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{BabyBug Creations} Cutest Little Online Boutique + GIVEAWAY!

This is a sponsored post.  We received product from BabyBug Creations to facilitate our review.

You know when you find something so perfect that it makes your heart just skip a beat you love it so much?  That is BabyBug Creations for me.  One of my very favorite things about blogging is how you seem to get connected with all sorts of really amazing people, places and things you never would have known about otherwise.

When Ashley from BabyBug Creations contacted us about reviewing some items from her store, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  However, we took one look at her store and almost died.  CUTEST STUFF EVER!  She has an Etsy style shop that sells handmade goods for women and babies through both Etsy and the BabyBug Creations Facebook Page.  She offers a variety of great things but also does custom orders if you have something particular in mind.

Chevron Bag with Bow from Babybug Creations

Here are the TOP 3 reasons I am in love with BabyBug:

  1. Love at first look– The stuff is seriously cute!  At first glance, we noticed a fab chevron bag that we have seen pinned all over Pinterest!
  2. Quality– I admit I am no seamstress, but when I got our items the first thing I noticed was the quality detailing in how the items were put together and how substantial and sturdy they felt.
  3. Variety– She makes items for babies AND items that have nothing to do with babies (read fabulous bags, maxi skirts, clutches etc.)
  4. Military Wife – Did I say three? Well I just wanted to throw this in there because supporting the small business of another military spouse is the cherry on top!

When we first started talking to Ashley about her products, being from Las Vegas  she fully knew how ridiculous the heat gets here in the summer so she wanted us to try one of her signature products, the Kewl Bunz Pillows.  What?  I soon found out how cool this great little problem solver she put together is!

The Kewl Bunz Pillow is a blanket of sorts that is cut in a shape that matches a car seat.  She puts two pockets on it, one upper and one lower and sends the pillow to you complete with ice packs.  After freezing the ice packs you insert them into the pocket, fasten the velcro and when you arrive at your destination, you simply set this little guy down to cover the car seat.  Not only does it block the direct sun from heating up the plastic and metal parts of the seat to scalding temperatures, it keeps the seat nice and cool for baby, while the rest of us sweat it out in the 150 degree temps the car gets up to baking in the sun in the parking lot while we are running errands.

Babybug Creations car seat cooler

Babies are so sensitive to extreme temperatures as their bodies haven’t learned to regulate themselves as our bodies have.  My daughter is SOAKED in sweat anytime we go anywhere in the car.  Even if it is a quick trip!  It gets to the point where people even comment.  The seat retains so much heat that no matter how high I crank up the air she is just sitting in her own little heater!

The Kewl Bunz has really helped this!  She now gets pampered like the princess she is.  No more soaking wet hair when we exit the car and no more sweat dripping down her face.  It is really nice to feel like you can do something to make your baby more comfortable, especially at this age where they can’t talk to communicate to you how they are feeling or their discomfort.

A great problem solver for warm weather climates!

If you don’t have a baby, these make excellent gifts, but if you would rather get yourself something a little fun, BabyBug has PLENTY of things you will love!

As soon as I opened the box from Babybug I fell in LOVE with these little wristlets!  They are such a great compromise between a wallet and a purse.  I think my favorite part is that they can easily be thrown int a bigger bag with your essentials well organized, and then when you are on the go, you can take it out and just carry it independently.  I try to do that with my wallet now, but the fact that it doesn’t have a strap makes it really cumbersome when I am shopping, or when I have my hands full.

baby bug creations clutch aqua

I love all the pockets inside… I might have a pocket addiction!

As I mentioned earlier, everything she send was so well made!  It was easy to notice since it seems that most of the stuff I buy at mass retailers is made in such mass quantities so quickly that it really can’t compare!  Check out how the corners are finished on the wristlet!  Also, the strap is super sturdy!

babybug creations

The last goodie we were sent to review was the cutest version of a coozie I have ever seen!  These little guys are perfect to put on your coffee cup to keep from burning your hand, or to use on a cold drink in the summer to help keep it cool and absorb some of the sweat from the cup.

The button just makes it don’t you think?  Or, maybe the fabric!  I just love it!

baby bug creations coozie

And of course I couldn’t leave you with out showing you the FABULOUS bag we mentioned earlier!  Check this out!  Can you believe it is only $30-$40? I would pay more than that for a bag at Target!

Chevron Bag with Bow from Babybug Creations

Last but not least the Maxi Skirts!  Just darling!

Baby bug Creations Maxi skirt

BabyBug is on Etsy here and Facebook here or view the website here!  Make sure and Like the Facebook page because they do great sales on it EVERY Friday!

Now who loves this stuff as much as me?

How about a GIVEAWAY!? Who wants $30 to get your own goodies from BabyBug Creations?

Click here to go straight to the Baby Bug Giveaway!  


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  1. says

    OK! Those are seriously some of the cutest, fun beautiful little things I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. Thank you so much for sharing this awesomeness…not to mention the fun giveaway. Fingers crossed. And happily pinning!

  2. says

    WOW!!! Those are precious!! I have the exact color maxi skirt, but I made it :-) Those bags tho, PRECIOUS!!! Love Love Love! Thanks for sharing such an awesome store!

  3. Heidi says

    I have the large bag that is shown above, and I absolutely LOVE it! I get compliments on it everywhere I go. Ashley’s stuff is so cute. I have 2 maxi skirts on the way and can’t wait to get them. Great choice for a review!!!

  4. says

    Holy cow, I WANT WANT WANT her car seat liners! In Vegas, my poor girls bums and legs just get burned constantly. :( I think I may be shopping this afternoon. :)

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