10+ Super Entertaining Stem Toys for Kids

10+ Super Entertaining Stem Toys for Kids | www.thepinningmama.com

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics or STEM is a really popular educational tenant. It is great to start teaching kids these skills early in life. These are the toys that I don’t feel bad about my  kiddos playing with for hours on end! At least they are learning something! Here are some super entertaining stem…

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10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts

10+ Beautiful Handmade Baby Gifts| www.thepinningmama.com

A handmade baby gift is such a meaningful gift to receive as a new parent. That is why I love giving handmade things when a friend has a new baby! I don’t always have time to make a gift myself, but there are a lot of resources online where you can still buy a gift…

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The Ultimate Gift List for a 9 Year Old Girl

The ultimate list of gift ideas for a 9 year old girl- see 25+ of the best gift ideas for birthday or Christmas and anything in between

We have put together the best list of gift ideas for a 9 year old girl!  It is not scientific, but simply the experience of two moms, with six kids between us, coming up with this great list of ideas to help you out!  Gifts for birthdays or Christmas, from big to small, we have got you covered!…

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The ULTIMATE List of Gift Ideas for Kids who LOVE Star Wars!

These classic star wars gifts are sure to be a HUGE hit! Over 50 ideas for Star Wars themed presents for birthdays or Christmas!

If your kids are as obsessed with Star Wars as mine, they you definitely want to save this list.  From big gifts to ideas for small and inexpensive star wars presents, there is something for every little Star Wars lover (and maybe even the big ones too!)  I have two very busy little boys and…

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Best Books for 1 Year Olds

A fabulous collection of the best books for 1 year old boys!

We’ve collected up some of our favorite suggestions for the best books for 1 year olds and you can click on the images below to check them out! These are some of the books that have been favorites in our family and I hope your kids will love them too!

Best Books for 1 Year Old Boys

A fabulous collection of the best books for 1 year old boys!

Reading books together is a great way to help your little boy learn more about the world around him, as well as exploring speech sounds to encourage him to talk. Books with bright colors and flaps that can be lifted to reveal hidden surprises are a great way to grab his attention so he can learn about trucks and planes and even his own body! Here are some of my favorite suggestions for books that your little boy is sure to love!

Best Books for 1 Year Old Girls

A fabulous collection of the best books for 1 year old girls!

We’ve searched and searched to find the best books for 1 year old girls! Whether you want classic books that you remember from your own childhood, or something new and exciting to share together you are bound to find something you and your little girl will love to read together as much as me and my daughter have.

Best Books for 2 Year Olds

Two year olds are bundles of energy, always excited to explore the world around them and often overcome by emotions they don’t yet understand. They have to cope with some pretty big milestones too, like giving up their naps, moving to a big kid bed, learning to use the potty, and maybe even welcoming a baby…

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