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Halloween Creepy Candy Buffet

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Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by


Thank you to Martha Stewart for sponsoring today’s post.  Product was provided to create but all ideas and opinions were cooked up right here at The Pinning Mama.

When it comes to holiday decor, I love to be festive but I hate spending tons of money on things that will only be out a fraction of the year.  What I really like to do is get inexpensive items or things we already have and transform them into stunning decor using craft supplies that are universal and can be used for any holiday, event, or project I happen to have going on!  This Halloween I was inspired to use the new Martha Stewart Decoupage line to create a  fun creepy candy buffet.

I always loved it when I went trick or treating and I would arrive at a doorstep to be greeted with spooky decorations and bowls of yummy candy.  I was determined to be that house this year!  You guys know I love to craft, so when I saw the decoupage line from Martha Stewart, I knew it would be perfect!!  It allowed me to take a basket of loot from the dollar store and turn it into the spooky decor of my dreams!


Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by

Everything you see above I got at the dollar store.  A layer of decoupage, a coat of paint, and a dash of glitter later, they are nearly unrecognizable!  I did three main projects with the decoupage to put the buffet together.

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by

For the first project I was totally in  love with the gold pattern on this decoupage paper so I grabbed my supplies and got to work!  First I cut the paper into 1.5-2″ strips.  If you have a flat surface this isn’t necessary, but since I was covering a vase that was rounded and angled, cutting the paper into strips helped it to smoothly cover the surface.

The decoupage is super easy to use.  You put a layer on the surface you are adhering to, a layer on the back of your paper strip and lay the paper where you want it.  After adhering all of the strips you will want to let it dry for a bit then put another layer completely over the paper.  I repeated this last step 3 times to make sure the top coat was perfect.  All decoupage formulas are dishwasher safe, machine washable, non-yellowing, dry hard with no tack, and can be used indoors or out. Also, Martha Stewart Crafts ® Decoupage Formulas and Finishes can be used on any surface such as glass, fabric, paper, metal and wood to create a lustrous finish so they are really versatile for crafting.  As you will see I used them on a wide variety of things in this project alone!

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by www.thepinningmama.comOnce I was happy with the top layer on the vase I finished it off by rimming the vase with glitter.  I did this just as you would rimming a margarita glass with salt.  I knew those skills would come in handy some day!  I poured the decoupage on one plate and the glitter on another.  Dip the vase in the decoupage and then dip it in the gitter to coat. TA-DA  a beautiful glitter rimmed vase!

What I love most about this, is that even though it will go perfectly with my gold and black Halloween decor, it is totally transitional.  I think it would look pretty fabulous for Thanksgiving and Christmas too!  Keep your eyes peeled because this little guy will definitely be making a reappearance!

If you look in the picture of the full buffet, on the left you will see a second bowl I decoupaged using the same method in black and white.  On this bowl I painted the top rim with black chalkboard paint to give it that perfect finished look.  You really can turn plain into extraordinary with decoupage!

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by

Project number two was courtesy of a little inspiration from a friend.  I knew I wanted to run with the gold and black color scheme so when I came up with the idea for a gold plate with a spooky black owl I knew it would be just the thing we needed to bring it all together.  This was even simpler than the vase.  All you do is paint the plate to match your decor, then decoupage on the owl using the same method as above. A layer on the bottom, a layer on the back, and a couple of layers on top.

What I love about the decoupage is that once it dries, it makes the items seem as though they were made together, not as if you glued something on as an afterthought.  It becomes a beautiful and timeless piece!

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by

The third project I did with the decoupage was to give the tree branch a little life!  In the first moments I was cooking up the idea for the candy buffet, I knew I HAD to have a big tree branch to frame the whole thing.  So I got my husband to trim our trees and stole a branch before we took the rest to the trash.

After taking off the leaves I gave it a quick coat of black spray paint.  The paint doesn’t have to be perfect because the imperfections all add to the rustic spookiness of the branch.  After the paint dries spread your Martha Stewart Decoupage sporadically on the branches and immediately sprinkle with black glitter.

Once the decoupage dries you are left with a beautiful tone on tone sparkle that adds interest and texture to the branch.  I only added touches of the glitter because I wanted it to be a more subtle look that just gives it the little extra umph!

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by


To finish off the projects, I gave a few more bowls and some dollar store candle sticks a coat of black spray paint and layered them in for dimension and height.  The candle sticks are great for entertaining at any party. You can use them as is, or super glue two together to make a taller pedestal.  That is one of my favorite tricks!

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by


Add in fun details by hanging spiders from white thread off of your vases and from the branches in the tree.  This was my little guy’s favorite part!

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by


Last but not least, the plate.  Oh the plate!  It was just the statement piece I needed.  I love how it brought everything together!

web Martha Stewart 9

There you have my creepy candy buffet!  All set and ready for trick or treaters.  Unless I finish of the candy before then that is, haha!  All the Martha Stewart products including the decoupage line are available at Michael’s and make it easy and affordable to create stunning holiday decor.  I was particularly impressed with the brushes they sent.  I went though A LOT of paint, much of it black, and those bristles washed back to a perfect white each time.  Seriously impressive.

For more holiday inspiration get ideas from fellow crafters on Plaid’s Facebook Page and Pinterest page.  I personally follow both and love the ideas they post!

Creepy Candy Buffet with Martha Stewart Decoupage by


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    • says

      Thanks Geralin! I like to keep my holiday decor inexpensive since it isn’t out very long, but I think I managed to work in several transitional pieces that will actually get more play over Thanksgiving and Christmas! That is like a bonus!

  1. says

    That was awesome! What a great job, and I used the Martha Stewart Crackle Medium for my JoAnns post. Really awesome products, and I have to give this a try. Your candy buffet is SPOOK-tacular!

    • says

      Thanks Maryann! It is actually decoupage paper, decoupaged on with the new Martha stewart decoupage line. It allows you to get some really cool effects!

    • says

      That vase was my baby haha! I was in love with that decoupage paper and it inspired the whole project. I am glad you like it just as much. I am looking forward to working it in for other holidays too!

    • says

      Thanks Britni! It looks so much more impressive in real life where you can feel the depth and height and the dimension the glitter gives it. It is my favorite part for sure!

  2. says

    Wow! There’s so much to look at…I don’t even know where to start! Loved learning about these Martha Stewart products….and I agree, a lot of these pieces will transition well to other seasons and holidays. Job well done!

    • says

      THank you so much Lauren! You have such beautiful projects, your kind words mean a lot! It was amazing how many uses I got out of the Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage. Such a crafting staple!

    • says

      Thank Michelle! I had a ton of fun being creative with it. I feel like you could put a coat of that stuff on just about anything!! I have even more ideas I am excited to try too!

  3. says

    I absolutely LOVE these idea! The final product came out looking fantastic and I wish I was as crafty as you, haha. This is really awesome, I’m so impressed!

    • says

      Thank you Katie! It was fun to transform all of the dollar store finds and I love that I didn’t have to spend a fortune to make a BIG statement with decor!

    • says

      Thank you Aimee! It all came together so easily with the Martha Stewart products. It helped me transform those dollar store finds into some pretty swanky Halloween decor. Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  4. says

    MUST get that gold paper now! I adore everything you shared here. That paper though….gotta have it. I am so in love with the glitter decoupage finish, I can’t wait to use it on more projects.

    • says

      Carol- we must be one in the same! Of the whole box they sent, I was in love with that paper and actually designed the whole thing around it haha! It is available at Michael’s craft store!


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