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Easy Personal Pizzas with Pillsbury Grands Biscuits

Back-to-school season has come and all of those little faces are now officially back in the classroom.  Although the routine can be comforting, it is back to the daily grind where it can seem like playing a game of Tetris with your blocks of time.  Get what you need to get done fast before the window of time disappears!

Between school getting out, soccer practice, dance, baseball, and scouts you have to fit dinner in somewhere!  But where?  And how?  and what?!

Easy Weeknight Dinner: Pillsbury Halloween Shaped Pizza -click here for recipe

We were inspired to put together an easy and FUN meal with Pillsbury Grands Biscuits that allows you to kill two birds with one stone.  First, you get a quick, easy and healthy dinner on the table in under 30 minutes.  And second, you keep the kids entertained while doing it.  Who says dinner has to be boring?

Easy Weeknight Dinner: Pillsbury Personal Pizza by

I used this basic recipe from the Pillsbury website for Grands Mini Pizzas.  Then we made it our own!

Ever since our trip to Costco the first week of September when they had the Halloween costumes out front and center, my little guy has been a bit *obsessed* with Halloween.  We don’t really do the spooky stuff, but we let him enjoy the light hearted fun side of the holiday.  So first, to keep little helping hands busy, I set him up with his own pizza building station, where he had a pizza crust {biscuit} to pat out, a bit of sauce to spread on, and toppings to design his pizza with.

Easy Weeknight Dinner: Pillsbury Personal Pizza by

While he was busy making his pizzas, I started on my own fun Halloween treat.  I used the biscuits to make pumpkin and spider web shaped pizzas.

First I pat the biscuits out to form circles for the spider web pizzas and added a small stem piece to the pumpkin pizzas.  Then I spread a small bit of pizza sauce to each.

Easy Weeknight Dinner: Pillsbury Personal Pizza by

To make the pumpkin pizzas I topped the sauce with cheddar cheese and used a knife to cut pepperonis into shapes for the face.  I added a green pepper piece at the stem for the finishing touch.

Easy Weeknight Dinner: Pillsbury Pumpkin Shaped Pizza -click here for recipe


Easy Weeknight Dinner: Pillsbury Pumpkin Shaped Pizza -click here for recipe

To make the spider web pizzas I tore a string cheese stick into shreds and crossed three long pieces through the center of the circle then used the remaining pieces to form the web.  The spider was made out of sliced olives to finish it off.

Easy Weeknight Dinner: Pillsbury Spider Shaped Pizza by Easy Weeknight Dinner: Pillsbury Spider Shaped Pizza - click here for recipe

Once they were designed I put the Halloween themed pizzas into the oven along with the ones my kids designed and baked them at 375 degrees F for 10 minutes and they were perfect.

It is amazing how quickly this came together even with making the extra special shapes.  I remember making pizzas with Pillsbury biscuits with my mom when I was a kid and it is kind of fun to feel like we have come full circle as I do it with my kids!  I think the best part though, was how excited my kids were to eat their dinner.  It seems like anytime I put a little creativity into the meal it makes our dinner time 1000x easier! And on busy nights, that is just what I need!

Oh I almost forgot to mention… If you have extras, they freeze beautifully for a quick and easy pre-prepared dinner on those extra crazy nights!

If you know me personally, chances are you have eaten something I have made with Pillsbury products.  I have always loved how they allow you to make anything and everything so quickly and easily.  Right now Pillsbury has a FREE recipe booklet for our readers that you can download here.  Check it out and we would love to hear what recipes you are most excited to try (I might want to try it too!) so check back in and let us know after you take a look!

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  1. says

    Wow, those look delicious (it’s dinner time and you are making my stomach grumble!) And what a cute idea… that teens are not too old to enjoy. Definitely going to be trying this. And what a fantastic babysitting idea for Chloe – passing it along :) Love easy, fun ideas like this and Pillsbury makes it simple!
    xo ~kim & chloe


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