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Baby Registry Must-Haves

A while back I wrote about my mom/registry must-haves and the power of 3.  If you missed the first post on our must-haves, you can read it here. I listed quite a few products that, after having 2 kiddos, I believe are absolute must-haves. Some people might say that baby registries are selfish and grabby because it’s like you’re expecting gifts. It is not rude or gift grabby – think of it as a list for YOU. There are so many things you will be needing/wanting for that precious little one and a baby registry is an awesome way to keep track of all those things! Today I’m going to share with you some more baby products that you should consider adding to that mile long list.

Socks. Question – Where do the matching socks go after you put them in the dryer? Answer – the dryer eats them!

Question – When you put socks on your babies little chubby feet, where do they go? Answer – either on the car floor or somewhere in the grocery store.

Why is it so hard to find socks that actually stay on kids?! After testing a bunch I have finally found my go to socks. What I now look for are elastic at the top as well as the no-slip soles. As an infant the no-slip probably isnt that important, but definitely is once they start scooting and moving around.

I don’t necessarily recommend adding socks to your baby registry, but you’ll obviously be stocking up on accessories and clothes, so I figured I’d let you know what has worked for us. baby registry, baby registry must haves, mom must haves, new mom, baby gear, socks, no slip socks


A Sound Machine: This is something I didn’t think to put on my baby registry until a friend mentioned it. I’m so glad she did because both of my kids have slept better because of white noise.

  • Cloud B, Travel Sleep Sheep: While this baby sheep is super cute, it is also great in the crib and on the go. For baby #1 I used it in the crib, but eventually switched to a sound machine that would stay on all night. I loved strapping this sleep sheep onto the car seat though for when we were on the go or just at a friends house. If you’re looking for a baby shower gift, this would be perfect since it’s cute and practical.
  • HoMedics Sound Spa I have this sound machine in our master bedroom as well as in BG’s room.
  • Homedics myBaby: I also have this sound machine in BB’s room. Apparently we need white noise at night. hehe They’re both great, but I think the projection on the myBaby is a little unnecessary. I”ve used it once and didn’t want my kid thinking he could have a light show every night before bedtime. So, it’s never been used except for the noise .
    baby registry, baby registry must haves, mom must haves, new mom, baby gear

Baby Gadgets and Entertainment: When it was time to do my baby registry, I read reviews, consumer reports, Baby Bargains, got advice from Mom friends etc. You certainly don’t need a swing, a bouncy, a play mat etc. Your baby may not like a swing, but love a bouncer. I figured it was best to go into this motherhood thing and be fully prepared. hehe These are things that really did help me out, so I was so relieved to have them. Might as well add to the baby registry of yours!

  • Rainforest Kick and Play Piano: This has probably been our most used toy. We started off using it for tummy time with both kids. At 7 months BB still loves it because the piano turns so that he can sit and bang on it. Baby Mozart in the making, I think!
  • Rainforest Bouncer: Another lifesaver. I loved plopping both kiddos in this when I was showering, cooking dinner or even sitting outside and reading. The musical bar in this went out once and Fisher Price sent me a new one. I was very impressed with their customer service.
  • Rainforest Jumperoo: I went back and forth on this or the exersaucer. I think they’re both equally great. I just didn’t like the “saucer” on the bottom of the exersaucer and its a bit bulkier than the jumperoo. They’re both bulky though. I dont think you can go wrong with either!
  • Fisher Price Swing: Man, I loved this thing. With Adrianna I basically rotated her from bouncy seat, to tummy time to swing etc. I was so sad when she outgrew this because she loved taking naps in it! The newest swing is the Mamaroo. A friend of mine had it and it was awesome looking. However, it didn’t swing very much, was very expensive, and the reviews weren’t very great. I know they have changed some things about it and it seems they’ve listened to the customer. If the price doesn’t scare you (starts at a whopping $200) then maybe you should check it out!
  • Sophie the Giraffe You’ll see the price and gasp. Yes, it looks like an overpriced dog toy, but Sophie is/was loved by both kids. I never would have bought this myself, so whoever bought it for us, thanks. I think babies like her so much because they can grasp and manipulate the little limbs, but who knows. She is fab. GREAT baby shower present.

Misc Baby Gear:

  • Boppy: Hated mine for nursing, but loved it to just prop BG and BB up when they were “kind of” sitting.It has also been a great lounger spot for the kids as well as a good tummy time pillow for when they hated being directly on their tummies. I’d suggest getting a My BrestFriend if you plan on nursing as it provides much more support.
  • Rain or Shine Kids Car Seat Over. It has ribbons attached to it so that you can tie it on your car seat, baby carrier or stroller. The summertime “organic” cover from them is terrible. The fabric is so crunchy! I bought mine on so I’d suggest checking out that site for a deal.
  • JJ Cole Blanket: When the babes weren’t mobile and were on the floor I always had a blanket under them. It helped with cleaning up spit up, drool etc. I finally bought this JJ Cole Blanket and because it’s waterproof and wipeable, my laundry load went way down! We also fold ours up to bring to the beach and park.

While the above are not my absolute must haves, but very close to it. They were things that made my life better and I am fortunate to have had all these gadgets. My ABSOLUTE must haves for a baby registry were in this post here from a while back. I am going to do one last post later on with random baby gear that I am grateful for, I’m also going to include things for YOU too. We can’t forget about mama!

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  1. Melissa Fantuzzo says

    This link to the Carters socks does not go anywhere? Just Carters main page. Help!

    •DO NOT buy these socks from Carters. Worst socks EVA.


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