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{Summer Bucket List} 50 Summer Ideas and Activities for Kids with Free Printable

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2013 Summer Bucket List ~ Summer Ideas and Activities for Kids by


Need some ideas and activities to do this summer?  Temperatures are heating up and schools are letting out and it won’t be long before the kids are saying, “I’m bored!”  This summer bucket list is full of ideas to keep your kids busy checking things off their list as they are occupied experiencing all sorts of fun summer activities!  How fun would it be to make it a family activity to see how many of these you can check off and what fun things you can add to the list?!  We are even including a free printable list to print off for the bulletin board or give one to each kid and see who can finish first!

One of my favorite parts about this list is that whether you have a toddler or school aged kids, or its just you and your man, almost all of the things on the list are doable and fun regardless of age!  I think summer fun just translates across all ages!  I can’t wait to get started on this with my family!

We will be doing these all summer long with our families and posting to our Instagram with the hashtag #TPMSummerBucketList.  We invite you to do the same! We would love to see all of your summer family fun! Follow us on Instagram here!

We have also added a Summer Bucket List board on Pinterest for even more ideas on fun summer activities for the family!  Follow us on Pinterest here.

Here is THE 2013 Summer Bucket List: 50 Summer Ideas and Activities

  1. Make ice cream in a bag- This pin gives you directions for ice cream in a bag.
  2. Go on a summer scavenger hunt
  3. Take a trip to the Children’s Museum
  4. Find a Summer concert and go! If you google “free summer concerts (your city)” you are guarunteed to find some!  If you live in a small town that doesn’t have any, why not give the kids some intruments (think creative, diy drums, kazoos, recorders, etc) and make your own concert!
  5. Have a picnic at the park
  6. Go to a drive-in movie- If you can’t find one have a drive in movie in your living room!
  7. Sometimes it seems like it never rains in the summer so do a rain dance to see if it works!
  8. Go to the pool! 
  9. Have a water balloon fight  or make these crazy water bombs!
  10. Watch fireworks
  11. Go on a hike
  12. Find a lightening bug
  13. Go on a boat or you could always make your own boat!
  14. Read a book- See this suggested reading list by age
  15. Plant something and see how big it gets before school starts!
  16. Watch a parade
  17. Blow bubbles- There are so many ideas for this!  Check out these bubble recipes and ideas for bubble fun.
  18. Find a train and go on a ride
  19. Visit a farmers market and pick a new vegetable to try
  20. Find an ice cream truck and get ice cream
  21. Make a water obstacle course- Get creative!  Letting the kids help design the course will be half the fun!  Check out these fun water games we found on Pinterest!
  22. Visit an aquarium
  23. Make a list of 10 things you love about summer
  24. Lay on the grass and find pictures in the clouds
  25. Eat a sno-cone
  26. Go camping- Here are some great camping tips.  Not the camping type?  Try the back yard or just pitch a tent in the living room and make a flashlight campfire!
  27. Play flash light tag
  28. Ride in the car with the windows all the way down
  29. Whenever the mood strikes- turn up the music and have a dance party!
  30. Run through the sprinklers
  31. Go somewhere new in your city
  32. Go to the beach or if you are land-locked bring the beach to your backyard! Turn on the ocean with a sound machine or even your phone. Grab a beach towel and even get a sandbox.
  33. Make a list of 10 things you are looking forward to in the fall
  34. Write a story
  35. Have a family barbecue
  36. Do something special for a neighbor
  37. Make S’mores over a campfire- You can also use a fire pit, or your gas stove.
  38. Make paper airplanes and fly them outside. Try different kids and see which ones fly best! Try these paper airplane templates or make up your own.
  39. Find a new park to play at
  40. Have a fondue night- Get a fun fondue set or just make a yummy recipe and cook it on the stove. Make up silly rules on what someone has to do if they drop thier food they are dipping in!
  41. Take a picture of something that reminds you of summer
  42. Go to an outdoor movie
  43. Have an ice cream sundae party
  44. Make artwork out of nature– Try gathering leaves placing them under paper and rubbing crayons on top.  Find different things in nature and make sculptures out of them.  Be creative, the sky is the limit!
  45. Find constellations on a starry night- Find a free printable sky map for kids here! If your kids love this consider bringing the outside in with a Planetarium Projector.
  46. Trace your shadows at different times of the day with sidewalk chalk. 
  47. Have a progressive lunch/dinner at the mall food court- Go to a food court and get your favorite thing from each place. Ex A drink from sonic, chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a, fries from McDonalds, dessert at Dairy Queen.  Or let each person pick a place and a thing!
  48. Eat a popsicle
  49. Fly a kite- Find lots of fun types of kites on Amazon!
  50. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest!

Wouldn’t it be so much fun to start the tradition of checking off a Summer Bucket List each year with your kids?  When they grow up they will always have memories of the fun, silly, and maybe even crazy activities that you did together as a family!  As they get older they will have so much fun helping you to put together the list every year.  I can’t wait to start this with my 3 year old.  I hope you will join us!  What other ideas do you have for your Summer Bucket List?

2013 Summer Bucket List ~ Summer Ideas and Activities for Kids by

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    • says

      Thanks Jenny! We really appreciate you sharing! I had the idea and while I was typing it out I just really started thinking about what a truly fun tradition this would be to do yearly. I am trying to do more traditions and make lifetime memories with my kids and this is one I hope sticks!

  1. says

    This list has so many awesome ideas for fun in the summer! Since I don’t have kids, I’m going to do a lot of these things with my mom. I’ll share this on pinterest so others can see it and I wont forget.

    I can’t wait to try the ice cream in a bag because I am an ice cream addict lol oh and the water balloon fight sounds great too!

    • says

      Chavonne- Thank you so much for sharing! I was thinking about how much fun these things would be to do at any age while making the list! I bet you will make some memories to last a lifetime doing this with your mom.

  2. says

    I’ve never heard of Ice Cream in a bag but wow it looks like something I will definitely have to try!

    Thank you so much for sharing so many awesome ideas :) x

    • says

      Tabitha- When I was writing it, I was thinking the same thing! I was just imagining how much fun my hubby and I would have had with this before we even had kids! Summer fun doesn’t know an age I think!

  3. says

    This is a great list! For me, the summer always breezes by SO quickly that I seem to lose track of time! This would be a great way to make sure those summer special things actually get done! :)


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