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Getting Organized! Pantry Inventory Freebie

Was it your resolution to be more organized? Well, it was one of my MANY resolutions and I have found myself to be falling a little behind lately. The first board I made on Pinterest was “Lets Get Organized”. Seriously. How boring is that? I usually get super excited at the thought of organizing though. I have found some awesome organization ideas through the wonderful world of Pinterest. I’ll have to do a post someday about my favorites!

One thing that I have been good about is keeping my pantry stocked so that I always have items to cook with. Since I am a stay at home mom, I feel that it’s my job to have a home cooked meal on the table for my hardworking husband. Nothing bugs me more than looking in the pantry and having tons of items that won’t even make a meal though.

I am also trying to be better about keeping track of expiration dates on canned goods. Often times I will grab a can that I just bought instead of using the can I bought a few weeks before. Keeping a pantry list has definitely helped! What are your staple pantry items? Let us know in the comments below!

Before I get to the good stuff (printable), I have to show you one of my favorite products I’ve ever bought when it comes to being organized. This Expand A Shelf changed my life!


To help get you started here are my staples:


4 cans of tomato sauce

4 cans of diced tomatoes

2 large cans of crushed tomatoes

4 cans Rotel tomatoes

4-5 boxes of random pastas

2 cans light kidney beans

2 cans northern beans

4 cans black beans (my girl is a black bean lover!)

2 cans garbonzo beans

4 cans green chilies

2 boxes brown rice

1 bag Trader Joes wild rice



Panko Breadcrumbs



Peanut butter


Flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder

Assorted nuts

Chicken broth

Freezer (some might think I freezer weird things!):

Homemade chicken stock

Homemade freezer meals

Assorted veggies – peas, corn, edamame, spinach

Assorted fruit for smoothies – strawberries, mixed berries, pineapple


Various cheese


Cream cheese



You too should get your pantry organized! Start by using this cute freebie.

Download your 8.5 x 11 Pantry Sheet


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    • Kimber says

      I am glad you enjoyed the post and hope that it helps you in your persuit of panty orgnaization! I have been a reader of your blog for awhile and loved your post, 7 Deadly Sins Of Blogging. I can totally relate to being a *bit* obsessive about things :) Thanks again for stopping by.

  1. says

    Oh heck YES!!! We’ll be downloading this printable. Thank you! We have organized pantries we honestly don’t know what’s in there right now. This goes perfectly with that pantry purge. Fresh start AND a way to keep up. Love it!

    • Ashley says

      Now sounds like a good time to get organized then! I’ll let you know when we post another organizing printable. We heart lists and printables!


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