attach a wooden skewer to the apple by pushing the pointed end into the bottom side of the apple.  You probably want to insert it about 2 inches so that it securely holds the apple.

After your apples are all on the skewers you are ready to create your ghosts.  I prefer to use Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels for these little guys because first they are easily found in solid white (no pattern!) and you need the length to be much longer than the width, so 3 select-a-size paper towels makes the perfect size to cover a small apple.

A quick, easy and healthy Halloween craft to do with your kids! Apple Ghost Halloween Treats.

I used 1/2″ ribbon in black and orange and white polka dot to tie the paper towels on.  It made the ghosts seem festive! You can find the ribbon here.  Just fold the paper towel over the apple evenly.  Gather around the bottom of the apple and use the ribbon to tie around the base of the apple loosely to hold the paper towel in place.  Cut off your ribbon to finish.  I ended up using ribbon pieces that were about 8-9″.

To finish your apple ghost treats just use a non-toxic marker to draw on the ghostly eyes and mouth.  I am not super good at free handing so I kept it basic but you or your kids could get as creative as you want with their spooky expressions!

 Easy to make craft for kids. Apple Ghosts are a great healthy alternative for Halloween parties and (no peanut) allergy friendly Halloween treats!!

This is one of those projects that I really love the way it all came together.  It started as a brainstorm from the much smaller candy version I used to make and turned into a fun craft to do with my kids and even better a non-candy, but super fun healthy Halloween treat!

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