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Best Products to Organize Anything & Everything in Your Kitchen

Getting organized with the right products will help you make the most of every bit of space whether your kitchen is small or large!

How to organize ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in your kitchen. I didn't even know some of these products existed!

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The kitchen is truly the heart of our home. I love to cook and spend  a lot of time in there myself, but also it is where the kids do homework and get creative with art projects and our gathering place whenever we have company!  We redid our kitchen on a budget a couple of years ago, and since then I have been on a mission to find the best way to keep it neat and organized since not only do we spend a lot of time there, but it is visible from pretty much everywhere in our house!  I am sharing some of my favorite finds as well as some thing on my organizational wish list (you know you are a mom when you have one of those, right?) to share some of the coolest solutions I have found for everywhere around our kitchen.

Pot & Pan Organization

This vertical pan organizer changed my life!

Since I love to cook (and I am admittedly a bit of a packrat) one of my all time favorite solutions in my kitchen has been this vertical pan rack.  We put one like this in the cabinet above our oven and it has changed my life!  Well maybe not, but quality of life in the kitchen is way better since I can see all of my cookie sheets, muffin pans, cooling racks etc. and easily access them without making a giant racket getting out one little pan.  If you would rather though you can easily DIY a similar solution by installing some vertical particle board or even removable dowel rods in your cabinet.

I also love this pot lid holder since it can be mounted right inside the cabinet door to keep the lids handy without taking up any extra room in the cabinet!  The pan holder at the top is great because it can be used vertically or horizontally to allow you to fit it to what best suites your cabinet set up.  Nothing is better than having pots, pans and lids easy to grab when you have the stove going.

1. Vertical Pan Organizer

2.  Cooking Pan Organizer

3.  Door Mounted Lid Organizer

Under the Sink Organization

Cool! The drawers are configurable to go around the pipes under your cabinet!

I absolutely love this under the sink organizer for two reasons.  First it is configurable to you house by enabling you to mount the top rack around the pipes depending on where they are in your home.  Second because it pulls out to give you access to even the things that are stored at the back of the cabinet.  Now you don’t get that black hole of crap back there, and if you need one thing at the back you don’t knock over everything at the front.  Really.  It’s great!

4.  Under the Sink Organizer

Pantry Organization Solutions

Easy pantry organization

I absolutely love these airtight storage containers for organizing the pantry.  The containers have a ton of benefits from keeping your food fresher, to stacking well to maximize your space, to keeping your pantry tidy and free of spills.  They are a little bit on an investment but so worth it!  And once you have the containers you of course want these adorable chalkboard labels so that you can keep everything labeled.  Otherwise, let’s just say you might end up with a spoonful of salt in your coffee instead of sugar.

At my last house our pantry was super small so we had to maximize our space.  I added an over the door organizer and it really felt like my storage space almost doubled. I also loved how accessible everything in the organizer was.  Combined with a stackable can rack (not pictured), it turns a small space into tons of storage.

Another great space saver is the under-shelf bin.  This is a great solution for plastic wrap, baggies, or even food like tortillas! If you don’t use the under the shelf organizer for your plastic wrap, foil, baggies, etc. then this rack (not pictured) is a perfect solution to maximize your space.

Now for my dream kitchen I am planning to have a pull out pantry like this one, and it is actually more affordable than I expected, but in the mean time I will have to make do with my other storage solutions.

5.  Airtight Storage Containers

6.  Cute Chalkboard Labels

7.  Stackable Can Organizer

8.  Under the Shelf Bin

9.  Plastic Wrap Organizer

10.  Over the Door Organizer for Pantry

11.  Dream Pull Out Pantry

Kitchen Drawer Organization

This is the coolest! You can configure the drawer organizer to fit your stuff with movable dividers!

Doesn’t it seem like your kitchen utensils multiply like rabbits?  It is like no matter how much space you give them, they expand to fill it.  Well that is at least the case at our house.  Getting this under control where we could find things when we open the drawers was no small task.  I managed to find a few really great products to reign it all in though.  The top drawer organizer is seriously cool!  It is seriously cool because it is totally customizable to your drawer.  The size the shape, and the specific utensils you want to store in it.  There are modular pieces that snap in so that you can create the exact layout that works for you.

If you aren’t quite to that level of organization though, a great solution is just to use drawer dividers.  These at least keep like items in the same area which makes it significantly easier to find what you are looking for!

12.  Custom Drawer Organizer

13.  Expandable Drawer Dividers

Kitchen Trash Organization

Need this for my kitchen!


So I am in love.  Well not actual love, it is a trash can after all. But seriously having the trash off the floor and hidden in a cabinet that slides out and has a separate bin for the recycling?  Does life get much better?  Having a sliding trash can is one of my favorite parts of the way our kitchen is laid out.  I don’t trip over it.  I am not constantly cleaning it since it is not out in the space, and the convenience of having the recycling as well.  It just takes away about 5 things I didn’t like about my old kitchen.  First world problems.  So if you can spare the cabinet space, this pull out trash can is a must.

14.  Sliding Pull Out Trash Can

Great Products to Organize Spices

These are some seriously cool ideas to organize spices!

