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The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl {Continued}

Part two of the best gift ideas for a two year old girl from a mom of a two year old!

Best Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old GIRL

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I am back today with more tried and true gift ideas for the two year old little girl in your life.  Whether it is birthday, Christmas, or anything in between these present ideas cover the gammet from big gifts to inexpensive, from the things every little girl wants to more unique options.  These aren’t from a research center but just a mom of multiple kids, telling you what my kiddos have loved and can’t live without!  If you missed out on yesterday’s post, make sure to see Part 1 of The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old Girl here!  There are some great options for gifts that encourage pretend play, outdoor play, baby dolls and accessories and our favorite Little People picks and more!

So let’s kick this off with some of our favorite game and puzzle ideas!  From year two to three it seems like a child’s brain flourishes in a million ways!  One minute they seem not to have an attention span for more than a minute and the next they are captivated with the smallest thing and engrossed in it for half and hour.  I love introducing basic puzzles and games at this age because you can almost see their little brains working as they make connections and learn how puzzles and games work!  These are some of our favorites!

Best game and puzzle gift ideas for a two year old girl

1.  Melissa and Doug Magnetic Letters–   These are such a great classic toy!  They are entertaining and fun at 2 but will grow with them and still be able to be used and played with many years down the road.  These magnets are awesome because it gives a fun way to start the conversation with your little ones about letters and allows you to play with them and start to identify letters!

2.  Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle Set–  I am a big fan of the Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles because they hold up well, they are colorful, fun and have tons of options!  This is a great little starter set, or if your child has any particular favorites they probably make a puzzle in that theme since they have so many options!

3.  Melissa and Doug Shape Sorter–  One of my daughter’s favorites!  You can just see her little mind working as she finds a shape and figures out which hole it matches to fit it into the box.  She can be entertained by this for quite awhile some days!

4.  Melissa and Doug Sound Puzzles–  By now you might be thinking Melissa & Doug and I are in cahoots, but we aren’t, I just really love their toys and have enjoyed the quality of a better mad wooden toy over all of the cheapo toys out there these days.  These sound puzzles are so much fun!  My older one still like to do them just to hear the sounds when he puts them together!

5.  Band in a Box–  Music is always so fun and learning how to make different sounds with different instruments is just beyond exciting for a two year old!  I love this collection of all sorts of fun musical toys.

6. Latch Boards–  For some reason, there is nothing in the world more intriguing than a latch to a two year old.  I don’t know what it is but a simple fastener can provide hours of entertainment.  Lucky for us they make boards filled with latches now so we can keep the toddlers away from all of the cabinets and doors!  This is one of my top picks!

7. Magnetic Dress up Dolls–  This is more of a creative game for your two year old.  She will love getting to dress up the doll with all of the different outfits and it goes right along with her growing independence because if your two year old is anything like mine she is already starting to insist on picking out her clothes and dressing herself!

The next thing on the gift list is play kitchen ideas!  This had to get its own category because with all of the options and accessories to go along with it there is just way too much fun to be had.  I have loved having our play kitchen and even though all of their bigger toys are upstairs in the kid’s rooms or the play room, I left the kitchen downstairs right next to our real kitchen.  It has been a life saver for me as I make dinner and we are rapidly spiraling toward meltdown mode to say, “Fix me dinner in your kitchen!  I want a pizza!”  About 90% of the time this will get my daughter happily playing and cooking alongside me in her own little kitchen and give me just enough time to get our dinner complete.

Kitchen and accessories Gift Ideas - Perfect for a two year old!

1.  Stainless Steel Look Kitchen–  This kitchen is perfect if you plan to keep it out in your main area!  It is nice, it is sleek and it is pretty much a dream kitchen for any two year old!

2.  Interactive Kitchen-  This is the kitchen we have.  I like it because it wipes down and cleans easily, and it has features that are interactive such as a phone that makes noises and the pots have lights and bubbling sounds when they are placed on the burners.  It is one of the more affordable options for toy kitchens and is really great fun!

3. Slicing Foods Crate-  These are so much for for the little ones to pretend like they are cooking just like you by “slicing” their fruits, veggies and breads right along side you.

