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{Pin Test} Easy diy Felt Heart Garland with Freezer Paper!

There are many valentine’s heart garland tutorials floating around on Pinterest. Quite a few of them use a sewing machine. While I know how to sew, I prefer projects like this to be no sew. Mainly because I like an easy project and because I don’t want to lug out my sewing machine. Click here to see my favorite tutorial I found.


Felt – as many colors as you would like – I had 1/4 yard cut per color and I still have plenty left.

Freezer Paper

Embroidery Thread




Step 1:

Open up word, powerpoint, photoshop, or whatever program you prefer and choose your shape – I chose a heart for obvious reasons. You

Cut your freezer paper down to 8.5 x 11. You can find freezer paper at your local grocery store in the foil and sandwich bag section.

Once you cut your paper down, you can either draw or trace your shape onto the paper or print it. If you’re drawing on your paper then you obviously don’t have to cut your paper to 8.5 x 11. When you write  or print on the paper make sure that the design is on the MATTE side.

Felt and freezer paper heart garland by

Step 2:

Once you have your design transferred onto your paper, place it on top of your felt, shiny side down. You want to be able to see your design. With the iron set to medium heat, get your iron on!

Felt and freezer paper heart garland by

Step 3:

Now that your freezer paper is stuck to your felt, cut out your design. As you are cutting, say thank you to Reynolds for creating freezer paper. Doesn’t it make cutting that felt soooo much easier?! I see many more projects down the road for my little one… Here they are all cut out…Felt and freezer paper heart garland by www.thepinningmama.comStep 4:

Next, you should enlist your 2 year old to come and peel the paper off. Then line up your felt in whatever pattern you prefer. I ended up making 2 garlands which took 32 hearts. I had 15 hearts leftover.

Felt and freezer paper heart garland by www.thepinningmama.comStep 5:

Once you have your pattern, make your thread as long as your hearts are. Make sure to leave a tail on each end so that you can tie or tape it to whatever you’re hanging it on.

Step 6:

Thread your needle with your embroidery thread. Start by putting the needle down into the fabric and then up through the other side. This is so that the thread is behind the heart and not in front of it.

Felt and freezer paper heart garland by www.thepinningmama.comThis is what the back of your hearts should look like.

Felt and freezer paper heart garland by

Step 6:

Here is the final product!

Felt and freezer paper heart garland by

How much did I like this project? This was a simple project that I was able to do with my daughter. I definitely recommend it. You could even do spring colors so that you can leave it out longer than just February!

Unexpected Happenings? None

Overall Rating 1-5: 5

Love it, like it, pin it!

Felt and freezer paper heart garland by

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