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{Giveaway} Mila “A Miracle Seed”

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On Tuesday I talked to you about Mila and how it has made me and my family healthier. Today, Jordana from Green Belly Chef is going to share with us her story along with a little more info for those that are curious!

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Mila came into my family a year and a half ago. We ate regular chia for over a year and thought we were doing well. My year-old son wasn’t getting much out of it though because I was picking whole seeds off his cloth diapers as I hung them on the line.

When I saw the science and the research that was put into the blended chia that makes Mila, I was excited. We started eating it and two weeks later my husband said “Could it be the Mila?” We were both sleeping better, my mood was more positive (Omegas are good for mood, who knew?) and my husband noticed he had quite a bit more energy. For the next few months we experienced great weight loss and we both felt we were more vital, nourished, positive and clear minded.

  • The blend in Mila is amazing.
  • Mila has been opened (in a patented way that makes it completely digestible for babies, pets, seniors, moms and sensitive digestive systems)
  • Cold fractured (high quality oils need this process), without compromising the nutrients and exposing them to air. Grinding chia does not protect those precious Omegas and exposes all nutrients to depletion.
  • Raw food holds the best nutrients and Mila’s makers didn’t want to waste a single one.
  • Gluten Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Non GMO

Chia has been around for hundreds of years but only (re)discovered 30 years ago. Mila’s perfect blend of the most nutrient dense chia (there are over a 100 varieties and Lifemax chose the best 8) is packed with omega 3’s (3000mg per serving), fiber, complete protein, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

In our fast paced lifestyle it’s so hard for us to eat all that we need to nourish our body. It’s even harder to get anything that is good into our kid’s right?  

Today’s diet doesn’t include nearly enough omega 3’s on a daily basis (and this is a plant based source, no toxic fish oil for anyone).

Constipation is the number one complaint at the doctor’s office (just take a peak down the fiber isle in the pharmacy – it’s HUGE). We all need the building blocks of the body; protein in such a clean source. How about those anti aging properties everyone is looking for, or the plant based cancer fighters.  It’s all here and you can get it all in one scoop of Mila a day.  It’s gluten free, trans fat free, sugar free and non GMO…have I mentioned that it is the world’s healthiest whole food?

mila "the miracle seed"

  • Baking and cooking with Mila is easy – I sprinkle it on my kids potatoes, in spaghetti, on pizza, or on my salad. Whatever you eat, it becomes a nutrient rich super food and that makes my life easier. Moms, doctorsathletes and active people love Mila for all these reasons.

So add Mila to your grocery bill this week. You can get it for as little as $1.29 a day, but wait it gets even better…

Eating Mila everyday is easy, telling your friends about it is even easier. Mila’s creators have set it up so anyone who wants to, can eat, love and share this food and easily create money for their family. That is almost my favourite part. I am not just paying the bills for a big corporation. I am helping my family eat well and live better. This means more free time and funds to have fun!

I would be selfish if I didn’t mention that anyone who wants to eat Mila for free can do that without taking away from your family time. It’s not an extra job, just an extra source of income. Look at this video if you want to know how my family of four gets all our Mila paid for plus more. This type of buiz is perfect for the stay-at-home Mamma. We call ourselves “Mila moms on a mission”. Because that’s just it, we are feeding our families, helping others and bringing home the extra money, while raising our kids. If you are excited about this whole package you should totally make it your own!

If you read Green Belly Chef, you’ll see that I know a lot about food, and Mila is my favourite.

Yours, The Green Belly Chef,

Jordana Kennedy

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  1. Jen H. says

    Thank you for sharing! I don’t know much about mila or even chia so thank you for helping me better understand the benefits and even how to incorporate it into our life.

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