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Jeans and Lace Bracelet

When one of my favourite pairs of Jeans ripped I was able to rescue the waistband and make a pretty bracelet.

Jeans and Lace bracelet 3

Hi, I’m Julie from Sum of their Stories and today I’m sharing how I rescued part of my lovely pink jeans after an unfortunate ripping incident.

To make something similar you will need:

  • Old Jeans – any size and colour will work
  • Lace and Ribbon
  • A Sewing Machine – you could sew this by hand but a sewing machine will make it MUCH easier

First chop the waistband from the jeans, just underneath the seam. You will need decent scissors for this, denim can be tough, especially on those seams.

jean waistband

Remove any belt loops and then do the button back up. You are going to cut the waistband to fit your wrist.

waistband removed

Measure round your wrist, then add a couple of inches. My wrist is 6″ so I cut the waist band to 8″.

what you need

Your lace needs to be as long as the waistband plus a couple of inches, you also need a short piece of ribbon, it just needs to be twice the width of the waistband.

ribbon under join

Place the ribbon face down, and lay the 2 pieces of waistband on top, also face down.

pin ribbon

Bring the ends of the ribbon up, pin in place then stitch on the machine. I went over each side twice for strength. You are going through lots of layers of fabric here, just go slow and maybe use a new needle. Hopefully you will end up with something looking a bit like this.

waistband joinedNow pin the lace to the front of the bracelet. I folded mine over the ends so the unfinished edge was on the inside. Ideally you want to avoid the button and button hole as much as possible too. I was able to carefully snip little sections of the lace away to make sure the button and button hole were still easy to use. Then just stitch in place on the sewing machine. I stitched straight across the bottom and then followed the edge of my lace along the top. It was a little tricky round the button, I just made it as neat as I could. You can see the stitching on the inside of the bracelet here.inside bracelet

That’s it, your done! Pop the bracelet round your wrist and do the button up to secure it.

jeans and lace bracelet 2

finished jeans bracelet

Jeans and Lace bracelet

As you can see I’ve left the denim raw where I cut below the waistband, I actually quite like that (I have always liked cut off jean shorts and that raw finish) you could add ribbon over that edge if you fancy, or even undo the bottom seam and re-stitch it if you have the time and inclination!

I am actually looking forward to the next pair of jeans going into holes now so I can make another bracelet! I think different types of lace and ribbon would look great, maybe some beads added here and there too.

Thanks for letting me visit today Kimber, I love sharing my ideas with you all.signature 3

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  1. says

    in love! pretty, casual, dressy, sexy – whatever you want this jean and lace jewelry it can be! awesome idea and appreciate your sharing with us at the creative craft challenge link party!

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