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{diy} Birthday Number Shirts

How cute are these Helvetica Alphabet shirts? When I was searching for birthday shirts for my kiddos, I stumbled on these (somehow) and was inspired to make a similar shirt, but with numbers. I love the simplicity in these, yet they’re so hipster and adorable. I want to transform my son into a hipster with some leggings, a chambray shirt and moccasins, but that may actually result in a divorce, so we will see if that happens.  I think little hipster kids are beyond adorable! Anywho, I had birthday outfits for our western themed birthday party, but I definitely wanted something for their actual birthday because, well, it only happens once a year!

For this project, all you need are:

  • T-Shirts – recycled or new
  • Paint – I used Plaid Simply Screen paint that was so cool!
  • Letters/Numbers printed or a stencilbirthday shirt idea via the pinning mama

Once you have figured out the font and size you need, cut out the INSIDE of the letter. I used an Xacto knife, but if you’re handy with scissors, you can use those too!

Before you lay your stencil on your shirt, put something inside the shirt to keep it from being glued shut from paint. *eh hem* I may have forgotten until midway through. Then lay your stencil down on top of your shirt. You can tape it down if you need to. I did not.birthday shirt idea via the pinning mama

If you are using paint and a brush make sure you DAB the paint on and don’ brush. You risk paint going under your stencil otherwise. I used this screen printing paint and just squeezed it directly onto the shirt. I kind of moved the paint around with the tip of the bottle too. This paint was so cool. You’re actually supposed to use it with the screen printing kit, but I didn’t and it worked just as well.birthday shirt idea via the pinning mama

If you use this paint it will look like puff paint at first. Then, after a few hours of drying, something magical happens! It flattens out! I was amazed. I put a towel on top of my shirts and then ironed on top just to make sure the paint set into the shirt. I am so glad I didn’t purchase a pre-made shirt. My daughter loves hers and asks to wear it a couple times a week and the paint is holding up great! I had a few people at the amusement park we went to ask where the shirts were from. DIY, people! DIY!

See the puffy in the picture?birthday shirt idea via the pinning mama

And there you have it – a DIY that really is easy as 1-2-3. Question – Why buy a shirt when you can make it with things you probably already have? Answer – You don’t! hehebirthday shirt idea via the pinning mama


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  1. says

    Art Institute Fabric dries clear glue is amazing for things like this. If you combine it with their ultra fine glitter, and bake in the oven- you get a glittery shirt that will hold up for years of washing.

  2. Shereen says

    I LOVE these!! Great minds think a like, except I paid for a shirt. Haha I love the idea of the DIY and how easy you break it down. Simple and clean looking- über perfect for my little man! #1 rocks! Thanks again for a great post!

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