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Easy DIY Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner

Easy Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner by

What could be better than a burlap table runner?  How about a table runner with burlap AND lace!  What could be better than a burlap and lace table runner? Two burlap and lace table runners… in one!

Easy Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner by

We love burlap and have had several projects lately like this super cute fall burlap bunting and these personalized burlap bags, but with Thanksgiving well on its way I thought it was about time to get my mind off of Halloween and figure out what we would be doing for Thanksgiving.  Since we are far from our family we have have started a tradition of inviting all of our friends that are also far from family to celebrate and give thanks with us.  I love a busy holiday.  I know some people like to take it easy and relax, but to me the busyness that comes with being surrounded by people that are really special to me makes my heart full.

With Thanksgiving coming and the house being filled with people, I want to spruce things up a bit.  And what says fall more than burlap.  So for the center of the gathering, the Thanksgiving table I decided to make a new table runner. Something simple and classic, that can be left out all year long but is especially beautiful for Thanksgiving.

I have drooled over ruffled table runners for years.  Literally.  I refuse to buy one because I know I can make it, but I was a little intimidated because I knew it would mean getting out my sewing machine.  I feel totally silly now though because this was a ridiculously easy project.

To make this project you will need:

1 Burlap table runner– I used the 14×108″ I was sent from  I have to say this table runner was much more beautiful than I even anticipated.  The burlap is absolutely dreamy!  The texture and weave is smooth and perfectly gorgeous!

1 10 yard roll of 51/2 inch Ivory Lace Ribbon– I was sent this lace from

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Sewing machine with Ivory thread

Easy Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner by

First measure and cut 4 36″ pieces of lace.

Next you will sew a straight stitch down one side of each piece of lace.

To do this, I used a 7/8 seam allowance.  Then set your stitch to the longest setting, which will make it far easier to pull the lace into a ruffle. Put your needle at the very end of the lace and sew straight down the piece to the other end.  Do not back stitch at either end.

Now to make the ruffle you will take one string from the stitch you sewed down the side and hold it in your hand. now pull the lace gently in starting at the end little by little to toward the center.  Continue to hold the string and move the gather down toward the other end until the lace is gathered from end to end.  Gather the lace tighter or looser until the length of the total strand is the width of the table runner, about 14.5 inches.

Sew, gather and rubble the remaining three pieces the same way.

Easy Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner by

Once you have all of the lace ruffled, we will use the hot glue gun to attach them to the table runner.  I decided to use hot glue so I could make the runner reversible. If I would have stitched it then it would have shown through to the other side.

Take your first piece of lace and line up the bottom with the bottom of the table runner.  Then glue along the sewn gather to attach it to the runner.  Repeat with a second piece of lace overlapping by about 2 inches.

Turn the runner and repeat for the other side using your two remaining ruffles.

Now flip over the runner and measure an additional piece of lace the length of the table runner and cut.

Center this lace piece and use the glue gun to attach the lace down the length of the table runner.

Easy Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner by

There you have it!  Two beautiful table runners in one!  I have only been looking at my runner for a few hours now, but it is absolutely my new love!  Make sure and check out  I have been genuinely impressed with all of the products that they sent me and can’t wait to show you more of my burlap and lace Thanksgiving!

Easy Reversible Burlap and Lace Table Runner by

Before you go, check out some other Thanksgiving ideas from some of the most talented bloggers I know!  Each Monday for the next 8 weeks we will be here together showcasing some of the greatest creativity on the web.  So see it now, and make sure to come back to see these awesome ladies in action.

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  1. says

    Kimber, I love the contrast of the delicate lace with a rustic burlap. Awesome runner and tutorial too!
    Perfect for Fall or anytime really. I can see that with cute little Easter eggs or Summery sunflowers too. It’s beautiful.
    Have a great week!

  2. says

    I love that you got the runner already made. I’m going to have to check out the side- I love the rustic look and texture of burlap,especially against something feminine, like your lace. I have to check out that site- honestly the reason I’ve never messed with burlap is because I’m a little intimidated by cutting it and messing with all that. Great post! I know your thanksgiving table will look fab!!

    • says

      Thanks Amy! I am intimidated by burlap too. That is why I am obsessed with They cut it in every shape size, etc. I just order the configuration I want. The table runner was absolutely gorg and I love that the edges were already so nicely finished!

  3. says

    Gorgeous! This is absolutely shabby chic! When Chloe saw the picture, she literally “oohed and aahhed” out loud! We both did. I think I’m finally adding sewing to my to-learn list. Enough already with the glue gun.

    • says

      At Popcosmo, I know! I get a little bit of anxiety any time I pull out my sewing machine, but as sewing projects come, this is the very easiest there is. Thanks for your kind words on the runner!

    • says

      Hi Kristy- I have a dear friend who has a wonderful little shop with all sorts of homemade goods. I sent her a message and she said she would be happy to recreate it for you… and she will probably do a better job then I even would! Her contact info is Rachel at Hope you are able to get a table runner from her!

  4. Kiera says

    I purchased one to have a sample in front of me. It worked perfect. I was able to see stitching and the craftsmanship.


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