The Easy Chicken Bake Recipe Makeover Collection

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If you are here, it is because you LOVE some easy and delicious cooking!  I have learned how to make a delicious dinner and then completely transform the left overs into new meals to feed my family throughout the week to save a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen.

Today I am packaging all 36 of my GO-TO recipes for Chicken Bakes and three ways on how to makeover each dish and serve it as an exciting new meal later in the week into one never before released package!  The best part… It is available for over 85% off the original price!

What you will get delivered by email to you each week for 9 weeks:

  • 1 of the 9 top Easy Chicken Bake recipes.
  • 3 easy, practical and delicious recipes to makeover the leftovers of each Easy Chicken Bake into a new meal.
  • Printable recipe cards for each recipe

As a bonus ONLY with The Easy Chicken Bake Recipe Makeover Collection you will receive:

  • The Easy Chicken Bake mini-ebook: Special time saving tips & tricks for making the best Easy Chicken Bakes!
  • The Easy Chicken Bake Dinner Makeover mini-ebook: Special tips & tricks for the Easy Chicken Bake makeover recipes and how to create your own makeovers around your family’s favorite things to eat!

In all you are getting:

1 Welcome E-mail with 2 Mini-Ebooks

1 E-mail a week containing 1 Chicken Bake and 3 leftover makeover recipes for 9 weeks {Each will arrive on Friday at 6 pm EST just in time for weekend meal planning!}

That totals to:

9 Easy Chicken Bake Recipes

27 Left over Makeover Recipes

The Easy Chicken Bake mini-ebook

The Easy Chicken Bake Dinner Makeover mini-ebook

That is a 36 recipes – Enough to last over 2 months- as well as 2 e-books packed full of tips, tricks, and best practices!

Retail price on this package is $47

******Introductory Package Price only $7!******

In order to get the word out about the Easy Chicken Bake Collection and how to save time and effort in the kitchen with my meal makeover recipe collection, the entire package has an introductory price of only $7! That is over 85% off retail!  My husband tells me I am crazy, but I just want to help you save time in the kitchen!  Buy it now by clicking the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What recipes are included in the collection?

You can see each chicken bake and the recipes that will be included with each here.

Are the recipes quick and easy?

Just by the fact that the chicken bake leftovers are already cooked and ready it cuts down the prep time on all of these meals.  Some recipes are very simple combining a few complimentary flavors in a new package. Other recipes have a few more steps, but all promise to be new and delicious!

Are these recipes already on The Pinning Mama?

The 9 chicken bake recipes are all picked because they are some of the most popular recipes on my website.  They are tried, true and delicious.  The 3 leftover makeover recipes are all new and the only place to get them is by buying the individual chicken bake packages or this complete chicken bake collection at 85% off.  They are conveniently packaged and one Chicken Bake with 3 left over makeover recipes are emailed to you each week to help you plan delicious meals and save time in the kitchen week by week.

Can I just make up my own recipes?

Yes!  Absolutely. I hope that you do and share your favorites with me on Facebook or Instagram! This package isn’t for everyone and if you are super comfortable in the kitchen and you have lots of time to experiment and make up new recipes then that is fantastic.  If your life is busy and you just want to make life a little easier than this recipe collection is perfect for you.  For just a few bucks you can have all of these easy complimentary meal ideas delivered right to your inbox weekly!

What order will the e-mails be delivered in?

Shortly after ordering, you will receive a welcome e-mail with your two free mini-ebooks.  At 6 pm EST the next Friday after you order and every Friday for 9 weeks you will receive 1 email with the weekly chicken bake recipe and the 3 left over makeover recipes.  There is a set order that the weekly recipes are set to be delivered and throughout 9 weeks you will collect all 36 recipes.

How can I pay for the collection?

Using the button above you can pay by Paypal or most major credit cards.

What if I don’t like the recipes or method?

I try to be as open as I can about what to expect in the collection giving you all of the recipe titles included in the whole collection here so you understand exactly what you will receiving.  This method of cooking has changed the way I do things in the kitchen and I am very excited to pass it on to you!  If for some reason it doesn’t click with you and you are unhappy I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will be happy to hear your feedback and refund your purchase.