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DIY Ruffled Table Cloth

When my baby girl turned one I wanted to have lots of pink and ruffles at the party.  I know there are many years ahead of us where she will pick her theme and I will support her whether I really like the idea or not.  So I figured that I should take full advantage of these years I get to pick before she can talk and have an opinion, haha!

DIY Easy Ruffled Tablecloth - Click here for instructions!

So pink and ruffles it was.  We made all sorts of fun details but one that was kind of my baby was the ruffled table cloth.  I had come up with the idea a while back and frankly, was dreading it because I thought it was going to be a pain to make.  Once my motivation finally kicked in though, it ended up to be a quick, easy and super cute party DIY!

Since I used pastic tablecloths for this, I decided that I could use the gathering method I would with a sewing matching but instead of sewing it, I would use tape!  I love no sew projects!  Doesn’t tape just make life simpler sometimes?

What you will need for this project is:

Here is how you put it all together:

  1. After you have taken the table cloths out of the package, lay the table cloths out flat.
  2. On the color you want the ruffle, cut a strip about 4″ wide the length of the cloth.
  3. Tear a strip of masking tape off approx 2 ft long and lay it out sticky side up
  4. Now take your strip of table cloth and stick the top edge to the tape gathering as you go.  Make sure to only stick it half way down the tape so you will have enough of the sticky side left to attach the ruffle to the table cloth.
  5. Continue to ruffle until the entire strip of tape is covered and cut off
  6. Line up your ruffled strip with the bottom edge of your main colored table cloth and gently stick down the tape  ** Note:  You will definitely want to use masking tape for this because it is sticky enough to hold well but forgiving enough to easily peel up without tearing the thin plastic should you need to reposition.
  7. Continue creating ruffled strips and flipping them over to tape them down until your row is complete. ** Note: If you have excess ruffle when you get to the end of the row, just use your scissors to cut it off and move it to the next row.
  8. Begin the next row up 2-3 inches, or enough to cover the tape on the previous row and repeat the ruffling process.
  9. Once you have all the ruffles you want take your colored roll of Scotch Expressions tape and cover the top layer of tape creating a finished look.

DIY Easy Ruffled Tablecloth - Click here for instructions!

I was so excited with how this turned out!  It was a fun a unique way to put a little extra fun into the party.  To see more DIY decor check out these posts:

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  1. says

    Wow, it’s amazing how simple this is and what a special touch it adds. Plus, when my tablecloth is too short, this will be a great way to add that needed length — without needing to sew. Love this idea!!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  2. says

    Oh what a wonderful party idea! And you’re so right pick it while you can! They day will come all too soon that your baby girl will have lots of her own party ideas. Definitely pinning this one mama!
    I love it! Pink & Ruffles! yay!

  3. Savannah says

    Love this! Little girls 1st Birthday Party is tomorrow and I am hoping to have enough extra time to make this happen with our table cloth! 😉

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