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I Can Finally Eat Out with Little Kids AGAIN!

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You know what I am talking about… before kids life was good.  You could just decide on a moment’s notice what you were craving, pick up in about 5 minutes, drive to the restaurant– 45 minute wait– no problem! Get seated, maybe have a drink. Take a leisurely look at the menu then order whenever.  With kids, not so much.  There are days I would love to be able to dine out, but by the time the husband gets home from work, there is definitely not enough time to get the kids together, in the car, to the restaurant, wait, sit, order, wait, eat, wait, pay, get home get the kids in bed.  Not happening.

When we go out these days it is more like a countdown to meltdown with us.  I am actually really, ridiculously, excited to share with you one of my new favorites for moms of young kids.  It is one of those things where you think “GENIUS!  Why has no one ever done that before?!?!”

BJs Dine In Order Ahead 1

A couple of weeks ago we went to dinner at our local BJ’s Restaurant. Let me tell you how different our experience was from normal.  First of all, we usually can never go out to eat on a work night for my husband.  There just isn’t enough time.  Today was different though, we used the BJ’s Restaurant Dine in Order Ahead app on my phone.  Earlier that day, while the kids were napping I was able to leisurely peruse the menu and decided what we all wanted to eat.  I entered the order straight from my phone during nap time.

BJs Dine In Order Ahead 2


I told them about when we planned to arrive, what we wanted and was even able to exactly customize each plate we ordered and add any additional notes.  Then I just submitted my order and went on with my day.

When Brad got home we loaded up the car and headed to BJ’s Restaurant.  Once we got there I checked in.  Because we used the app, two really awesome things happened.  First, we are moved straight up to the front of the line to be seated. When you have little ones this is pretty much like GOLD!  The other thing that happens when you check in is that it recognizes that you used the Dine in Order Ahead app and your food starts cooking as soon as you are seated.

We were seated immediately and our waiter checked in to bring us drinks and told us our food was already being prepared.  Literally minutes after this he returned with our starter, the spinach artichoke dip.  YUM!  We all loved it and the kids devoured it.

BJs Dine In Order Ahead 6

Just as we were finishing up the dip our entree’s came out piping hot and delicious.  Everything was perfect and my salad was sans blueberries just as requested.  I got the kale and roasted brussels sprout salad, Brad had the parmesan crusted chicken.

BJs Dine In Order Ahead 4


I ordered the kids chicken alfredo with broccoli kids meal.  Not only  was it absolutely delicious I was told, but it was also a really big portion size and we had left overs even after they both ate their share.

BJs Dine In Order Ahead 5

Dinner had gone off without a hitch. No complaining, whining, crying, fighting etc.  Since BJ’s Restaurant is expecting you, there is minimal downtime and the kids are busy and entertained eating.  Once we finished with our dinner, we went for the Pazookie… it was my little one’s birthday so we had to spluge a little! Normally we just don’t have time for dessert but since everything went so quickly we had plenty of time with the help of the Dine in Order Ahead app.

BJs Dine In Order Ahead 7


The only thing left to do was pay.  This is simple too! just log back into your app and you can pull up your order and pay right from your phone with the Mobile Pay App.  You don’t have to flag down your waiter, get your check brought, give them your card, wait for them to run it, tip, sign, etc.  You just pay in about 5 seconds right from your phone and you are good to go.

BJs Dine In Order Ahead 8


Oh and BONUS time!  Get a $5 discount right now when you use the app.  Doesn’t get much better than that!

BJs Dine In Order Ahead 3


We ended up getting to the restaurant, seated and eating appetizer, entree, and dessert, paying and leaving all in about 45 minutes.  Pretty impressive and totally kid friendly.  Make sure to download the app here for android and here for iPhone ore see more about BJ’s Restaurants on their website here!



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    That is a brilliant idea. And not only for families with small children (although that is definitely a great fit), but for anyone who needs a meal on the road and has a small window of time, but maybe doesn’t want traditional fast food. I bet this will really take off!

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