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Pin Test: My Chili

Quick Easy Chili

We are currently out of our home and staying in a furnished rental while the hubs does some training for work. It is furnished and is decently stocked with kitchen appliances, however I have been trying to find meals that I can make that are simple and healthy yet still delicious without having to buy too many new things. I thought chili would fit the bill perfectly, but once I started looking for a good recipe (my go to chili is a crockpot recipe which I do not have here) I found that most chili recipes contain tons of spices. This is a problem. Since we are only staying here a few months I really don’t want to go out and buy a ton of spices, which can really add up, and use them once or twice and throw them away. Finally I came across this pin for My Chili which comes from Allrecipes. It got rave reviews and the best part was it was insanely easy and the only extra spices I had to buy were chili powder and oregano. So I decided to put it to the test.

I only made two very minor changes. I used ground turkey and added some green bell pepper since we had one in the fridge that needed to be used. I started by browning the turkey breast with the garlic, onions and peppers.

Quick Easy Chili

I then drained the meat mixture and added everything except the kidney beans into a big pot. I have never cooked with stewed tomatoes before and I was surprised to see what large chunks they are in. While my hubby doesn’t mind tomatoes in chili, he is not a tomato lover so I put in a little extra work on this step to make sure the tomatoes were broken up really small and then let it cook for an hour.

Quick and easy chili

Finally I added the kidney beans letting it simmer uncovered to perfection.

Quick and Easy Chili

We had some friends over to enjoy this large pot of chili with us and the results spoke for themselves, everyone had seconds! I am a toppings kind of girl so I served this with sour cream, sharp cheddar, chopped cilantro, and crushed chips to top and corn bread on the side.

Quick and Easy Chili

Go here for the original My Chili Pin or My Chili recipe.

How much did we like this recipe? This totally delivered. For the ease of the recipe it delivered great taste!

Did anything unexpected happen? The stewed tomatoes were in super big chunks so there was more time than expected spent breaking them up. Also, it was so good that we didn’t have nearly as many left overs as I expected, so I had to plan an extra meal that week!

Overall Rating from 1-5: 4 This gets a 4 because it probably isn’t going to win you a blue ribbon at the chili cook off, you can serve this with confidence for family or entertaining.

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