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Upcycle- Recycle- Craft!

Donate to Goodwill!

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. I am sure you have heard those terms, right? If not, I am here to tell you that you need to join the movement! If you have read about me, or seen my blog posts, you know that I am an avid crafter. I love to try my hand at most any craft or DIY project. Whether you are new to crafting or an old hat, I have some tips that I think everyone should know about!

Sure, you can just pick up and run to your local craft store and buy all the things you need. But who wants to spend that much money? There are better ways to craft, and save, by upcycling used goods! I know you have seen those pictures of transformations of old drawers made new like this awesome gardening project, old photo frames made new again like I do here, trendy candle jars made from mason jars like these, or a dusty old desk and chair turned into the most magnificent show piece for your office. So how do you do all these things on a budget? Because we have all been here, right?!


Why buy it for $7 when you can make it yourself for $92 worth of craft supplies?!

Source:  Some Ecards

Instead, head over to your local Goodwill store! Yes, that is right; Goodwill probably has everything you are looking for to start that craft or upcycling project!

Spring and summer are the seasons when people are looking to clean up and clean out! So as you are imagining yourself creating that new masterpiece, think about things you may have around the house that you do not use anymore. Pack them up and haul them to Goodwill when you are on your way to pick up your items for your new project. Most people do not know that Goodwill is not just a store where you can drop off that old unused stuff, find that one little thing you need for your craft project, or grab some cute outfits for summer while being super thrifty. Thanks to the programs and support services made possible by donations of clothes and household items, more than 261,000 people earned jobs in 2013 – that’s one person finding a job every 27 seconds of every business day. So you’re literally donating your stuff AND helping to create jobs. Not only that, but can you just imagine the look on that kiddos face when he gets a “new” bike that he might not have otherwise had if you did not donate it?

I am challenging you to be a part of this greatness and helping others in your local community! Even if you think that your small donation will not have a big impact, think again! You can calculate how much your donation helps your local community by using Goodwill’s Donation Impact Calculator. Simply input the items you’re donating to calculate the number of hours of career counseling, on-the-job training, résumé preparation, financial planning classes, and other services you’ve helped provide someone facing challenges to finding employment.

If you choose to take my challenge, you have to show me your stuff!

We’ve all seen those shopping haul videos and photos on YouTube. In fact, some fashion bloggers even make them about their thrift shop finds from Goodwill. We are turning that around and showing off our “Reverse Haul” donations for good!

Sharing is Caring! Share YOUR reverse hauls with me using #DonateStuffCreateJobs, on The Pinning Mama Facebook Page, or @ThePinningMama (Twitter) and @GoodwillIntl.
Anna Kendrick took the challenge, will you?

Perpetually in danger of

becoming a hoarder I try to always have a pile going for Goodwill. But my latest purge was epic and feels

sooooooo good.

A photo posted by Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47) on

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