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DIY Monogram Letters Made with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

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What is it about tape that is so addicting?  If I end up down that aisle at the store these days there are so many new bold and fun colors and patterns in the new Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape line that I CANNOT leave without throwing a few in the cart.  Do you know what I mean?!

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Check out some of my favorite patterns Lace Vegas and Neon Stripes here!  Love these!

What I didn’t know though is that duct tape is all the rage with school aged kids right now.  If you have kids in any grade kindergarten through 12th grade, you probably know this!  My neighbor’s daughter loves all things duct tape and using it to decorate anything and everything she gets her hands on.

Duct Tape Mongrammed Letters by

I am so looking forward to the day I get to craft up a storm with my daughter (I am probably wishing her into perpetual tom-boy-hood for saying that out loud) but since she is far too young to do anything but eat my crafts right now, I asked to borrow my neighbor’s sweet daughter to whip up some duct tape monogram letters since we share our love of all things tape!

Putting together customized monogram letters couldn’t be quicker, easier, or cuter with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape.  Here’s the how to:

Custom Monogrammed Letters with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

  • 8-12” 3-D Cardboard letters found at the craft store that spell your desired word
  • Patterned Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape
  • Solid Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape
  • Scotch non-stick scissors (a must have for duct tape projects! No more sticky mess on the blades!)

To make these, first take your patterned tape and cover the front of the letter with it.  This works much like wrapping a present.  Lay the tape over the surface then use your scissors to snip the edges so that you can fold the tape over flat.

I used solid tape in a complimentary color for the sides so that the letters would pop a bit more. To cover the sides, line up the tape with the edge of the front side of the letter and roll the tape out covering the side.

I worked in chunks of 18-24 inches laying the tape.  After it is laid, again give the corner a snip so that you can lay the tape down flat on the back.

Duct Tape Mongrammed Letters by

Of course I can never leave anything unembellished, so I made a cute little bow out of the duct tape and added it to the front of the letter to give it a little extra cuteness for Miss Hailey!

Duct Tape Mongrammed Letters by

After I finished these letters, I had to have some for myself.  I thought that the color and texture of the duct tape would make the best party décor so I whipped up a second set for myself using the letters E-A-T because I thought it would be adorable to decorate the food table for any party.

Duct Tape Mongrammed Letters by

But again, plain ol’, plain ol’ just wasn’t going to do so after wrapping the letters in white tape I decided that these letters were begging for some fringe.

To make the fringe I took pieces of tape around 5 inches long and folded it over so that there was a sticky strip around 1/4” left at the top.

Duct Tape Mongrammed Letters by

Then use your scissors to cut slits into the tape below the sticky part to create a fringe effect.  You can then use the sticky strip at the top to attach your fringe to your letter. Repeat this step adding more fringe to cover the section of letter that you want.

Two simple projects down in the books!  I have to say after working with duct tape, I have channeled my inner school kid, and I just might be addicted!  Fun colors, bold patterns, easy and super cute projects… What’s not to love?!

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    • says

      Definitely Lauren! I am so amazed with how creative these kids are with their duct tape. It is crazy what they can come up with. You can really do anything!

    • says

      That would be so fun in boy colors! I hope he loves them! Scotch has some great boy colors and patterns including lots of super hero if he is still into that.

  1. says

    Wow, these are so cool! I would have never thought about even trying to make those monogram letters with duct tape! It’s really amazing how diverse duct tape can be and how much you can do with it.


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