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Back to School Looks for Every Budget and Essentials for Every School Wardrobe

My school career consisted of a uniform from preschool through high school. I always looked forward to “out of uniform” days, but I bet my parents dreaded them because of the money it took to purchase just ONE outfit every so often. I can’t even imagine having to buy clothes for an entire school year. I mean, I can imagine how fun it would be, but my bank (and husband) would have a heart attack, I am sure.  Kate, of The Shopping Mama, is here today to talk about clothes! I swear her littles are the best dressed kids I’ve ever seen. I love following her instagram and facebook!

Affordable back to school fashion from The Shopping Mama

You don’t have to spend much time on The Shopping Mama or the What They Wore blog, to know that I have a slight obsession with what my kids wear. I make no excuses for the fact that, on any given day, my three kids are far better dressed than I am.

Now it should come as no surprise that I love back to school clothes shopping. First, there’s the obvious excuse to stock up on basics and super cute duds. Second, I far prefer fall style to summer – I like layering and adding fun accessories that aren’t as practical in the summer. And, finally, school gives us even more reason to dress up every day. (This is especially important for someone who chronicles what her kids wear. There are only so many times I can take photos of their bathing suits or cruddy play outside all day outfits.) Oh, and to state the obvious, my kids go to a Department of Defense school and aren’t required to wear uniforms. As much as I appreciate a uniform policy, I think I would miss the back to school shopping!

With the return to school in mind, I’ve put together a boy and girl outfit at three different price points.

School Styles at Different Budgets

No matter your budget, I think there are four things that every school aged kid should have in their wardrobe. They may seem boring and look a little monotone, but you add pops of color and personality day to day. These basics will help your child’s fun (and more expensive) pieces extend through the school year. And as much as we love color, there’s no denying basic colors are easier to wear more often.

4 Essentials to make the most of a School Wardrobe

1. Plain long sleeve tee to layer under short sleeve shirts and dresses. Every fall I buy a pink and white tee for my daughter and navy and white tees for my sons.

2. Comfortable and versatile shoes. Think brown, navy or white.

3. Great pair of jeans that fit. Just like us mamas, fit is important for kids and denim is a casual school essential.

4. Simple cardigan or sweatshirt to layer for warmth. When we lived in warmer climates, my kids wore cardigans or sweatshirts rather than buying a winter coat. The cardis are more fun and they can keep them on if school is chilly.

Which outfit is your favorite?

Do you have any every day essentials to add to the list?

kate the shopping mama 250Kate Marsh Lord started The Shopping Mama™ in January 2009 when, after graduating law school, she traded in online legal research and writing for locating the best products for her children. She now shops for three . After three moves in three years, this military family is currently making the most of living in Germany for two years by traveling Europe with kids. Never miss an update from the online destination for moms who are in style and in the know: follow The Shopping Mama on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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