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{Product Review} Hot Tot, Hair Products for Kids

hot tot hair products, baby products, natural products, organic products, baby must havesUPDATE: Enter to win any ONE product from Hot Tot by clicking here.

There I was on a Friday night watching Shark Tank. Now that we have kiddos our Friday nights have seriously gotten out of control. It usually consists of Thai food delivery and a DVR’d Shark Tank episode. Every episode I either say “that is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard” or “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!” Well, this one night I thought “I NEED THAT!” Hot Tot – an organic, all natural salon quality hair product for kids. I needed this product. I am a conscious mama when it comes to buying hair and body products as well as food for my littles. I was absolutely horrified when I found out how much junk Johnson and Johnson crams into their baby products.  I actually brought my own baby wash to the hospital for when they were born and asked for the nurse to not use Johnson and Johnson. I acted as if it was going to burn my babies skin! That’s the most extreme thing I’ve done with my kids. Shouldn’t we be using the best on our kids? Why are we (the U.S.) using ingredients that are banned in other countries? If J&J can make just as good a product for Europe, why can’t they do it here? I just don’t get it, but it does upset me.

hot tot hair products, baby products, natural products, organic products, baby must haves

Then, there was Megan Gage, founder of  Hot Tot. Hot Tot is an organic and all natural baby hair and styling product line for kids THAT WORKS.  My daughter has some serious hair that I wish I could cut and put on my head. The problem is that she wakes up and it is a tangled, curly mess. She has the most beautiful curls though so I try to embrace it. I have tried many different types of kids hair products; both natural and not. The problem with so many products is that the term “natural” is used loosely. There are usually a few hidden ingredients that actually don’t make the product as natural as you think. I want a product that uses safe ingredients for my children. I also want a product that will work on both of my kids hair. BG has curly, thick hair and BB has finer, flyaway baby hair. Could there actually be a product that works on both my kids?

Best Mom Products did a video interview with Megan. It’s long, but I think you’ll enjoy it if you truly are interested in how her product started. At about 24 minutes in she talks about the importance of natural and less harsh chemicals for our children.  If that is important to you, scroll to the end. Otherwise, watch all of it if you have time. Click here if you want to see her Shark Tank debut.

Listening to Megan talk on Shark Tank made me excited and anxious to try her products. As soon as I received Spotless Tot I decided that my kids needed a bath even though it was 12:30 in the afternoon. The result? Phenomenal.  Not only was BG’s hair easy to brush out, but it smelled amazing!  When I talked to Megan about this product line she said that she had a Cabbage Patch doll in mind when she was formulating the scent. She nailed it. It seriously brought back childhood memories for me.  Now I have my very own, life size Cabbage Patch doll! Too bad mine talks back. wah.  The other thing I love is that BG’s curls always have so much BOING in them when I wash with Spotless Tot. The curls bounced right up once it dries. It is so dry here in Vegas that BG’s hair usually frizzes shortly after she leans back in her car seat, but her hair stays curly, soft and frizz free after using Hot Tot. Below are pictures of my daughter’s hair going from wet to dry. I didn’t even have to scrunch her wet hair to make it look like this. Just brushed it out without any crying and let it dry. hot tot hair products, baby products, natural products, organic products, baby must haves

What about BB’s hair? Once it was dried I kept noticing that I wasn’t constantly brushing his alfalfa strand down and his pretty blonde hair was so shiny. I thought it was just a coincidence, but after washing his hair 3 times with Spotless Tot I noticed it every time. I switched one night to an old shampoo just to compare and once again, that alfalfa piece sprouted right back up. The wash is gentle and lightweight, so I don’t know how it manages to keep his hair down, but it does so I’ll take it! Shiny, manageable, smells delicious, and easy to brush out….that’s actually more than I could have asked for.

Brushing a child’s crazy, tangled mess can be a major chore. Hair products can get expensive, but once you try Hot Tot you will continue buying it. All of the products are made with formulas that are organic, natural, and made with your little one in mind. Hot Tot products contain antioxidants that protect your baby’s hair from harmful radicals and oxidation damage.  I can’t find a single flaw in this product.  The beauty in Hot Tot is that every product can be used on all your kids and you really will notice a difference. I actually noticed my kids hair looking better after multiple washes. I believe it’s because the shampoo was also working out residue from previous shampoos. Hot Tot products are a definite “must have” for making your baby’s hair soft, shiny, and manageable. I think I will be adding some shampoo into my baby swag bags for friends!

Bottom line – Yes, I will buy Spotless Tot and other Hot Tot products in the future. I can’t wait to try the Structure Whip and the Sweet Pea Serum!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Stay tuned for more exciting news. *wink wink*

Check out Hot Tot online to see the full line of products and connect via Facebook. You should “like” her Facebook page so that you can find out when Hot Tot is carried at a location near you!hot tot hair products, baby products, natural products, organic products, baby must haves

Disclaimer: I was given Hot Tot, Spotless Tot for purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. No compensation was delivered for this review.  For more information please see our disclosure policy.

