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Comic Book Glasses Case

Hi, I’m Julie from Sum of their Stories and I’m very happy to be here today to share a fun gift idea.
DIY comic book spectacle case
A family friend celebrated their birthday recently, one of those guys who doesn’t have many hobbies and who tends to buy himself things as he needs them, you know – one of those guys who are REALLY hard to get presents for. He does enjoy a superhero film or two though and he also has just started wearing glasses. Lightbulb moment! I’d get him a superhero glasses case. 
Could I find one in the shops or online? NO! I found some fabric cases online but as an occasional glasses wearer myself I know a hard case is way better. I realised I was just going to have to make one instead. Inspired by the comic book pen pot I’d made a while ago I just tweaked the technique for this project.

Want to have a go? 

Here’s what you need:
A hard glasses case
Comic Book Glasses Case
Comic book wrapping paper or actual comic’s. I used this wrapping paper that my son had received a gift in for his birthday (never throw anything potentially useful away – that’s my motto!) but you could just as easily use old comics.
Comic Book Glasses Case
Mod Podge
Clear Sealant spray (optional but advised)

The first thing I did was cut out some good images from my paper, which I put to one side. They will go on last to give a good finish.
Next I cut some small strips of paper and started applying them to the case with Mod Podge using a small brush.
Comic Book Glasses Case

I found that it was helpful to make small cuts in the strips sideways, to make them flexible enough to go round the corners.

Comic Book Glasses Case
The pieces all over lapped and I put Mod Podge over each layer too.
Comic Book Glasses Case

Once I’d gone round the edge I put the reserved “better” images in the middle section, overlapping as shown below.

Comic Book Glasses Case

I took care not to go over the hinge at the back.

Comic Book Glasses Case

The whole thing got a couple of layers of Mod Podge to seal it.

Comic Book Glasses Case
You can see how I overlapped the paper on the rim and tucked it into the lining as best as I could. I put extra layers of Mod Podge over this area to seal it was well as I could.
DIY comic Book glasses case
The whole thing got a couple of layers of spray sealant too. This stuff stinks so this is an outside job, but I wanted it to be as durable as possible. If you don’t have any of this I’d just add more layers of Mod Podge. I actually made this back in August and just the other evening the recipient and family were round our house. This case is still in perfect condition and is used many many times every day (glasses on, glasses off – anyone with reading glasses will understand!)
Make a glasses case for the Comic Book lover in your life

Pretty cool huh! And at a push I suppose this could be a suitable gift for a spectacle wearing child too!!! Is it sad that I really want to make myself one now?

This doesn’t just have to be a Comic Book idea though – how about using old sheet music for a music lover, or a pages from a dictionary for someone who loves crosswords? I wonder if it would work with old sewing patterns for a dressmaking enthusiast, or magazine recipe pages for a cook. Old seed packets for a gardener… honestly I think the options are endless!

Well, I’ve loved being here on The Pinning Mama today, thank you for having me! If you want to see any more of my bubbling over enthusiasm for all things crafty pop by and say hi at Sum of their Stories.

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