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{Giveaway} Clarey Clayworks Ring Bowl


When you read this review of the ring/soap/candle bowl the other day did you automatically know that we’d be doing a giveaway? *sigh* One of these days we will throw in a review and just get you all really wanting a product and then not do one. Ha! Just kidding! That wouldn’t be fair. We want to SHARE and give free things to our readers.

{Product Giveaway} Clarey Clayworks Bowls via The Pinning Mama

Anne over at Clarey Clayworks was kind enough to let us pinning mamas have a PERSONALIZED dish to give away! Isn’t that awesome?

If you hop on over to her Etsy shop you will see dishes like the ones below. If you aren’t looking for a religious type of dish, you can always have one made especially for you or someone else. What about sister, mother or grandmother? Or you could have a simple word like “love” and then your wedding date if you want this as a ring dish. You could even just have your date put on it since it speaks for itself. The options are kind of endless. I’m just excited that Anne is being so nice! Did I mention that these bowls have been on the front page of Etsy? I bet that’s when a store really feels like they’ve made it in the Etsy world! There are so many fantastic shops on Etsy, but Clarey Clayworks is one of the best that I have worked with. Excellent and prompt customer service, unique products and Anne is such a joy to work with! Oh and the bonus is that they are wrapped beautifully! I know that’s silly to be excited about, but I have a thing for perfectly wrapped gifts. Anne definitely knows how to do it! Her faith and love for what she does certainly shows through every piece of her work!

{Product Giveaway} Clarey Clayworks Bowls via The Pinning Mama{Product Giveaway} Clarey Clayworks Bowls via The Pinning Mama

Make sure to become a fan of Clarey Clayworks on Facebook. She posts about new shop info and products! Stay in the know!

Also, stop by her Etsy shop and come back here to tell us in the comments what dish you hope to win!

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