4.  Fruit Slicing Crate-  Like I said it is so much fun you will probably want this fruit set too!  It is a huge hit with my kiddos!

5.  Sandwich Set-  I love this sandwich set because it lets your child make something that is just like the real thing.  There are all sorts of sandwich fixings and they can be put together to make a gourmet meal!

6.  Shopping Cart-   With all of this food and fun, your little one will probably need to go to the store every so often so a shopping cart is great fun for them.  For me it is just the extra storage I need for all of these food items that go along with the kitchen.  Also, perfect for having them help clean up since it is an easy place for them to be able to put up the mess that they made.

7.  Everything Value Food Set– This is such a great value for a starter set that gives you a little bit of everything for the kitchen.  This was our first accessory and it was perfect!

Next on the list is something that needs a little more supervision… art gift ideas!  There is nothing like seeing your child create and almost all kids love to do it!  There are so many great options for different ways they can express their creative side.

Art gift ideas - Let your child express their creative side!

1.  Magna Doodle-  This is one of my FAVORITE things on this list… and one of the only things that doesn’t require supervision.  My daughter is obsessed with this toy and I love it because she can draw to her little heart’s content, without fear of getting marks on anything or me having to switch out paper, colors etc.  The other great thing is that it is super portable and can be taken to waiting rooms and car trips.

2.  Paint with Water-  This is a fun way to introduce the fun of painting without the mess.  Your child just uses plain water and a paint brush to paint on the paper and when it gets wet the little dots of color dissolve to make the paint that cover the paper.  Pretty genius really!

3. Color Wonder Markers-  For some reason both of my kids are just drawn to markers.  If they see markers then crayons won’t cut it.  Color Wonder markers are the best invention ever for two year olds because the ink will only show up on the Color Wonder paper, otherwise it is clear.  Saves my walls, tables, and sanity!  The only downside is that you do have to have both the special markers and special paper for them to work.

4.  Art Easel-  If your little one is especially artistic then you might want to consider an easel that can serve as an art station for your child.  These are great because not only can you hang paper on them to color, draw paint etc, many of them offer chalk board or dry erase board options as well.

5.  Color Wonder Paper-  Make sure to stock up on some of this as well if you decide to go with the Color Wonder markers.

6. Smock–  I forgot to add it to the picture but if you are getting into art with your kiddo, then you will probably want to get an art smock to protect all of those cute outfits, or else you will need to perfect the art of stain prevention :)

Last but not least, the extra gift ideas that were so important I couldn’t leave you without them!  Here are my extras you will definitely need for your perfect little two year old princess!

Gift Ideas for a 2 Year Old

1.  Books-  We love books.  We adore them.  We can’t read enough at our house and we feel lucky that our kids share this!  Books are always a hit and at two, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dr Seuss Books, and Sandra Boynton books are all big hits!

2.  Blocks-  Such a classic toy!  These large building blocks entertain two year olds like nobody’s business!  They are great for motor skills and problem solving, not to mention just plain fun!  What kid doesn’t love to build a tower and knock it down.  I think my daughter loves blocks even more than my son did at this age!

3.  Bath Toys–  Bath time gets to be so much fun at this age and toys are a must for the best tub time!  My little girl loves Dora (even though we don’t even get Nickelodeon!) so I figured she would really enjoy these Dora bath toys.

4.  Lady Bug Night Light–  Two years old seems to be when kids realize the difference between dark and light and become sensitive to being left in a dark room.  These twilight friends are so much fun as they project your toddler’s very own starry night up on the ceiling of their room providing gentle light and comfort for them to get  to sleep.

5.  Back Pack–  This is the perfect age for your kid’s first back pack.  They can serve as storage or a place to pack toys for a trip, or even a place to put lunch and necessities for an outing to a park.  They will love packing, unpacking, and carrying around their very own little bag with their very own belongings.

That rounds out my list of gift ideas for that precious two year old baby girl… I mean big girl!  Let me know in the comments if you have other great ideas for 2 year old gifts!

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