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The Perfect Project to Keep Kids Entertained on Road Trips!

Day 4- Kids Summer Fun {Ideas & Activities}

DIY Road Trip Activity Kit by

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Love this! A new idea for kids fun activity every day for a month!! This will make long summer days SO much fun!

Keep the kids busy during summer trips by making a DIY Road Trip Activity Kit for them!

Perfect thing to keep kids busy in the car or on a road trip and SO easy to make!

Hi Everyone! I’m Brandie from I’m excited to be guest posting here at The Pinning Mama and having the opportunity to share one of our favorite crafts with all of you.

If you’ll be taking a road trip this summer with your family, we have something that will be sure to make your road trip even more fun: a DIY Road Trip Activity Kit. This kit is full of art supplies and it even has a chalkboard for doodling. The inside is roomy enough to hold coloring sheets, but there is also clips on the outside to hold the sheets during coloring.

So cool! Make this so your kids can take their art projects anywhere!

To make your own DIY Road Trip Activity Kit, you will need the following:

  • Wood box with hinged lid (approximately 8×8″)
  • 2 sheets 12×12″ scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge – we used Matte, but you can use another variety if you prefer
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Paintbrushes – we used foam brushes
  • VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back fasteners
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Metal Clips
  • Strong Glue – E6000 Glue or a hot glue gun
  • Art Supplies: crayons, chalk, colored pencils, coloring sheets, paper, etc.

Make a art kids for road trips or errands. It travels and keeps everything together perfectly!

The first step in getting started is to remove the hardware, such as the hinges and clasp, from the box. I recommend keeping them in a cup or bowl so you don’t lose them.

DIY Travel Art Box for Kids

Working with the top of the box, use one sheet of scrapbook paper to fold and crease the paper around the top and edges, trimming if necessary. Doing this before gluing will ensure proper placement. Repeat with the bottom of the box with the other piece of scrapbook paper.

Cover a box in scrapbook paper to make a totally custom look for pennies!

Brush the very top of the box with Mod Podge and place the scrapbook paper on top of the glue. Continue to adhere the paper to the edges of the top, folding the edge of the paper to the inside of the box. Repeat with the bottom of the box. Once the paper completely covers the top and bottom of the box, brush the scrapbook paper with additional Mod Podge to seal it.

DIY Travel Art Box for Kids

When the Mod Podge seal is dry, you are are ready to paint the inside of the box with chalkboard paint. But first, apply painter’s tape to the very edge of the box to protect the paper from being painted on. Follow instructions on the chalkboard paint package, which may mean painting several layers, allowing it to dry between layers.

DIY Travel Art Box for Kids

After the chalkboard paint has cured (usually 24 hours), apply a hook strip (the rougher of the two strips) of Velcro inside the bottom of the box. Take the loop strip (the softer of the two strips) of Velcro and cut one small piece for each crayon. Peel off the backing and adhere one piece of Velcro to the side of each crayon. Repeat this procedure to attach other art supplies, like colored pencils. For attaching chalk, I recommend creating a loop with elastic and gluing the elastic in place.

Genius! Make an art box and use VELCRO to keep crayons in place!

Replace all of the hardware and glue clips to the top of the box. Be sure to have paper that is cut to size so that it will fit on the top of the box. If you would like to add coloring sheets, we offer several printable coloring sheets at ComicConFamily, plus many other blogs offer them. Since printables are usually shared in full-sheet size, you will need to resize them to fit the box.

I hope you enjoy this craft and that your kids enjoy their road trip fun! We’d love to invite you to join our family at too, where we share geeky family fun ideas. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagam. See you soon!

Best Idea EVER! Quick and easy DIY Art box for kids. They can take this and be entertained anywhere!

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