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{Drazil Tea} A Delicious and Healthy Drink for Kids

A healthy drink for kids www.thepinningmama.comI have never been a juice drinker and neither have my kids. If I do happen to have some juice, it’s always diluted A LOT. When my husband asks me to add orange juice to the grocery list, I happily buy some, but inevitably, half the carton gets thrown out because it’s gone bad. Another reason why my kids aren’t juice drinkers is because I have this crazy paranoia that they will end up hating water and milk. Those are the only things that I have ever offered them to drink.  All that extra sugar just sounds so unnecessary to me. Might as well have a peanut butter cup! When our friends at Drazil Tea sent us some info on this tea for kids, my ears perked up.  I can’t really explain why tea sounds better than juice. Maybe it’s because of the extra antioxidants that I know come from tea? Maybe it’s because when I think of tea I don’t think of sweet? Regardless, this stuff rocks! When you’re done reading about all the goodness that comes from this delicious drink, make sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom! drazil tea benefits

Drazil Tea for kids is caffeine free, has zero added sugar, only 50 calories and is made with organic teas.You can read more about the benefits of herbal tea here. I had no idea you could get so much from tea!  And how cute is their logo? In case you were wondering, Drazil is lizard backwards. So clever!  Aside from the awesome pros, the tea actually TASTES great! I was given Tropical Burst, Yummy Berry, Punch Passion and Grape Bliss. I had a sip before my kids did because they were napping and I couldn’t resist! That’s one of the perks of being the mom though, right? *wink wink* My favorite is a toss up – it’s between tropical burst and yummy berry. My least favorite is grape bliss. I’m not hating on the grape bliss, it just wasn’t my favorite. Anything grape flavored just makes my brain go to medicinal. The good news is that my daughter’s favorite was the grape bliss! I guess that means we are perfect for each other. When I first opened up the box, it smelled sweet so I was nervous that it would be too much for me. Guess what? It wasn’t! I drank it and not once did I feel like it needed to  be diluted! My 3 year old loves the tea too which made me so happy. Even though Drazil Tea is full of healthy antioxidants and 100% of your daily vitamin c intake, the tea is such a treat to my kids. Anytime they get sweet stuff, they act like they’re on cloud 9! I love that I don’t even hesitate with giving my daughter a box of Drazil Kids Tea otherwise known as “the lizard drink” to my kids.

drazil nutrition facts via The Pinning MamaA while back we shared some easy snack ideas for kids – We included Drazil Kids Tea because they couldn’t be more perfect for after school snacks, a drink to share after a sports event, or just a midday treat. Drazil Kids Tea paired with some carrots and dip sounds like the perfect combination to me! Whether you give your kids juice or not, we all want the best for our kids. So, if you hesitate with juice, try this! And if you already have a juice lover, I think you will be so happy you tasted Drazil Kids Tea. I love sneaking extra nutrients into the food I give my kids. Why not sneak it into drinks too?! Sign up for our GIVEAWAY below! Drazil was kind enough to provide us with enough for TWO lucky winners. Which flavor sounds the best to you? Tropical Burst, Yummy Berry, Punch Passion or Grape Bliss?best kids drink! via the pinning mamaTo buy Drazil Kids Tea check them out on Amazon. They even do Amazon Prime which is awesome considering how heavy liquids are to mail!

You can also find them locally if you live in California. You can see the list here. They’re spreading quickly, so it’ll be no time before other states have them in stores near you!

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