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The Ice Cream Sandwich Trick + S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

This is the easiest way to throw together the ultimate ice cream sandwich in minutes!  This trick will change the way you make this yummy dessert forever!

S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich. This is life changing! YUM!

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just can’t get it out of my head.  We are stuck in that awkward space between summer and fall when the temps are still hot but you start longing for those familiar autumn moments.  The cool breeze, the savory spice of a warm drink, the nip in the air, the warm glow of pumpkins on porches.  The thought of sitting around fire pits got me thinking of s’mores and the thought of s’mores me thinking I needed to whip some up, but since it was too hot for a campfire, I thought why not just combine the perfectness of a s’more with my favorite summer treat- ice cream!

Ice Cream Sandwich made in minutes. That is my kind of dessert!

So I started dwelling on the amazingness that would be the s’mores ice cream sandwich.  After a couple of weeks of sweet thoughts, I finally got the time to create this masterpiece over the long holiday weekend.  The family agreed… it was well worth the wait!

S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich. This is life changing! YUM!

 To be perfectly honest I really didn’t have much time this weekend.  Along with wrangling the mess the house had worked itself into, we had several home projects on the slate, and oh by the way I decided it was time to potty train my two year old {probably the main reason I NEEDED some comfort food!)  But these S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches literally took minutes to pull together.  It is kinda dangerously easy actually.

The first thing you need to know is the ice cream sandwich trick.  This will rock your world as far as making ice cream sandwiches go.  Instead of getting out a big carton of ice cream and trying to wrangle a messy blob of ice cream in between two cookies with half of it melting in the process we are going to make the whole process about 99% easier.

The EASIEST way to make an ice cream sandwich! This trick is GENIUS!

What you need is a small disposable cup (plastic or paper work fine) that is roughly the same diameter as your cookie.  Take the ice cream and scoop it into the cup packing it down to get it as firmly packed into the cup as possible.  Once it is packed in, place the cup back into the freezer for the ice cream to fully harden up again.

After a couple of hours, or whenever you are ready to make the ice cream sandwiches, take out your cup, a cutting board and a sharp serrated knife and slice the ice cream, while still in the cup into 1-2″ slices down the side of the cup.  A fairly sharp knife should cut right through the ice cream, cup and all.  Then just peel off the ring of the cup and pop the perfectly round, perfectly frozen ice cream patty onto the cookie for your ice cream sandwich, top with a second and serve immediately or place back in the freezer until you are ready to serve.

Why didn't I think of this?! Make an ice cream sandwich in minutes with this cool trick!

 Genius right?!?!  It seriously makes creating an ice cream sandwich so ridiculously easy that you might just start having them all the time!

Now on to the s’mores goodness!  I picked up a package of these Pillsbury Melts S’more Sensation cookies at the grocery store in the refrigerated section.  So much quicker and easier than making them from scratch and perfect for my busy weekend.  Of course you can always make a classic chocolate chip cookie like this super popular one and stuff it full of marshmallow if you prefer!

S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich made in minutes with break and bake cookies and a special ice cream trick!

While your ice cream is firming up in the freezer for the ice cream sandwich trick, go ahead and lay the Pillsbury Melts S’more Sensation cookies out on your favorite cookie sheet and follow the baking instructions to cook them and let them cool.  Mine took about 13 minutes to glorious, gooey, goodness.

S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich. This is life changing! YUM!

Once everything is baked and frozen just slice up your ice cream like I explained above and slap a big round of ice cream between two delicious marshmallow filled cookies and then to put it right over the top, drizzle with the chocolate included in the Pillsbury Melts S’more Sensation cookies.  Perfection.

S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich. I think I have died and gone to HEAVEN!

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The ice cream sandwich trick + Break and bake cookies = Most EPIC snack EVER!

The Ice Cream Sandwich Trick + S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • Pillsbury Melts S'mores Sensations Cookies
  • Disposable Plastic Cup sized to the diameter of your cookie
  1. Pack your disposable cup firmly full of ice cream.
  2. Place in the freezer 3-4 hours or until it has hardened.
  3. Bake the cookies as directed on the package and let cool completely.
  4. Turn the cup on its side and use a sharp serrated knife to cut the ice cream into 1-2" slices.
  5. Remove the plastic ring from the ice cream slice by peeling it away or pushing it out.
  6. Place the slice of ice cream between two cookies.
  7. Serve immediately or place back in the freezer until ready to serve.

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  1. says

    I feel like this knowledge is dangerous! I can totally see making these in place of dinner…lunch…snacks…really any time I want to eat something I’d just grab an ice cream sandwich instead 😉 Thank you for the awesome tip! I can’t wait to try this!!

    • says

      THanks Alexis! It is kind of dangerous, Especially when you make a few and then pop them back in the freezer so they are just sitting there waiting for you to devour them. Not that I do that of course! :)

  2. Samantha says

    I instantly thought about a homemade toasted marshmallow icecream recipe I Seen a while back . Yum. I need in icecream maker. & s’mores cookies now. Lol. 😀


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