As I mentioned before I love to cook.  Translated this means I have a truckload of spices and odds and ends for flavoring food in the cabinet.  I have had a really hard time over the years figuring out a great method of storing my spices so  I can see and access them all without spilling half the cabinet trying to get to one, or ahem, ending up with about 5 bottles of cinnamon since you thought you were out, not that it would have happened to me.

While I was researching for this post I came across the top spice rack organizer and I ordered it right away!  It totally looks like something you would see on an infomercial but apparently it isn’t a dud because it is a #1 seller on amazon and had great reviews.  I think this just might revolutionize my spice cabinet. I have been using a combination of things but one great option I love is expanding your space with the spice clips for the cabinet door.  You can keep the spices you use frequently right there easy to see and grab at a moments notice.

If your spices aren’t in the cabinet though, I love the spice drawer organizer in the bottom pic.  You can lay down as many or as little of the tracks for the spices as you need and it keeps them in place and ready to go for you.  So smart.

15.  Vertical Spice Rack

16.  Spice Clips for Door

17.  Drawer Spice Organizer

Food Storage Container Organization

Use pull out drawers to organize tupperware

I think organizing your food storage containers (tupperware, rubbermaid, or whatever you want to call it) is one of the toughest things to do in the kitchen.  It definitely helps if you keep your storage to all one brand or type, especially those that snap together.  However even when you do that it can end up jumbled.

The thing that has helped me most in this area is installing sliding drawers.  Before we had the sliding drawers no matter what we did the cabinet was always a mess and an avalanche of plastic tumbled out anytime the door was opened.  Putting in these drawers has contained the mess and allowed us to keep organized since you can pull the drawer completely out to access anything at the front or back of the cabinet super easily.  Even if you don’t have sliding drawers anywhere else (I don’t) you should put one in the cabinet you use to store your food storage containers.  I use two drawers on the bottom for the containers and one on the top for the lids.

18.  Slide Out Cabinet Drawers

19.  Snap Together Food Storage Containers

Extra Ideas for Kitchen Organization

Kitchen Organizing 1

 Before I go I have three more kitchen trouble spots I have to leave tips for.  First… the ever dreaded junk drawer!  You can easily provide a bit of logic and order to it by using inexpensive drawer organizing bins. If it doesn’t fit… it might just need another home.

I love using the plastic bag storage, guess where… that is right– mounted on the inside of a cabinet door!  It saves space and makes them easy to get to! You can really maximize space when you use all of the real estate a cabinet gives you including the inside of the door.

Last but not least is one of the more useful and versatile product maybe in history!  The command hook!  These guys are easily mounted anywhere to give you a hook to hang something on.  They are great for putting on the inside of doors to hang a pot holder on of a utensil you use frequently and need to get to quickly, or even a towel by the sink.  If you hand them upside down on the inside of the cabinet you can even decorate with them by hanging a wreath over the door with a string that connects to the upside down hook.  And they are perfect for both renters and homeowners since they are removable with no residue.

20.  Junk Drawer Organizer

21.  Plastic Bag Storage

22.  Command Hooks

That should be a pretty great start on getting every corner of your kitchen organized!  What are your favorite tips and products to organize your kitchen?

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  1. Angela says

    I bought this spice organizer when we lived in Korea, and it works wonderfully in our German kitchen, as well! I like that it comes with labels so that you can label the spaces and always know where everything is! Plus, storing spices in a cabinet inevitably leaves a lot of wasted space above them, so it’s nice that I can stack other stuff on top of it!

  2. says

    I had to do a major clean and organize in my spice cabinet over Christmas break because I couldn’t find anything! I have a lazy Susan, but it’s too high for me to see everything and some of the spices sometimes fall behind it. :(
    I really like the spice rack clips–great solution.

  3. says

    Ooh so many great ideas I’d better start compiling a wish list! Pots and pans drive me nuts but it always looks like a hurricane has gone through my tupperware cupboard!

  4. basketpam says

    I’ve loved the cabinet pull-outs for a long time and I hope to get the one for the KitchenAid mixer that lifts up from a bottom cabinet. However, I wish they weren’t so pricey. I realize they should last as long as the cabinets but some are close to a $100. I’ve been organizing my “butler’s pantry” which is a small room off of my kitchen I completely lined with shelves when I did the house over and I’ve been using all the sizes of canning jars to organize baking ingredients and the VAST number of cake decorating items such as sprinkles, jimmies, edible pearls, glitter, confetti, and more things than I can list here. So far it is working beautifully. I plan on getting some of the shelf items to work with the smaller jars to organize them even better. I wish they would have had these things years ago, I certainly could have used them.

    • says

      You are so right! Organization can be pricey at times but there are always creative and affordable alternatives! I love how you are using canning jars. I bet that not only keeps you organized but also looks pretty ♡

  5. says

    Great ideas for keeping your kitchen organized to the max! I love them! I would love to have this Under the Sink Organization. Under my sink is always a mess! Thanks! Greets, Footscray Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  6. says

    Terrific ideas! Some of these products are really awesome and easy to clean! They will safe so much space in the kitchen! Thank you for sharing!


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