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Easter Egg Fun Faces

Here’s a fun Easter egg gift idea that my kids enjoyed making for all their cousins when they were small.

easter egg fun faces

Hi I’m Julie from Sum of their Stories. My kids are all grown up now but when they were little they really enjoyed turning plain Easter eggs into fun faces to give to all their cousins.

In the UK we have a big Easter egg giving tradition. Chocolate eggs are the main thing that people give to children at Easter. The shops start filling their shelves with them by early February so of course everyone moans it’s much too soon! The eggs we have are mostly a bit larger than the ones I gather you have in the US, they are usually in a box with a small bag of chocolates or a mini chocolate bar or two and cost somewhere between £1.50 and £3. You can spend a lot more on super fancy eggs but I don’t know anyone who actually does that! Pretty much everyone buys these for all the children in their family, so the kids get them from Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents as well as their Parents – that’s a lot of chocolate!

So when my kids were little it was these larger eggs (about 6″ or so high) that they decorated. After a little research I discovered that not all parts of the world have these size eggs so I’ve tried the idea on smaller eggs which I believe are a little more international.

Do you think your children would enjoy making fun Easter egg faces for their friends or family?

You need:

  • Chocolate eggs, I used Cadbury’s creme eggs but you could use any brand

creme eggs

  • Sweets / Candy
  • Icing tubes and sprinklessweets

I think what sweets you use will vary depending on where you are and what you have. I started out with jelly lips and teeth, white chocolate buttons (not pictured), jelly tots, smarties and strawberry laces which are all pretty well know and easy to find sweets here in the UK. Turns out the lips and teeth were a little big for these smaller eggs but they work great on larger eggs if you can find them. You can make faces out of all kinds of sweets so see what you have in your local store and then let the kids imagination go with it.

Take the foil wrapper off the egg and fashion it into a little “nest” to stop the egg rolling across the table.

Melt a few chocolate buttons very gently in the microwave for just a few seconds, this will be the glue for the sweets.

Let the kids set to work making faces.

fun faces easter eggs

Fun easter egg face with smartie eysEaster egg fun face with sprinkles for hair

Leave them for the melted chocolate to set then pop them in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon bow if you are giving them as gifts.

You can use icing to “glue” on the sweets but melted chocolate seems to sticker better and set more firmly.

Confession time, the reason there are no chocolate buttons in the photo with the other sweets is because by the time I took the photo I had eaten all the leftovers! It was a very small packet…

It would be really fun to make eggs like favourite characters too, maybe a Harry Potter egg with glasses and a lightning scar, a beard and eye patch for a pirate, or maybe even make them emoji’s. I guess that would depend on the age and artistic skills of the decorator.

Have fun!







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