How to Cook {Perfect & Crispy} Bacon in the Oven >>>Pin Test<<<

How to cook perfect crispy bacon in the oven. Does this pin really work? She tells all... the good, the bad and the delicious!!

How to cook perfect crispy bacon in the oven with almost no mess! I have a dirty little secret.  Many people would think this just isn’t possible, but those that know me closest know that it is true.  Okay… here it goes. I don’t like bacon.  There.  I said it.  And it really is true!…

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{Father’s Day Gift} DIY Etched Glass Mustache Mugs

Father's Day Gift DIY Glass Etched Mustache Mugs by

With Father’s Day quickly approaching I thought I would get a little inspiration by heading over to the dollar store and seeing what I could come up with for a fun and unique gift.   Much of the time a trip to the dollar store requires lots of digging, but this time as soon as…

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Flourless Pancakes

Flourless Pancakes by

When I received a text this morning that a friend was making flourless pancakes, my mind was totally baffled!  How can pancakes NOT have flour?!  She sent me the pin for the flourless pancakes at Undressed Skeleton that she found on Pinterest and I was so intrigued after looking at the post and reading all of the…

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{Pin Test} Easiest Way to Seperate an Egg!

How to Seperate an Egg

While browsing Pinterest I came across a pin that said you can separate an egg using a water bottle.  The pictures make it look easy, but does this really work?!  The answer is YES!  And let me tell you it is awesome.  Some kitchen tips from Pinterest like shredding chicken with a kitchen aid mixer, have truly…

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