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{diy} How to Make a Personalized Plate

DIY How to Make a Personalized Birthday Plate www.thepinningmama.comI have been wanting to buy personalized plates for my kids for quite some time. Not just any personalized plate, but a “special day” plate. You know, for birthdays, graduations etc. After browsing the interwebs I decided I didn’t want to spend $40 on a plate that I knew I could do myself. And you know what? YOU can do them too because all is takes it finding images online to trace. You need some other things, of course, but I figured the artsy part is what would be the most intimidating.  With both my son and daughter’s birthdays right around the corner I figured I should get to work.

**Video at the end for those that want to see a more detailed tutorial**

How to Make a Personalized Plate:

  • Dollar Store Plate
  • Pencil
  • Carbon Paper
  • Ceramic, Glass or Porcelain Pens: I used DecoArt Glass Pens, but I could only find them sold individually. They worked phenomenally though! These or these would probably work just as well.
  • Create your design that you will trace or freehand
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • OvenDIY Personalized Birthday Plate

Next, you need to open up a word processing program and type out whatever you want the plate to say. For this personalized plate I wanted it to say “You Are Special Today” and have my daughter’s name on it. Below are the fonts that I used for each place.

“Adrianna” Plate

  • “You are special” font: Papyrus size 65 , Arc at +91
  • “Adrianna” font 2peas wonderful size 72, Arc at -50

“Bennett” Plate

  • “You are special” font: Papyrus size 65 , Arc at +91
  • “Bennett” font Athletic size 72, Arc at -50

“Return Full to Sender”

  • Lavendaria Font

Once you print out your words/design you want to cut them out, but leave a little white on the outside of the words. Then tape it on top of the carbon paper. You will then cut again, leaving enough paper so that you can tape it to your plate.

Now that your words/design are taped onto the plate, start tracing the letters with your pencil. Make sure you put enough pressure to ensure transfer. You can sneak a peak if you want to make sure. I had to go back over a couple areas. DIY How to Make a Personalized Birthday Plate www.thepinningmama.comThis is where it gets fun. Now that you’ve traced your words and/or design onto your plate, start making it pretty. I chose to do my words in black DecoArt Marker because I knew my design would be colorful. Once my words dried, I used the same carbon paper technique with my cake and then filled it in with my marker. A tip with filling in designs – I pushed some of the paint out onto a piece of paper and used a small paint brush. When I tried to apply a glob directly to the plate, it just wasnt working. When it wasnt working though, you know what I did? Took some nail polish remover and it cleaned right up! Woohoo! I love projects where I can fix mistakes. DIY How to Make a Personalized Birthday Plate

Now that your pretty design is done, you bake! Bake them according to the directions on your pens. Once baked they are dishwasher safe.

I can not wait to use my “return full to sender” plate. I think it’ll get some laughs when someone finishes the treats I bring them! I am excited for my little nuggets to use these plates on their 1st and 3rd birthdays too. Did you guys know my kids SHARE A BIRTHDAY? What?! I know, the craziness still blows my mind. I will definitely posts pics of the cuteness!

What kind of plate will you make? Wouldn’t it be cute to have one that you use every year for Santa’s cookies?

**Sidenote: These are dishwasher safe and have been tested, but I will be hand washing these just like I would any “special” piece in my home.**

If you’d like to see the step by step instructions, watch the video below! At about 5 minutes there is music, but that was an accident. Sorry!

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DIY How to Make a Personalized Birthday Plate

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      • olinda kolarik says

        You listed the font and size which is helpful to me. But can you please tell me how you navigated to the ARC FUNCTION? I can’t seem to figure it out :/
        Thanks bunches. Hope to hear from you soon.

  1. keri says

    Decoart Glass/Porcelain paint is not supposed to be on a surface that actually comes into contact with the food, even after baking. You should do this on the underside of a glass plate if using on a plate.

  2. Jennifer Jarrells says

    I just bought the Mikasa Italian Countryside Handled Oval Platter to do this as a guest book for my wedding..And then I noticed, it says “quality crafted from Stoneware” I thought it was ceramic? But now I’m not sure! Which pen do you recommend I use for this? Scared to ruin it as funds are getting low if I have to go buy another!!


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