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The SECRET to Kids Perfectly Making the Bed Every Day!

Having kids make their bed every day doesn’t have to be a struggle!  This one thing changed everything for our small kids and now their beds are perfectly made every day!

The SECRET to getting kids to perfectly make their bed every single day! This one thing changed our lives when it came to our small children being able to make their bed nicely and consistently. If you are a mom of preschoolers or elementary aged kids you NEED to take a look at this!

I was given this kids bedding set to try out by Beddy’s at no charge.  The ravings that you are about to hear are the real answer to a struggle in our home!

If you are a regular reader here, you will know it is incredibly rare for me to do a product review, or spend the whole post talking about just one thing.  Today is going to be different though, because this one is worth talking about.  A lot.  If you have young kids, then you need to read this, and if not, we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming in the next post.

Many of you know I have three kids.  When my first was little, I thought he was stubborn, hard headed, and difficult.

Then I had my daughter.  She defined the term.  I know, and pray every night, that these qualities will serve her well as an independent, tenacious, determined adult, but in the preschool stage, it can just make a mom want to pull her hair out.  Every. Single. Day.

I absolutely love the details on this bedding for a shabby chic girls room! There are ruffles, embroidery, and all sorts of perfect details on it!

She is just at the age where she is starting to get small responsibilities, like cleaning up her toys and making her bed.  Well… she wants no part of that.  We have struggled…  STRUGGLED… to get her to do these tasks daily and it is almost always a daily battle.  As a matter of fact, I have learned that the best (um… only) way to get her to take a nap, is to tell her to clean her room in the afternoon. Small wins, right?

Beddy’s Zipper Bedding has been a game changer for us!  When I first visited Beddy’s I didn’t know really anything about it and seriously, my mind was blown.  They make stylish bedding for kids and adults that zips up the sides, making it incredibly simple to get a perfectly made bed in just minutes whether you are 2 years old or 90 years old!

Let me really show you why this is so amazing!

Why I LOVE Beddy’s Zipper Bedding

{Find Beddy’s on their website or Amazon)

Cutest kids bedding! This bedding zips up the sides so the you always have a perfectly made bed! Even the youngest kids can make this bed. It is one piece expertly made to replace the comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and cuddle blanket. I love this!!

  1. It’s stylish.  I like to buy things that will last my kids through years, not something that will become “childish” as they grow and need to be replaced quickly.  Beddy’s has everything from adorable shabby chic bedding sets perfect for little girls, to styles great for boys like the striped sets, and even a couple of ruffled sets that I kind of want for my own bed!
  2. It is EASY TO MAKE.  Well, Beddy’s isn’t just easy to make, it is crazy easy to make.  There are zippers down both sides of the bedding so that it doesn’t matter which side of the bed is to the wall.  You unzip the comforter to get in, sleep all night, wake up and just smooth in the minky panels and pull the zipper up.  Arrange the pillows.  TA DA!
  3. It is perfectly tailored. The way the bedding is built makes the bedding look perfectly tucked in and tailored to the bed when you zip it up.  My kids are crazy sleepers and before Beddy’s the comforters, sheets, and even pillows were all over the place in the morning, making it 100x harder for the kids to make the bed.  With Beddy’s it is all one piece so nothing shifts at night, then you just zip up each side and it looks amazing!
  4. It is WELL MADE with quality materials.  Since the whole goal is to get my little ones to make the bed all by themselves, it is really important that the zipper pulls smoothly. It is NOT a cheapo zipper that catches, snags or pulls apart.  The Beddy’s zipper smoothly slides up and down making it easy for even the littlest hands to zip it up and down to make the bed.  I also especially love the super soft minky material the top layer inside the bedding is made of.  It makes the whole bed super soft and comfy.  Last, the set comes with coordinating throw pillows that aren’t just your basic inexpensive pillows, but are filled with gorgeous details like ruffles and embroidery, such as the flowers and “Sweet Dreams” on our set.  Each bedding set comes with a different perfectly coordinated set of throw pillows.

How Beddy’s Bedding Sets Work

{Find Beddy’s on their website or Amazon)

The bedding is perfectly tailored, looks great and has tons of great details, but that is really all just the icing on the cake.  One of my favorite things about this set is that it is all self-contained in one super easy to use set.

This kids bedding is one piece expertly made to replace the comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and cuddle blanket. I love it because the bedding never shifts around no matter how crazy your kids sleep!

Beddy’s zipper bedding is one piece that replaces the fitted sheet, the flat sheet, the comforter, and the cuddle blanket.  It is genius really how it all comes together.  The bottom looks like a super sturdy fitted sheet so when you put it on you just stretch the entire piece over each corner of the bed and you are ready to go.  Since it is all really one piece, the bedding doesn’t shift around at night even with the craziest sleepers which is another reason it is so easy to make and always looks perfect just by zipping it up.  This is actually a HUGE deal!  The difference between my 3 year old’s perfectly made bed and my 6 year old’s attempt at making the bed is really amazing.  The 6 year old’s covers are all over the place after the night.  He does his best to pull them back in place but the bed never looks well made unless I do it.  Where as my 3 year old can make her bed in less than 5 minutes and it looks perfect!

The sides of the bedding are stationary and there are zippers that run along both sides of the bedding to allow you to open it from one side or both sides and the top piece can be pulled completely back just like a blanket.

This is GENIUS! Zipper bedding for kids is so easy to make and with just a zip they have a perfectly made bed each day!

{Find Beddy’s on their website or Amazon)

The bottom “sheet” inside is very comprable to the look and feel of a normal cotton fitted sheet and the fabric is coordinated to the bedding and pillows in the set.  The top of the inside (the underside of the comforter piece) is made of minky material so it is SUPER soft and cozy.  There are side panels that come from the top part as well that give you a little extra super soft fabric to cuddle with just like a top sheet or blanket.

To make the bed it is really as easy as pulling up the top piece, zipping the sides, and arranging the pillows how you like them.  It is amazing how excited my little one was to help once she really felt like she could do it well all by herself.  It is fun to watch her take pride in the work she does and see her work to put the pillows on just right!

Beddy’s even has the Beddy’s Buddy which is the little monster you see perched on my daughter’s bed.  It is a super cute buddy that comes with it’s own story books customized for boys or girls.  It is a great book for little ones just at the age where they might be getting scared of he dark and walks them through a fun story to show there is nothing to fear.  Such a fun little matching addition to our bedding!

Now, before I go, let’s talk price.  Beddy’s isn’t cheap, but it also is a great value for what you get.  When you consider that instead of buying a fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter/quilt, a pillow case, pillow sham, and 3 decorative pillows, you are purchasing one high quality set made of the best materials, it is not far off from the price of what you would spend individually.  Add that to getting something SO MUCH MORE kid friendly and getting rid of the messy made bed that drove me nuts and it is hands down the best value in kids bedding!

You can get Beddy’s sets on the Beddy’s website, or on Amazon here.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Beddy’s zipper bedding, or tips and tricks you have for helping kids make their bed neatly.  Leave me a note in the comments below!

The SECRET to getting kids to perfectly make their bed every single day! This one thing changed our lives when it came to our small children being able to make their bed nicely and consistently. If you are a mom of preschoolers or elementary aged kids you NEED to take a look at this!

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    I was just seeing this somewhere else- can’t remember where – and I was thinking what a great idea it was Making the bed can be very hard, especially when it is up against the wall, which it often is for children!

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