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  1. Summer says

    I remember seeing her on Shark Tank (we too are Friday night party animals) and wondering if the stuff worked. Then when we gave Everly her first bath (and second and third) she erupted in a rash…apparently Johnson & Johnson head-to-toe is not as sensitive as it claims. So now we’ve been trolling the baby aisles trying to find something that won’t irritate her sensitive skin and detangle what I’m almost certain is going to be a mess of curly hair! Yay for Pinning Mama reading my mind and giving me a solution!

    • Ashley says

      Aww poor Everly! I cringe when I hear companies say “for sensitive” skin when the product is crammed full of harsh chemicals. I think Hot Tot would definitely work for her AND Aubrey. If you had issues, Megan is great with customer service and I know she’d help you figure out what was going on.

  2. Kelly Sekera says

    Hey Ashley,
    Glad to know these work. I’ll be buying them too. I also have a Shark Tank must. The Simple Sugars Body scrubs are all natural and amazing. My son has eczema and was on prescription lotions that still didn’t totally get rid of it. I tried this on him and his skin started to clear up in ONE try! I feel good putting it on him because I know its all natural and safe. I don’t even need to put lotion on him anymore! Next purchase I’m going to buy some for me as well 😉 BTW, I love this site!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks for commenting, Kel! I remember that girl on Shark Tank and felt bad bc they were giving her such a hard time. Where can you buy Simple Sugars? I will totally get some for my kids! What a relief to finally find something gentle enough for your little mans skin. :) Glad you’re enjoying the site!

  3. Lauren says

    Having a baby (Adam) who immediately had eczema after he was born I used organic products for a long time. I just ordered a bottle of the shampoo for baby S #2! I love good smelling stuff.

    • Ashley says

      I hope you love it as much as we do! Its so refreshing to know Im using a GOOD product on my kiddos.

  4. Baby says

    Can you tell me what is natural about their fragrance and what is organic about the chemicals in these products? I’m not suggesting they are the same as J and J, but throwing the words “natural” and “organic” around because they are not formulated with cheap and toxic chemicals does not make them natural or organic (or worth the premium price). It is disingenuous to claim these products are any better or safer (or certainly more organic) than any of the other professional children’s products sold through salons. They are not “ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC” as they claim and the credibility of bloggers who promote this lie should be challenged.

    • Ashley says

      One of Megan’s goals was gear it to Moms since we’re the shoppers. That meant having a good smell and a nice, non-baby looking design! So happy she thought about that!

    • Ashley says

      Isnt the product design stunning? Kind of silly to say about a body product, but it really is impressive.

      • Baby says

        It is an expensive bottle but as the saying goes you can “put lipstick on a pig”……again, I challenge you to tell me what makes this product any better than the other professional salon products that cost the same or (more often) less. True, the packages may not be as “stunning” (although there are some products that use much more environmentally friendly packaging), but that does not make it any more “natural or organic”. Have you tried Original Sprout, Little Green, Circle of Friends, California Baby, Babo Botanicals or any other premium kids brands that don’t pretend to be “all natural and organic” but are, in fact, more natural and organic than Hot Tot?

        • Ashley says

          I appreciate your comments, but I have to say that I stand corrected in that Hot Tot doesn’t not claim to be completely organic. I haven’t been avoiding your comments, I just haven’t had a moment to tell you exactly why their product stands out. I actually emailed the CEO to get correct info to pass along to you.And yes, I have tried some of those products. They are indeed great. We all have our preferences. Is the email that you submitted real? If so, I can forward you the info that was sent to me in regards to the all natural, organic etc information.

          • Baby says

            Thank you, Ashley. The e-mail is real but you do not need to send me the information. I know what Hot Tot is (and is not). It is noble to want to bring good products to market when there is so much junk out there but it is disingenuous to claim that there is anything better about these products than the other pro products that isn’t completely visceral (and you are absolutely right-we all have our preferences). It is a pretty crown and it is a pretty bottle. The “cabbage patch” fragrance may be pleasing to some and “raspberry” might be a turn off to others but make no mistake: in terms of “natural” or “organic”, neither (or any other formulated fragrance) are pure. What angers me about this line is that they pretend to be something they are not. If you look closely at their formulations and compare them to Original Sprout (specifically) you will see why OS can (and does) command a premium price. Yet, nowhere in their marketing materials or on-line will you hear them call themselves “organic”. However, if you go to Hot you will see at the top of the page “Organic Baby Hair and Styling Products”….on the top of this page “Product Review-Hot Tot ALL Natural and Organic Hair Products for Kids”…..that is just not true.

  5. says

    Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for posting this great review. Based on the Shark Tank episode and Hot Tot website, this seems to be a truly innovative product. However, some of your reviews (e.g., Baby) suggest that the product is more marketing than innovation. I am especially interested because I did not see any discussion of Hot Tot’s patents. If the product were truly innovative, I would have expected to see them file patent applications on the compositions of matter. Here are some details on that:
    In any event, thanks for posting!


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