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The Ultimate Gift List for a 3 Year Old Girl!

Updated for Christmas 2016!! The best gift ideas for a three year old girl!  These gift ideas include everything from pretend play, to craft time, to classics like baby dolls.  You will find something for every budget with gift ideas ranging from big, expensive gift ideas to very affordable and inexpensive ideas that they are sure to love.

The Ultimate Gift List for a 3 Year Old Girl by

Below you will find gifts that every three year old girl would love to get for her third birthday! I have collected ideas from friends as well as things we have tested out first hand. I think there is a good variety of big and little gifts that will hopefully fit every budget.

Baby Doll Gifts

My daughter was never really a baby doll girl, but then one day it happened. Her baby brother was born and she became a little mama. She even tries to nurse her baby dolls when they’re “hungry”. I think baby dolls, strollers etc would be perfect for a variety of ages too! It is great to know that a toy will grow with your child and be a favorite for many years!  She’s also very into dress up, so some new stuff is a must for her. best birthday presents for a 3 year old

  1. Melissa and Doug Baby Doll
  2. Mommy and Me My First Baby Doll Stroller
  3. KidKraft Baby Doll High Chair
  4. KidKraft Baby Doll Crib
  5. Melissa and Doug Diaper Bag and Changing Set

best birthday presents for a 3 year old

  1. Play Kitchens
  2. Dollhouses
  3. Dress Up Clothes

Art & Crafts Gift Ideas

We’re big on crafts around here. My little girl loves to be creative and there are all sorts of options out there depending on the level of mess you want.  Many of these not only exercise their creativity, but also their fine motor skills.The Ultimate Gift List for a 3 Year Old Girl by

  1. Kids Paint
  2. Step 2 Easel
  3. My First Painters Smock
  4. Kids Safety Scissors
  5. Melissa & Doug crafts – Melissa and Doug have some fantastic kits for kids this age that are some of my favorites!  They have a water painting pad that is great when your kid loves to paint, but you don’t have time for a mess.  Just use water and the colors magically appear!  Also, I absolutely love their reusable sticker books.  This is hours of fun that you can do again and again!

Tech Gifts

We love pretend play, arts and crafts, and of course lots of books, but sometimes technology is perfect for quiet time.  Depending on your comfort with it, you might or might not be ready to get your little one a tablet at this point. If you are, there are a great variety of options out there and the educational apps available are amazing.  Apps have helped my kids learn everything from shapes and colors to letters, numbers and sounds even at three years old.  Here are a few options of tablets, along with some of my little girl’s favorite movies to keep them busy during quite time.
The Ultimate Gift List for a 3 Year Old Girl by

  1. LeapFrog  LeapPad – If you are looking for a less expensive, stand alone device then this could be the perfect option.  There are tons of books and learning games made just for preschoolers available.  Do take into consideration the cost of the apps and books for the device as they can make the cost quite a bit more than the original cost of the tablet.
  2. Kids Kindle Fire – I had many friends go with this one because it is guaranteed agianst breaks!  See the description on Amazon for more details.
  3. Kids Samsung Galaxy Tab – Going with a more mainstream tablet might be the right choice for you if you want something that has tons of educational apps, but can easily grow with your kids through the years.  I adore the kids mode on these tablets.  It is super kid friendly and comes with really great games perfect for preschoolers.
  4. iPad Mini – This isn’t made specifically for kids, but if you are looking for a tablet for your family and you are already on apple devices, this might be the way to go.  Just make sure to get a good kid proof case!
  5. The Magic School Bus
  6. Dora DVD
  7. LeapFrog Letter Factory

Outdoor Gift Ideas

I’m all about wearing out my sweet, rambunctious, full of energy little girl and I think one of these would be awesome! The Ultimate Gift List for a 3 Year Old Girl by

  1. Radio Flyer, My First Scooter
  2. Balance Bike
  3. Plasma Car

And then sometimes we just have some good ole fun. heheThe Ultimate Gift List for a 3 Year Old Girl by

  1. Melissa and Doug Reusable Stickers
  2. My Little Pony
  3. Littlest Pet Shop
  4. Play Makeup
  5. MagnaTiles


Educational Gift Ideas

  1. LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics
  2. Melissa and Doug See and Spell
  3. Books! Pinkalicious Purplicious Goldilicious and Silverlicious
  4. Books! Angelina Ballerina
  5. Books by Laura Joffe Numeroff: If You Give a Moose a Muffin and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  6. Books! Fancy Nancy


Hopefully our ultimate gift list for a 3 year old girl has inspired you and you have found the perfect gift for the sweet one in your life!

****To see a full post on one of my ALL TIME favorite gifts I have gotten for my kids click here!  I have had tons of birthdays and christmas gifts between all 3 kids, but this one takes the cake! (pun intended!)****

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  1. Cherrill Beaudoin says

    All the kids in my neighborhood have a plasma car! I got a red one on Amazon for $40 for Emma and Karsyn loves the thing too! I’ll admit, it’s fun on a slight declined driveway. :-) I see kids ranging from almost 2 to 10 years old on the plasma car! Pure fun! :)

    • Ashley says

      BG is totally getting a Plasma! I bought one for my godson and he seemed to really enjoy it until I broke it. I sat down on it and was trying to turn, pulled up on the steering wheel and it came flying off. I blame it on the Dad that put it together. haha!

  2. says

    What a great list. I have grandkids in the 3 year old range and I can attest that your list is right-on. They especially love dress up!

    Would you have time to stop by my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop and add this post? Many of my readers are young moms or grandmas and they’d love to have it. The hop is still live and top of the page, even though it’s Thursday now! :)


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