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The Best List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old BOY!

Updated for Christmas 2016!!  Best gift ideas for a 4 year old boy including active gifts, outdoor gifts, educational gifts, large gifts, and inexpensive gift ideas.  There is something your little guy in your life will love for every budget and personality!

The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy!!

Today is my little man’s 4th birthday, and honestly I think I am just as excited about it as he is!  I can already tell that 4 will be a golden year for us.  He is so much fun.  His imagination is astounding.  He is learning reason and to make good decisions.  No more potty training, and much fewer temper tantrums.  Yes four will be a great year!

Each time one of our kiddos has a birthday we love to bring you a gift list.  This isn’t a list full of gift ideas based on years of research and scientific data, rather a list based on what had been kid tested and approved by my own kids.  It is a list full of toys that actually keep my kids occupied and that they LOVE to play with.  I fill it with some things he has, and everything else I wish I could get him!

I try to span a range of price points and seasons, so if you are looking for something that would be a nice gift, or something down right cheap, you want it for Christmas, or a birthday, or just because, we have you covered and you can find it here!

So come along and get some great gift ideas for that special 4 year old in your life.

The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy!!

Get outside and play gifts!

There is nothing more that most boys love than getting outside on a beautiful day and playing.  My son is no exception.  I have noticed that although, my son has always loved balls, he is gaining coordination and the mental ability to understand the concept behind games.  This list is filled with sports equipment and and all sorts of fun toys to get outside and run around with!

Soccer Ball

Rebounder Soccer Goal

3 in 1 Baseball Set

Jump Rocket

Basketball Hoop

Golf Set

Water Gun

The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy!!

On the Go

While you are outside, you might want to pack some of these toys and take a spin around the neighborhood.  My little guy is crazy about anything that goes.  Many of these are great for motor skills and coordination and all of them are just plain fun.

Big Boy Bike

Roller Skates

Helmet/ Knee Pads/ Elbow Pads

Power Wheels Car 


Plasma Car

The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy!!

Great Boy Toys

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails… Every boy needs some classic boy toys.  Boys just yearn to be surrounded by pirates and monster trucks and nerf guns.  I think it must be in their DNA!  These are some of the most played with toys my son has!

GeoTrax Train Set

Hot Wheels Race Track

Pirate Ship

Nerf Gun

Disney Planes Action Figures

Remote Control Monster Truck

Build it yourself – Caterpillar Take-a-part Truck

The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy!!

Super Hero Musts

Nothing captures my son’s heart like super heros.  This is such wonderful imaginative play and really helps a little guy stretch his mind dreaming up all of the fun he can have with super heros.  Spider Man, Batman, Iron Man, The Hulk… my little guy loves them all, but there are tons of gifts available for each hero if your little one has a favorite!

Batman Costume

Iron Man Action Figure

The Hulk Smash Fists

Spiderman Web Blaster

The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy!!

Board Games

One of the things I am most excited about this age is that my little guy now has the attention span and concentration to be able to play games, and he LOVES the attention of getting to play a game one on one with Mommy or Daddy.  It is such great quality time spent together so we can’t get enough age appropriate games right now!

Chutes and Ladders

Matching Game

Candy Land


The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy!!

Educational Toys & Books

Educational toys can have a bad wrap, but in reality these are all some of my son’s favorite things.  He loves to read, imagine and work on all sorts of activites that improve motor skills.  Better yet, we love to do them together!

LeapPad Learning Tablet

Pirate Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Set of Trucks Jigsaw Puzzle

Lego Fire Station

Play Doh Set

Where The Wild Things Are

The Cat in the Hat

I Spy

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Teaching Puzzle Cards

Free Gift Idea

Another one of our favorite things to do for the kids are to get them new apps to put on our phones or our family tablet.  They get super excited any time this happens so we love to do it throughout the year and especially on their birthdays!  This is a perfect adder gift because many of these can be very inexpensive or even free!  One of our favorite FREE apps is YouTube Kids, a new app recently launched by YouTube that takes all the awesomeness of free video content but filters out everything kids shouldn’t see so you have a safe way for them to watch. We downloaded it and my little guy is OBSESSED!  He currently loves dirt bikes (where do they come up with this stuff) so his free time activity of choice is watching dirt bike videos on YouTube. When I initially put “Kids riding dirt bikes” into YouTube I had to pay attention really closely to each video that played but when we found out about YouTube Kids it was like a little gift from heaven.  Now I can just search from the kids app and feel safe about what will be played for him.  To top it all off there are all sorts of popular shows he loves (and educational ones that I love!) and fun playlists curated by YouTube personalities!  It is super cool.  You can get it on iTunes or Google Play.

YouTube Kids App on Google Play {FREE}

YouTube Kids App on iTunes {FREE}

These are just a few of many gift ideas for a boy tuning four.  I also, think experience gifts are a great way to show you care!  One of our favorite Christmas gifts was a family pass to our local Children’s Museum.  Think about what your little one likes to do or what they are interested in and tell me your ideas for your four year old gifts!

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The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Boy!!

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  1. Allie says

    Great list!! My triplet boys are turning four in a month and they would enjoy everything on this list!

    • says

      Triplet boys! You are my hero! Glad to hear that you think the list is great for boys that age. 3 of them certainly gives you quite some credibility! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. mr. fantastic says

    My nephew is turning 4 this Tuesday, I’m going to buy him something which he can used to go out and play. He already has a cycle and a scooter and almost all types of toys. Maybe I’ll gift him a fishing rod and take him fishing with me.

  3. TB says

    Best list ever. We are buying several of those things for our 4 year olds b day. He loves rockets and super heroes.


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