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Decorating with Canvas: An Easy Canvas Review

In June we hosted a whole series on How to Take Great Pictures.  Now that  you have mastered that, lets hope you have some just begging to be printed out and hung to decorate your home.

I have a nook that has been begging to be redecorated.  It is a really unique little focal point in our home and I have never quite gotten it right.  At Christmas I was thrilled to get a 16″x20″ canvas as a gift.  16″x20″ sounded HUGE and I knew I wanted to hang it in my nook.

Although  I love the gift, it just ended up not being exactly right for the spot.  My “huge” canvas looked so small when I hung it in the nook so I ended up finding another more perfect home for it. My nook left sad and sparse.

Then Easy Canvas contacted me and asked if they could provide a canvas for me to review. I am no professional, but I am quite an avid hobbiest photographer so I warned her that I really had a high standard for the photos I get printed and that I was willing to do the review but we ALWAYS give the truth just how it is to our readers. They were confident in their products and promised me I could say anything I wanted in the review. So I said we would give it a go!

Now back to my nook.  I knew this was my chance to try again to fill the spot.  We usually don’t realize how big a piece often has to be to decorate a space well.  Our furniture is substantial in size and in order for it not to dwarf a photo print, you really have to have a pretty good sized print.  I love how this pin shows the scale of photo prints compared to an actual sofa!

In this post at Better Homes and Gardens they recommend making sure your art is at least 2/3 the size of the piece, so I went from there.

Decorating With Canvas Photos an Easy Canvas Giveaway

I knew I needed a much bigger print.  So I logged on to Easy Canvas and was really pleasantly surprised how easy it was to order! As you select your size you are also able to see the scale of the photo as compared to an average sofa right there!  So nice!

The one thing I had a little bit of trouble with was that there isn’t an easy button that will switch your canvas from landscape to portrait orientation. Once I figured out that I needed to use the custom size setting, I could easily go back by using the edit size button to adjust things until I had the perfect custom size for my picture and space, it was so easy.  I ended up with a 32″x26″.

Decorating With Canvas Photos an Easy Canvas Giveaway

I was also BEYOND THRILLED that I could pick my own custom size!  I was not boxed into ordering a standard photo size!

After going through the check out the waiting game began.  Lucky me, though, the canvas arrived one day before they had estimated packaged up tight, right on my door step.

Decorating With Canvas Photos an Easy Canvas Giveaway

I was so excited to get the canvas out of the box to see what I really thought.  The long and short… It is great!  The corners were wrapped tightly.  The colors are bold and beautiful, but most importantly, they are true to what is on the screen.  I have had times that I print photos and the skin tones look so icky.  This is probably my biggest pet peeve when printing.  You can see how big of a difference printing can make in your photo here.

I hung it up and just breathed a sigh of relief.  The size was perfect.  The scale was perfect.  The brightness of the photo really brightened up my dark nook.  All in all perfect!

Decorating With Canvas Photos an Easy Canvas Giveaway

My experience with Easy Canvas Prints was great. I would recommend them to any and all.   From ordering to product delivered, they are as promised, easy and beautiful!  Best part?  They have some fab sales! So head on over to Easy Canvas Prints and get those pictures off of your computer and up to display in your home!

Do you have anywhere in your home that you have been dying to change the decor?


photos to canvas

photos to canvas

Also, Easy Canvas Prints recommeds Build-a-sign. I have used them before (not connected with this post) and thought the quality was awesome.  Also, they are a huge supporter of the troops and families left behind so I couldn’t be more supportive of them!

banner maker
banner maker

***My beautiful family photo was courtesy of Sugar Fly Photography, Fort Worth TX

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    The canvas pictures turned out great. You picked some beautiful pictures to have them put on Canvas, I love Easy Canvas!

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    Your canvas/nook area looks great! I have a bunch of family photos that I’ve been meaning to develop and decorate with, but haven’t gotten to it. Will be checking Easy Canvas out!

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      Actually getting pictures printed seems to be the hardest part! You definitely should check out Easy Canvas! They are so quick and easy to work with and the quality is great!

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    Canvas is really a great thing for home decoration. you have done great work, this canvas have awesome look that you have shared. Many thanks for sharing this great canvas review.

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    I happen to canvasses but I don’t claim to be so good at making it. It’s just that I know some pretty good ideas. Anyway, I really want to try the Easy Canvass and try to see the difference. Just curious, you know.


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