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Skinny Mimosa Mocktail Recipe

Save some calories and enjoy a lovely flavored filled drink with your brunch with this Skinny Mimosa Mocktail recipe!  It has all the delicious flavor of a classic Mimosa but this non-alcoholic version is lighter and healthy.

This drink is a lighter version of the classic brunch cocktail, the Mimosa!  With less calories and no alcohol it is a lighter and healthier option that everyone can enjoy and it tastes amazing!!

Everything I love about brunch with less calories and more flavor is wrapped up in this skinny mimosa mocktail recipe.  Mimosa’s are just such a fun addition to breakfast, brunch, a baby or wedding shower.  Orange juice is of course the universal breakfast beverage  and when you add those fizzy bubbles in it just makes you feel fancy all over.

A mimosa is the perfect drink for celebrating! Add this skinny non-alcoholic version to the party menu to have something for everyone, even those on a diet or who do not drink.

I love this recipe for three important reasons:

1.  This non-alcoholic version of the mimosa gives just as much fizzy fun, but leaves an option everyone can enjoy.

2.  The flavored Dasani Sparkling water cuts back the calories of drinking either a regular mimosa or even straight orange juice and since it is flavored it doesn’t taste watered down at all!

3.  This drink recipe couldn’t be easier!  That makes it a no brainer to add to the menu for even a quick breakfast.

Mimosa's are perfect for a baby or bridal shower. This recipe is a skinny non-alcoholic version which would be perfect to serve for everyone to enjoy!

I personally love to cater to everyone when I am entertaining especially so I thought this recipe would be the perfect way to have a fun sparkling drink everyone can enjoy with just a couple of things on hand.

To make this drink you only need two super simple ingredients to make this recipe:  Orange juice, of course, and Dasani Sparkling water in lemon flavor.

Mimosas are my favorite cocktail! With this skinny mocktail recipe, I can drink them all day long!

For the orange juice you can use your favorite brand, or get super fancy and do fresh squeezed.  For the fizz, I recommend using lemon flavored Dasani sparkling water for a couple of reasons.  I really love soda and when I did the Whole 30 a few months ago and couldn’t have it, I switched to sparkling water to get my carbonation fix.  I tried quite a few and can tell you that some are definitely better than others!  I think the Dasani waters have some of the best flavor and are the least bitter.  I especially love the lemon which I used in this recipe, but I usually just drink it by itself.  It is so light and refreshing.

Skinny Mimosa Mocktail recipe- I am totally serving these at the baby shower I am hosting!

This recipe is scaled to make 1 8 ounce drink.  I did it this way so you could scale it up proportionally to the number of drinks that you want to serve, so if you want to make 8 glasses, you would need 6 cups of orange juice instead of 3/4 cup.

You can either make these ahead by mixing everything together in a pitcher and chilling until you are ready to serve or you can place a carafe of juice out with the sparkling water or champaign to mix in to make a fun mimosa bar.

A fun way to set up a juice bar for a brunch or shower!

I had so much fun with this little set up.  I think it would be even more perfect for a bridal or baby shower!  You can include other juices too to make it more fun to create a special cocktail.  I included orange juice, cranberry juice, and limeaide, along with lemon, lime and berry flavored sparkling water.  I also had several garnishes including fresh lemon, lime, orange, cranberries, mint, and pomegranate seeds.  If it was summer fresh strawberries, blue berries, and raspberries would be perfect.

Whether you do a mimosa bar or are just mixing up a fun drink, I think this virgin mimosa is just a little piece of heaven. Where would you serve this drink?  Let me know in the comments!

Save some calories and enjoy a lovely flavored filled drink with your brunch with this Skinny Mimosa Mocktail recipe! It has all the delicious flavor of a classic Mimosa but this non-alcoholic version is lighter and healthy.

Virgin Mimosa Recipe
  • ¾ Cup Orange Juice
  • ¼ Cup Lemon Dasani Sparkling Water
  1. Mix chilled orange juice and lemon Dasani sparkling water together in a pitcher.
  2. Pour in champaign glass, serve chilled.
  3. Note: This makes one 8 oz glass, scale recipe up to reflect number of glasses you would like to serve.

The PERFECT drink! Skinny Mimosa Mocktail recipe - I will definitely serve this when I entertain!

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