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Fabulous Finds Friday

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day and I can not believe it. That also means my baby boy will be 6 months old. Half a year old. This makes me cry. The days are flying by and I need all of our children to stop growing! I digress…

For St. Patrick’s Day I plan on making my BG some green eggs and ham. I am so excited because I know she will get a huge kick out of it. She loves the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham. I enjoy it too, but does anyone else think his books are just way too long? I obviously read the entire book though. I don’t skip pages. *wink wink*

The below Pinterest board is perfect for the upcoming month. There are tons of activities to do with your littles. I can’t wait to have a craft day with BG. Check out all of PediaStaffs Pinterest Boards. They have activities pinned for everything from sensory development to social skills.  Here is the direct link to their St. Patrick’s Day board incase you don’t want to get sucked into checking out all of the other boards.

Fun tidbit that I learned while living overseas – It is “St. Paddy’s Day” and not “St. Patty’s Day”. Patty is a girls name. Just don’t want any of you to go offending your Irish friends. 😉

Activities and Crafts for St Patricks Day

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    • Ashley says

      I will send you some St Patrick’s Day baby dust! You look amazing for being 35 weeks. Sounds like Rylie is a huge blessing already and I promise she is totally worth the wait. :) We wish you a speedy labor and delivery as well as a healthy beautiful baby girl! Good luck!!

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