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Lego Gift Ideas by Age – Toddler to Twelve Years

When you walk down the toy aisle you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices! Let us help you navigate the Lego aisle with these gift ideas broken down by age group appropriateness. Legos make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or just becuase so we have broken down some ideas by age. Here are lego gift ideas by age from toddler to twelve years.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years|

Legos are some of our favorite gifts to get our kids.  They are creative, tactile, and hours of fun and engagement.  The other great thing that always makes them perfect for gift ideas, are that there are so many price points available, whether you do a small kit for an inexpensive present, or an elaborate lego set can be a really big gift idea.  Legos go across the range as far as price so that no matter your budget you can find something to fit the bill.

Another thing to consider with Legos is that the age range on the box can really vary on accuracy depending on your children’s skill set.  My older son has always been really good with his fine motor skills and has always been able to do kits above the skill level, where as my daughter also loves Legos but is usually doing sets right at the suggestion.  Even if the set ends up to be a bit advanced, it is a great way to spend time with your child together and help them learn and make something with their own hands!  There is little my kids love more than the satisfaction of when they finish one of their Lego creations!

Lego Gift Ideas Toddler to Four Years

Duplos are the BEST choice for toddlers and little ones. The themes are appropriate and they are nice and large which is great for the less developed fine motor skills of tiny children.

Lego Duplo Creative Ice Cream

This ice cream set is appropriate for kids age 1 year old to 3 years old. They will love playing with the ice cream and making different combinations of scoops. The little cones are adorable and the bright colors will be engaging for the toddlers.  These are bigger blocks that are much easier to grasp and play with for this age.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Creative Ice Cream |

Lego Duplo Mickey & Minnie Birthday Train

The basic numbers in this set are perfect for kiddos age 1 to 4 years old. And I have never met a little one who didn’t love Mickey and go through at least one phase of train loving. This one is great for a wide variety of little ones, including little girls!

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade |

Lego Duplo My First Cars and Trucks

Toddlers will love this first vehicle set. My little guy always loved to mix and match vehicles and build double or triple decker cars!  Lego expansion sets are great to get even more creative with these basic car pieces!

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: My First Cars and Trucks |

Lego Duplo My First Farm

This set is great for either gender, especially if they love to play house. It is also especially good for those little care takers who will love working the farm and taking care of the animals. I recommend this one for kids age 1 and even up to 5 years old, although the sweet spot might be right around 3 years old.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: My First Farm |

Lego Duplo Superman Building Set

This set is great for the kiddo that may have older siblings who have already introduced them to more mature themes, like superheroes. It is a fun way for them to play with a superhero without the inappropriate things that may come along with a more advanced set, like guns and weapons. Great for little ones age 1 to 5.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Superman Building Set |

Lego Gift Ideas Five to Seven Years

These sets require a little more dexterity and hand eye coordination to put together. The theme is still less mature, which is appropriate for kids this age. All kids are different and these may seem a bit junior to the kids at the older end of this spectrum.

Lego Creator Park Animals

This set is step up from the Duplo because there are a lot more pieces. However they are still color coded for the most part and come pre packaged with all the pieces that they need for each particular animal. This one is great for the animal lover age 5 to 7.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Park Animals |

Lego Creator Rainforest Animals

Another great set for the animal loving kid age 5 to 7. Fun bright colors and the parrot is just adorable. The kiddos will love putting this together and squawking like a parrot!

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Rainforest Animals |

Lego Juniors Work Truck

This set is great for the kid age 4 to 7. The construction theme has always been a hit in my house. This one comes with several different vehicles and inspires creativity and imagination!

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Work Truck |

Lego City Fire Ladder Truck

The fire truck is another one that has always been a hit around here. Age 5 to 7 for this one. It is a bit more complicated to put together and is great for stepping up the difficulty level.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Fire Ladder Truck |

Lego Minecraft Crafting Box

This set is great for a more mature young one. Age 6 years old to 10 year old kids who are already into video games will love this Minecraft set. This kit is good because it is more about creativity and the weapons and scary aspects of the game are less prevalent.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Minecraft Crafting Box |

Lego Gift Ideas Eight to Twelve Years

The last age group we will talk about is the tween crowd. These kiddos are more mature and have great hand eye coordination that is required for these more difficult kits.

Lego City Deep Sea Exploration Vessel

This set is perfect for those kids age 7 to 10 who are starting to show an interest in the world. The skill level in putting this together is much higher but the payoff is great!

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Deep Sea Exploration |

Lego Creator Treehouse

For kids age 8 to 12 who are still highly interested in pretend and the outdoors. This set could also go for a slightly younger crowd but the pieces are small and intricate so this one is a judgement call.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Treehouse |

Lego City Space Port

My son is 7 and he is obsessed with space. Kids age 7 to 10 will love this set, especially those who are space obsessed and can say the planets in less than 10 seconds, which my son brags about so I guess is a big deal!

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Space Port |

Lego Star Wars Darth Vader

I have left the most mature sets for the end. We are fairly strict about weaponry and what the kids are exposed to. I would only recommend these next two if you know that the recipient is allowed to play with weaponry! Recommended (by me) for age 9 to 12.  These are also a bit different than the normal lego sets are they work with snap on pieces and more “joint” type pieces, but my kids love them just as much as the original, and maybe more since it is Star Wars!

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Star Wars Darth Vader |

Lego Superheroes Avengers

Here is another one with a more mature theme. Kids who love superheroes will love this set with the different avengers and fun vehicles. Again contains weapons but good for age 9 to 12.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years: Superheros Avengers |

There are plenty more Lego options that are great even for adults! What are your favorite legos to give as gifts? Share with me in the comments below.

Lego Gift Ideas by Age - Toddler to Twelve Years|


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